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latepass, but lonermatt fit would look pretty dope with a white collared shirt from some gothy designer buttoned all the way to the top. maybe with a collar bar or some shit to make sure he lands on le 21eme sweater is a little too shapeless, though. a size down might be perfect
Dunno but give it a try!
dunno, but unconditional free shipping from the corner is a big deal in its own right. they've been miserly with that ish for weeks/months
Gotcha. I enjoyed the waxy, slightly sueded feel, but it is a 'wet' hand. Very different from the dry feel of 100% cotton. It's the material R&B uses on a lot of their outerwear right now, which is kinda cool.And yeah, def more of a 'technical' sort of thing.
Dig the jacket + the color palette in general. Trousers way too tight around the lower leg though
For real. Even RM Williams' cuban heel boots are more aggressive than those. I'm a fan. If you have the $$$, go for 'em
You didn't think so?
my $36 rag n bone pants are pretty sweet tho
I'd believe it. A bunch of years ago when I worked in the Barneys outlet, we'd occasionally get notices from other locations requesting certain goods, some of which weren't actually in stock. Barneys associates can also call other stores to locate an item, but since we're talking about an 11 day period, I'm guessing the warehouse sent out a written request (or spent days and days making calls).
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