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another grailed find: this kva tux jacket for the price of your bar tab
or, in other words, the main villain of true detective season 2
Yeah. Though this season at least, they have paneling on the outside too. I dig the black n' beige colorway.
there is hope, though, for all the SEO-challenged brand names out there. type 'seven' into google and the first result is the fincher film. get famous enough, and your ill-advised uber common name might end up working out after all. it's a kind of gamble, really.
YES. There is a brand on Yoox called "8". That's it. Just the number. My guess is, other than Yoox, 100% of their revenue comes from brick and mortar sales because you will never be able to find them online ever
it would look so cool with black tapered wool trousers and black derby/slipper things tho. i'd be all over it if I wasn't reserving the $$ for other stuff (I guess all these "i'd buy it except for..." comments explain the collective hesitation of 40 menswear nerds)
here is a smattering of garments from hiroshima that survived the nuclear blast and have since been kept in storage. the highlight-- this shirt jacket, whose fabric looks like it could be selvage??
speaking of grailed, this thing has over 40 watchers, and no one has copped yet. i don't get it. someone please just press the 'purchase' button and save the seller from what must surely be a mix of suspense and frustration.
Yup, I'm also looking forward to seeing what Rick Owens will bring to the brand. I hear it'll be quite the collection.
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