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Would you mind sharing the makeup specifications and price for those of us that don't recall. Thanks!
Quick question for those that have museum calf shoes... I have a pair of the plum cap toes being delivered next week and I am just concerned about how to care for them. I usually give my shoes a nice clean and moisturize before I wear them (either with AE cleaner/conditioner or renovateur), but I am concerned those cleaners will have an effect on the finish. Any advice from any of you who have them would be appreciated.
I have two of them, and thank goodness the fit was spot on. I am sometimes between a 36 and a 38, depending. In allen edmonds belts, a 36 in the manistee fits just a tiny bit more snug. Hopefully that helps. For the price, they are pretty solid belts.
What is the price breakdown for this MTO? I might be interested.
Does anyone have any real life pictures of the burgundy short wing (LM on the olfe last) available on the website? Thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair...
That seems correct based on what I can feel initially. And after having each on for a little while, I can comment a bit further. So I believe I have a somewhat low instep. I figured the olfe might fit better, and in fact it does seem to. I actually tried on the hiro classic line bals at the trunk show and when laced, the quarters touched together. However, with these olfe bals, there's a good small gap. With that being said, there is also a fit difference between a dub...
I like them both. If I had to pick, probably the olfe, but I like the shape of the hiro too. The actually look a little more sleek than I remember from last time in person. To be honest, I have become more and more picky about toe shape, and I would be very happy with either of these. I also tried on the new rey last when I went to the trunk show, and liked those too. I think meermin does a good job with the shape of their lasts.
Hey all! Been reading this thread for a while, but this is my first post. I have been eyeing up a pair of meermins for the last six months or so. I was actually able to go to the NYC trunk show and get sized up, which was great. Ended up ordering a couple pairs of the classic line just to see how they wear initially. Figured I'd post a few pics since I'm really happy with the purchase. FYI, came over from allen edmonds which just never fit my feet 100%, no matter what last...
I actually ordered a pair of the Tan Saunders boots last good sale and found them to fit a good bit larger than my 5 last shoes. As a point of reference, I am a 9.5D measured by an AE SA, but I find that the 8 last actually fits me the best. Back when I ordered the Saunders, I also ordered a pair of Slatons, which I found to be a bit more snug than say a 5 or 8 last shoe of the same size (which is actually great for me). I am waiting on a pair of Sandersons that are...
Have not tried anything yet. I have reno and brushes, but I'm still fairly new at the shoe care game, so I didnt want to do something that would make it look worse. I figured I would get some opinions before i either tired to clean them up a bit, or sent them back for a different pair.
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