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I, for one, would love to see a fight between Shorts Suit Moo and Poell Moo
Yeaaah, I figured that would happen and bought a bunch of the supima boxer briefs instead of the airism. The fit and comfort are just about the same. I'm sorta confused, though, that Uniqlo wants me to air dry the cotton pairs-- do they shrink in the dryer or something?
so are rais and brad going to meet outside uniqlo or what
those clothes will turn black the moment they touch his skin. i've seen it happen
This isn't on sale or anything, but someone should buy it anyway because it's nuts. I'd imagine putting it on and taking it off would require a multi step process involving more than one person.
That post was fine Not to excuse his other posts or anything
Is it just me or has Isaora become way more utilitarian and way less fun in the past season or two? I remember a few years back when they released stuff like this, a funnel neck denim jacket with technofabric sleeves:
I'd like to see that with a longer tee mang. Otherwise a solid start
if you do wear that getup, tell me where the party is so I can follow you around carrying a big mirror and you can snap waywts
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