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SVB for real don't do it. Sell it to miran so he can wear it on a fancy date with his wife and repair his marriage. Also, Margiela loves that style of cut, so maybe try Yoox for something cheapish in your size?
if you zoom in on aux's face you can see the third fit reflected in his sunglasses
wayfarers are my pick, but they're the most ubiquitous things ever. why not look into something like Retrosuperfuture or other 'wayfarers with a twist'?
the cp lettering is the best part. if i find a great deal on a pair, but they're a size too large, i just scratch off the size marking and replace it with a smaller number and boom they fit.
we need a new stitch. i'm thinking VanityLock®-- the customer's name repeated in cursive over and over again
you know, i like the geller pants. olive + black and structured + loose are excellent combinations. i wish i was a bigger fan of those shoulder details on that leather
mr. shmoo, i like that. color palette looks great. only qualm is the shirt seems to be straining a bit across your hipswell that is nicelynice's patented funhouse camera angle, so the proportions are skewed a bit.everything looks pretty good. I'd either crop the trousers further or let out the inseam so they extend all the way to the shoes. Right now they're at an awkward midpoint.
speaking of Japanese, the fact that Chrome always translates "hood coat" as "food court" never ceases to amuse me
What's the court?
Looks like he sized down.
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