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I sized down one-- a lil snug for my fat feet but the length was fine
I tried those Poeme boots! The leather is really good, but the shaft is so wide you have to tuck them in, which combined with the soft hefty shape gives them a sort of Ugg vibe. ...you might dig it
I do too! I feel like Greats should copy them for the public good, like the fashion equivalent of the epi pen
I really like the shirt but only under the bomber. You should stitch them together into a frankenjacket and then sell the whole thing on Etsy when you get bored of it.
I was just reading about this! Did you know that sewn into each pair of JCrew patchwork jeans is a barely perceptible sliver of fabric from the RW pants used in that photo shoot? Really cool way for Frank to hide evidence of his shady dealings, plus everyone gets a piece of Hartley's SWEAT and TEARS for a JCrew price. Neat.
You and Fycus both hit me up for sizing questions! I probably should have mentioned the lowkey competition that was afoot
Hey size 48 people-- Yoox is selling this Lucio Vanotti oversized cord jacket for pretty cheap, and you should jump on it because it's really fluffy and cozy in person
Duude at first I was all like "Mulan is sure putting effort into this fake BoF article, must be a boring Friday." Real life is weird. On the plus side, every jacket from the Totokaelo collection will come with signature Herschel faux leather straps sewn on the inside, so when the sun peaks out you can take off your coat and sling the straps over your shoulders and show the world where your favorite stores really get their funding.
Lucio Vanotti at Pitti Uomo The colors and shapes look so good. The crowd looks so bored.
Did Ann outerwear somehow go from oversized to undersized during the last few seasons? During my virtual window shopping jaunts I've seen Ann jackets from ss15 and the current season that seem to fit one size small. But I haven't handled anything in person, so it's hard to tell for sure
New Posts  All Forums: