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I like the olive pants edit: jinx
Nice. I've done so as well. Recently I bought a very expensive red dress for Lisa, my future wife. She was so thrilled with the gift that, the next day, she ordered us a pizza while I was coming home from the bank. She looked very pretty in her red dress
Have you bought jawnz for her in the past? I'm always wary of that sort of thing
If I could get one dollar socksI'd eat them til my stomach stopsThen cough em up, and eat a dozen moreIf I could get these socks for cheapI'd stack them in a pool so deepThen dive beneath until I hit the floorIf my supply always expandsI'd build a bridge to distant landsA bridge of socks is one you can't ignoreEtc.
Interesting- I found the chunky crew dimensions to be super weird. The chest fit a size smaller than tagged, but the sleeves were really long. And normally I'm cool with sleeves that stack a little, but the weight of the fabric caused the cuffs to slide down my hands. The dimensions of the cashmere crews made way more sense.
It's basically like wearing the red carpet.
Still worth a shot. Even if he can't help you, I feel like there's value in him knowing when his products are defective
you all are lucky. every time I go to my tailor and ask for an alteration, all she does is rattle off a bunch of words that start with the same consonant.
Mailand, you should shoot Marc an email if you haven't already. edit: or message him on twitter
teaching millions of children to mistreat their friendly pizza guy
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