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Omg that Casey coat If anyone sees the buyer on the subway, wait for him to lift his arm to grab the overhead pole and then see how many of your friends can fit underneath the coat before the buyer lowers his arm again.
Next Lemaire runway show should be styled by Greg Lauren so we can all worry less about what our gear looks like when it gets janky.
Yeah but the more space you leave at the end of the shoe, the more spiders can fit
wtf why don't you have your servant attach it like everyone else does
I personally think Gatsby works best on shaved skin. You can mold it into little wax sculptures or paint messages on your forehead depending on how much time you have in the morning.
That episode was one big fabricgasm. Soo many good textures
I sized down one-- a lil snug for my fat feet but the length was fine
I tried those Poeme boots! The leather is really good, but the shaft is so wide you have to tuck them in, which combined with the soft hefty shape gives them a sort of Ugg vibe. might dig it
I do too! I feel like Greats should copy them for the public good, like the fashion equivalent of the epi pen
I really like the shirt but only under the bomber. You should stitch them together into a frankenjacket and then sell the whole thing on Etsy when you get bored of it.
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