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penance i hope you slipped a pizza slice inside one of the arm pockets so when you need to distract someone you can unbutton the pocket and discharge your pizza projectile onto their shoes.
Ok, if one of you NYC folk is willing to let me sleep on your couch on Nov 6, the chances of me doing this thing will reach 50%
This thread has been such a downer jadedness parade lately. PPPP had it right a few posts up-- there are a ton of designers now, and tucked away in all their collections are some wonderful new ideas. Even that Vetements ss15 show featured a handful of really cool sihouettes. Yes, a huge chunk of what's out there is brazenly commercial but dude these peoples have bills to pay. At least they're not licensing their names to stationary companies and wine bottles. Like...
This looks hot. Small but very real chance I'll join in.
Dammit, now how do I expect to sell all that stuff I put on ebay???
My ebay feed is now fully saturated in Uniqlo/Lemaire. If I find out any of you have participated in this silliness, I will make sure to comment on all your waywt pictures with "fit looks off", whether it really does or not.
I just found out: if you order over $800 worth of Uniqlo and Lemaire, they include in the box a hand-embroidered note that says "you should have just bought mainline"
You seem to have taken the loss of his label pretty hard
I just realized those arm pockets are upside down. Now I like it like 10x more
Oh hey Johnny what's up?
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