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I was wondering why all of ssense's hats were filed under the category "hood fasteners"
Diane Arbus gets extremely advanced
Just met the guy in my avatar yesterday. We shared an ice cream cone. It was intimate and sweet.
you know, you could have cropped out everything around the artwork and captioned it "SRY FOR MESSY APARTMENT" and we would have believed you, maybe
How'd you find this album? It's pretty sweet
One of my facebook friends, who as far as I can tell is not a stylefarmer, just posted a pic with label king and now my world is imploding
I wish snorkeling was cool. Imagine the Barneys ad for FW16 An overhead shot of open water, all blue and placid. Then a dark shape drifts in from screen left. It's a super cool snorkeler, all decked out in Rick and Haider and Yohji, but it's hard to tell which is which since the whole outfit is drenched in water and fish poop. The snorkeler stops in the center of the frame, spits out his mouthpiece, and looks at the camera. "I just saw some motherfucking coral," he...
If you were wearing your ring coat, you could have left the house with the guitar stashed in an inside pocket and no one would have noticed edit: holy shit how did i confuse you for ghghghghghghghgh my bad
Yeeah I'd say Mr. Kent needs a bit more length for the bun to make sense. The time will come though! Just stay away from scissors, fire, and lawn mowers for a few more months
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