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Hmm I could sorta see how sinned would reach that conclusion, but for me: 1. messy works with the 'Travis Bickle/ where's my VA check' vibe 2. the sweatshirt's muted colors work really well with everything else looks great
All I want to know is-- will this lead to more sick deals or fewer sick deals? This is important information. There are sick deals at stake.
Metranger, sadly the jacket is too large just about everywhere except the waist. I'd recommend sizing down, but that might leave you with too-tight pants. Ohh suits, you tricky beasts.
I heard the name will change to Mr. Corner
Yup, my lookbook folder is well stocked with fitpics of you people.
Just like the building he's standing in front of looks quite architectural.
Yeah, I agree. Boots/derbies would work, but sneaks fit the vibe better. Some slip-ons might be pretty sweet.
For real. I can't decide what I want. What are you having?
New Posts  All Forums: