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Yesss, the rise of online DTC mattress companies has been a pretty sweet trend. Casper is another one to check out
Yeaaah, as much as I hate to say it, I agree that the jacket's a little big. Collar gap and drooping shoulders and all that.
Let's talk about spring coats! Some ones from ss15: Lucio Vanotti Our Legacy (wool seersucker ) Lemaire Lee Roach Haider
¿Cuál es?
It was mistakenly listed on Yoox in the Armani kids section. So lucky.
At this point, I suggest stacking a big pile of criminology books in one corner of the room so your barren house is just a reflection of your obsessive detective lifestyle.
So confused.
Looks great. I was thinking about grabbing one myself, but the sleeves seemed really short. Did anyone else notice this?
It's to allow the buttons to fall off so they can land on fertile soil and germinate into new shirt trees
I'm going to be honest, if CanStyle posted this as his WAYWT, I probably wouldn't notice the grafted-on legs until someone else pointed it out, and then I'd spend the next minute or two feeling dim.
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