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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) nvm
styleforum should hire colabear to cover Pitti...that would make for great entertainment. i'm not kidding.
2 coats in one. One side 75% wool/25% polyamid herringbone tweed, other side 100% tan cotton--that's under $351 per MMM coat! It has 2 slits, one on each side, but I'm not really sure what they're for. I think it's to give access to the inside pockets. Raglan sleeves on back, made in Italy. Retail was a lot at Neiman Marcus a few years ago. Approximate measurements: Pit to pit: 21 inches shoulder: approximately 17-17.5 natural shoulder, hard to measure because of...
Awesome Auximenes. Stay a while.
charge your phone
Thanks, Breezy! I bought some slim fit jeans Other silhouette is a lot more comfortable though.
Nice Kaftan Attachment // RL // Levi's // Marge
you hear that, in stitches.
Finally got around to installing adblock. Thanks Hanger Project!
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