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That's part of the reason I dig Lemaire's outerwear-- it manages to be loose and comfy without looking all paunchy. EG fans should give it a tryIMO those are some of your better fitting pants, but I can see how that jacket could benefit from something more sleek/aggressive
Date night?
Looks like she's going for that iterative approach where she introduces the same designs every season with little tweaks. Too bad those tweaks did not include removing that collar from the lapelless jacket boooo There is some new stuff in the mix, though-- the volumey shorts, for example, look intriguing
Denim feels fine during the colder months, but when it's warm, that stuff never touches my delicate legs.
They got those hats a season or two ago as well. IIRC the price was like $180. Oh well, joke's on the resellers. They get to discover what it's like to flip something on the internet in 2014.
I avoid carbs when drinking and take the bus instead. the risk of a DUI is just not worth it
Max is just the kid standing alone in the basketball court waiting for the other kids to come and play. Except they never do. So he plays alone, forever
that mihara coat is brutally good and el bert should wear head-to-toe flowy layers from now to forever
if you tell me what a t worksheet is and where i can fill one out, i will teach you how to chair dance
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