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I want to see that tunic underneath a super sharp suit or something. not an imaginative combo, i know, but that's where tunics and kaftans and stuff shine
There's always cool stuff that makes it to 70% at The Corner. Sometimes I wonder if their clientele actually enjoys owning clothes.
@twisted i once asked a cobbler to stretch a pair of F+B side zips that were too tight in the instep. It went kind of like this:
super slim stanley is the best stanley. that said, i don't think you can even make those pants slimmer without digging into flesh? fix those draping quibbles and remove the cuffs and you'll be set
Do you live in the US? Definitely keep them. You get subsidies for corns.
I like this! But I'm hoping the sneaks don't look quite that enormous in real life. The fact that you were able to lift your feet and walk to that outdoor location suggests they're really normal size.What's the blazer?
Is that man OK with you crawling around on his body?
guys, i finally figured it out 4characters is an ant
Still preferable to opening your mailbox and seeing those shoes, or closing your medicine cabinet and seeing those shoes reflected in the mirror, or waking up to find those shoes underneath your sheets, or putting on your shoes and feeling something funny so you take off your shoes only to find those shoes inside your shoes. Etc
If the Barneys in DC starts carrying Lemaire, I will flip my shit
New Posts  All Forums: