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Utopia from last year had top notch cinematography, great use of colors and music, plus a bit of the old ultraviolence. Check it out!
My Howlin scarf is pretty soft and not scratchy in the least. Some wool bothers me, but its nicer than I expected. I also just picked up their Birth of Cool in an awesome claret color. It is way fuzzier than I anticipated, but I like it. Only the closeups here do it justice: http://www.morrison.be/clothes/categories/knitwear/howlin-by-morrison-aw13-birth-of-the-cool-claret.html
sweat pants
Picket up this jacket before the sales, Sale pickup included this Howlin' sweater and these Universal Works pants
Yeah, probably not that good of deal in the end.. I don't think I was charged duties for my last order though?
Just picked up a navy mix stark in large with the END 20% coupon for $230 shipped. SNS and Inverallan are both going fast..
I thought I sized down enough, but my size 8s rusts are still half a size too big. STP stocked some more models including a cap-toe Rockford, BUT.. you can no longer use additional coupon codes. I would have to pay an extra $100 just to get the right size, so these are going back
I ordered these this weekend: http://needsupply.com/tight-straight-with-paint.html What is the difference between Momotaro and Momotaro by Japan Blue?
Thanks for the help. I'm looking for some SL-120x in size 32, but I can/should probably wait until the restock. I ripped my trusty KMW 1980s this weekend and in a grief stricken state, ordered some Momotaros.
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