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@afixedpoint, are those uniqlo trousers? how do you like them?
gtran needs to do a video waywt performing a cover of this
just checked out the ss14 stuff. time to stock up on apocalyptic flood gear
yup, need pic of cardigan alone that fit is intense. i like very much
oh man, this thread makes me regret not picking up the Forme pants that Yoox carried last year. The hem had a 20" circumference or something edit: forgot the 'not'
was srs soft tailoring, crinkly material-- should make it pretty easy to wear
yeah mang that's about as casual as balzers get
notwithit, i love that patch pockets are your thing if you ever have some freak accident and gain super powers, please make sure your super-suit comes with patch pockets. tx
New Posts  All Forums: