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Hey guys. So my club Monaco shell macneils arrived and I'm looking for a little help determining how these may break in. I measure between a 9.5 and 10 on the brannoc, pretty much d width as well. However I have low insteps. 10s are always enormous on me, so I ordered a 9 and a 9.5 just for reference. The 9.5s actually feel pretty great, with the caveat that with my low instep, the quarters come together a good bit already. For those of you with these shoes, do they tend...
Thanks for putting this all together rostov. Since the Oxblood looks to be a go, would you mind making up a similar poll to talk about sole and other options on that makeup?I am not particularly fond of the v-tread, but I could do it if thats what we land on. I think Dianite would look more streamlined. Definitely no lugs on this one, at least from my perspective and what others seem to be hoping for in terms of casual and dressy. Any initial thoughts?
A little more fuel. Found an old Merlot mto eagle county, for your viewing pleasure:Obviously oxbloods is gonna be slightly different, but better visual.
I know there has been some back and forth about oxbloods maybe being in or out. I just thought I would add some fuel to the fire here. There were some oxbloods daltons posted on the appreciation thread a few weeks back, so those wondering what the color looks like in real life, here are some actual pics. I have also seen a couple pairs in real life, and some look lighter than these, but I think this is a pretty good representation.
Can someone post where we are on both the chili and brown makeups in terms of specs? I was really hoping that the oxbloods would go through, but now with that not looking good, I am trying to choose between the options that will be available. Thanks guys.
I would be in on this as well. Add me to the list.
I would actually be in for the oxbloods with mini lug sole as well.
Would you mind sharing the makeup specifications and price for those of us that don't recall. Thanks!
Quick question for those that have museum calf shoes... I have a pair of the plum cap toes being delivered next week and I am just concerned about how to care for them. I usually give my shoes a nice clean and moisturize before I wear them (either with AE cleaner/conditioner or renovateur), but I am concerned those cleaners will have an effect on the finish. Any advice from any of you who have them would be appreciated.
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