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im pretty sure this bag isnt currently on sale on j crew. can you provide a few more pics?
i'm feeling this blue rain coat or whatever it is, real 80's looking.
I get lazy and where black some days, but Im not really liking this coat, I also walk to work and live in Ohio so warmth is an issue for me.
Just graduated and work for a Big 4 accounting firm as a tax accountant so I'm always in the office. The culture at my office is extremely casual, just dress slacks and a button up, nothing crazy. So usually, im wearing grey or black dress slacks and sometimes khackis. My question is, can I just get a nice black pea coat and be okay for work? I wasn't looking at spending a fortune so this usually isn't a good place to ask but Id thought id shoot it out there. Here is...
posting for future reference. I need a pair of black fifth avenues in a 11 soon.
the office interview is more of a question, can you fit in at the office. Either she can or she can't, not a lot of tips. Be positive, be yourself.
Im staff at an big 4 and Ive been to a lot of office interviews before I landed this position. Id say its 50% to be honest.
I'm about to complete my masters in accounting and I must say that if you have a job offer its not worth it at all. Many people in accounting, well the better students, have offers already before their senior years in college. I was not one of those people so the only reason I got a masters was because I wanted to go to a better school to get recruited by companies I didn't see in my undergrad and I got that experience. However, I ended up Big 4 and they could give a...
if i recall, those don't shrink a ton although I don't wear them personally. Just worked at a polo store and always remember them looking the same size on my coworkers when they purchased them.
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