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Or you can make a noob a happy soul
I loved the ad Having Kirby paint my bedroom walls tomorrow with the same images, only bigger
Or complament-- to match in a mournful way
Dig it, but don't you think a white shirt would better complement the suit fabric?
Cholo style, of course! Seller hasn't given me measurements yet, so dunno what length.
Just stumbled across this and I think I like it. Need a second opinion.
Then why would you want to replace it with the exact same sole. Like, you realize you'd have the same problem after another season right?
I suggest wearing the boots and moving on with your life. Then, after the 3-5 years it will take to wear down the sole, you can decide how angry you want to be about the lack of an identical replacement
If you're going to buy a basic single breasted top coat, you might as well hit up yoox for something cheap and italian
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