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Nope, Ryan has specifically requested that his jackets be free of any avian decoration. He thinks birds are disgusting. Horseshoe crabs, however, are a different story.
KG found the one jonathan saunders piece that doesn't look like a jonathan saunders piece. anyway, looks awesome.
Svpply was an LA-based streetwear brand that burrowed deep into our inner darkness with flannel shirts, leather joggers, and elongated bombers
Except this time participants have to stand in front of a very bright light so the silhouette is literally all we see
well, jet, what do you reach for when you're organizing your closet and you get hungry?
I've been impressed with the stuff I tried (from Yoox, of course). The workmanship is solid and the fabrics + treatments were really cool. Maybe they've improved since 5-7 years ago? Either way, if there's a line that jives with the current direction SWD has taken, it's U-ni-ty. Rough-textured fabrics that still feel soft, traditional menswear shapes that have been subtly fucked with, etc. Y'all should try the stuff on Yoox if you're bored at work or something edit:...
See, drunk skitlets has good judgment after all. don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise (bummer about the fit tho)
Ooh yeah the similarities are definitely there I have found that U-ni-ty's tailoring is softer than Margiela's, though. Less structured. And the fabrics are more roughshod-- I get a sort of 'arts n crafts' vibe from them which is pretty sweet
U-ni-ty is an intriguing brand that needs more stockists. (hint hint @conceptual 4est hint hint)
Sweet, thanks
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