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Sure, why not [[SPOILER]]
Anybody else remember that Valextra Avietta carry on someone sold on here for under 1K? Man, was that thing beautiful. This was like 5 years ago. EDIT: Just found the original listing. Here it is: http://www.styleforum.net/t/126504/valextra-avietta-48 In all seriousness Regis, get Valextra luggage especially if you can find a deal in b&s. It would look good on you and seems to fit with your one-and-done buying philosophy. /enabling
How about some Romero Britto luggage to keep the Florida connection strong?
bar two
There's also one on the bay if you really want it.
I noticed that too. Maybe SoCal2NYC, GoSurface/Vanna and LabelKing will make a cameo in that thread.Wait, do they shop at Epaulet?
Are you still on the fence about that cardigan?
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