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The solution is to let the guests of runway shows reach out and caress the clothes as the models walk by Then every show can resemble a zombie movie. We waaant to touuuch yooour faaaaabriiiiiics
My first Dries pieces. Really looking forward to seeing what this brand is all about.
Oooh, like what?
New Roly Porter album is full of delights
I'd like to think the models in that second pic are knitting enthusiasts who decided to enclose themselves inside permanent jumpsuits. The man on the left is now regretting the three cups of coffee and two bottled waters he drank this morning.
Baja Fresh was great until they started making their burritos dos manos with actual manos and wouldn't listen to protests that comiendo partes de cuerpo no es bueno.
i dunno i think parisians would be thrilled to recreate looks from the margiela artisanal line using home depot purchases
when the residents of Building 40 don't pay their rent, the landlord sends Leather Coat Man to intimidate them
Yeah, I get that it's hard to figure out who your fans are when the third-party retailers are the ones with the data. But that shouldn't stop designers from being able to find other ways to connect with their fans when the wholesale thing stops working out. It's just kind of disappointing to see designers throw their hands up when the internet has given them the possibility for so many other business models. Then again, Plokhov probably isn't out of the game entirely....
Two thoughts 1. I still wonder if all the designers who've recently shuttered their labels could have assembled lists of their superfans and kept the labels open on a direct-to-consumer basis. Seems weird in our grand interwebs age that their operations have to either be Wholesale! Mass distribution! or not exist at all. 2. Hey Luxire customers: what's the most complicated garment you've had them duplicate? I got a coat from Yoox whose cut I love, but it only exists in...
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