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Excellent boots! I have one just like yours. I've been wearing mostly GT or IR to office daily. The very first day I wore the 1k miles to work, I got 3 compliments plus everyone wanted to know from where they all can get one! My feet are wide and mine being EEE is super comfy. Although must confess that I'm finding it tad too roomier than those snug fitting D size RWs.
Good God! thats a very good looking pair of boots you got there! If that's color 8, then the choice has become a lot more simpler to me now Thanks for picture.
^ I conveniently took your pic from a random search for black shell cordovan. Hope you don't mind! Beautiful boots. And yes, I meant to post it as black itself.I did try to get those SF Boots few months back. But the reply I got from Bryson of Leathersoul for any possible pre-order was:So I envy you. Now on to alternatives...
Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. Well I don't have any #8 This will be my very first pair! Having used to wearing only black and multiple shades of brown mostly, I'm finding it hard to ignore the "burgundy" shade of a new pair of #8s.Experienced owners have varied openions on how long it might take to develop a decent patina of a well worn look. Some suggests sunlight, Mc method or good old walking.I'm confused! Do I want the burgundy color? No. Do I like the aged look?...
Same story here. The stretch is there but only marginal, and will never get to the next width's comfort level. I tried it with a RW1907 D to E.
What's your take on the patina effects on Black Shell Cordovan? We are all familiar with the awesome Color 8 pix like these.... ....but how do black shells turn out after a reasonable amount of wear on them? I'm confused between Color 8 and Black from Carmel. AF53 - Color 8 Shell Cordovan High Lace Boot AF43 - Black Shell Cordovan High Lace Boot
SOLD! Thanks for looking.
Details: BRAND: RED WING SHOES 1907 MODEL: 6" CLASSIC MOC 1907 SIZE: US 9 MSRP: $250.00 SKU: 1907 COLOR: COPPER MATERIAL: Oil Tanned, Water Repellent Full Grain Genuine Leather SOLE: Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge LAST No.23 Description: These are RedWing Classic Work boots made to withstand the rigors of hard work and the brutality of harsh weather. These boots earned their reputation on the farms and cities of America's heartland. Today, these American classics...
Thanks. But I'm afraid the size might be too big for my foot. I'm a 9.5E
I seem to have similar experience like yours. Few months back I bought a 9D 1907 and it was excruciatingly painful in the first few wears. Unfortunately I went ahaed with the usual RW advice and reduced by half a size. I usually prefer an E or EE in my other shoes - probably explains why the 9D was way too tight! In the meantime, I got myself a 9.5D GT in Cigar. Seems to fit well. Width was OK and I can live with its slightly abnormal length. So I decided to sell my 9D...
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