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Lucio Vanotti at Pitti Uomo The colors and shapes look so good. The crowd looks so bored.
Did Ann outerwear somehow go from oversized to undersized during the last few seasons? During my virtual window shopping jaunts I've seen Ann jackets from ss15 and the current season that seem to fit one size small. But I haven't handled anything in person, so it's hard to tell for sure
The Corner bungled this season's sizing so so badly. I even emailed Lucio's customer service address begging them to get The Corner to correct their sizes, as it would suck to see the label lose sales over such a silly error. Fittingly, The Corner did the same thing with Lemaire when he still used numerical sizing, lolz
Everlane's shirts are actually pretty sweet. Collar is more of an average height
Toast aren't you a 48? I went tts on my kaftan and ❤ the fit
Digging the new James Blake as well, though I do wish he indulged his weirder side a bit more. A good chunk of it feels... safe? But thankfully safe James Blake still sounds like James Blake, so that's good I just found the soundtrack for the next rick owens runway show oh and the new matmos album is great fun ...though this might be my favorite head trip of 2016
It's time for another round of "clothing is just like highschool dating" I have my eye on a spring coat. It's pretty great and fits within my budget, and if I were to go for it, I'd probably be reasonably satisfied. But there's a better coat. And although it's just slightly out of reach at the moment, there's a good chance it might break up with its star quarterback boyfriend drop to a more reasonable price. Do I go with the first choice or wait for an outcome that...
We might have to replace the rainwear challenge with the "awesome weather in the background" challenge.
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