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I just realized the best stuff I discovered this week was instrumental, and when I did check out a new track that featured vocals, it left me disappointed. Writing lyrics is hard, y'all
That feeling when you find a defect in one of your jawnz and can't unsee it There has to be a support group for this
But do you look like David Bowie?
You should just buy a Richard blazer from Robert Geller, jeans and a white tee from Uniqlo, and maybe Margiela German army trainers for a guaranteed 30 thumbs (but welcome!)
It really doesn't feel that oversized in person. Fear not, styrofoamers.
I like them. You know the line between ugly and dope is thin and flexible
That fucking fabric
I really like my swim shorts! I do hope you bring them back. Otherwise, if a shark steals my pair or they get caught on an urchin, all is lost. Price-wise they're really not bad, about $10- $20 less than J Crew. And I agree that the sweaters are Everlane's strongest men's offering, in particular the cashmere ones from last autumn. One thing I hope you guys keep exploring is more exciting, more lux offerings for the fellas. I noticed the design folks have been getting...
southern problems
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