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Love how T is totally blowing up outside of Styfo, but inside Styfo he's still Jenny from the block
Unfortunately, all of your hopes will be dashed, because I intend to snatch up the entire inventory and sell it on Grailed for 5x the retail price. I hear the clothes pair very nicely with Yeezy Boosts.
You could have it shipped to the outer banks!!
Maxi coat has a notch lapel. Could be a hybrid of the two, though. Dunno
uniqlo x lemaire x nickelodeon
Escarpments is an exciting new design collective from Paris that creates quietly edgy slopes for men and women. Tired of churning out the same old geological formations for buyers and editors, the anonymous designers behind the label shifted their focus to real slopes that they themselves would hike up.
Wow, I suspected that coat might have been a kaftan, but the closer pic confirms it. Looks like Brother Xophe is taking patterns from the main collection and producing them in, er, Uniqlo fabrics? Interesting strategy and a marked difference from the collabs with Plokhov, Undercover, Jil, etc. Pumped.
Man, hoping your order arrives before [insert event] is always such a nail-biting experience. I'd almost recommend sticking with the jawnz you have, just to avoid the stress (unless your trip is like two or three weeks away, then you're fine)
I like it. First fit is sorely lacking an accoustic guitar.
Men's pants just arrived! Someone should buy them and tell me whether they're better than, say, Uniqlo.
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