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until the end of ss11, it seems
AMI, Balmain, Acne, lolzBut I have faith in Karlo Steel. And now I get another stateside Lemaire stockist yay
Where are you listening to Syro? I saw there was a Youtube leak but, of course, wasn't sure whether it was legit
PSA for anyone who doesn't know-- Lemaire switched from his wonky numerical sizing to standard euro sizing this season. Which means, when older stuff pops up on the secondary market, only a select few will know what those numbers mean. I feel so special.
dayum, had no idea it grew so much. grats dude
She's pretty harmless, though, no? Like, if you do what la guy does and look at StyFo as a bar, she's the one muttering to herself as she wanders aimlessly around the room, occasionally bumping into tables where other bargoers are having conversations. Compare to DP92, who runs from table to table brandishing his dong in everyone's face before disappearing out the door for months at a time.
From the close-up pic, it looks like a smooth flannel. Luisa has the tweed
Idol's facebook page was the first time I've seen the new Yohji gear outside the runway show. It's sicknasty
This is a reasonable critique, but the proportions aren't incongruent at all-- the jacket is on the long side with slightly dropped shoulders and wide-ish lapels, which goes really well with the carrot-shaped trousers. Only thing out of place is the hat, but I'm allowing it because everything else is so good.
New Posts  All Forums: