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The guy in that other thread talking about his Formosa tuxedo should just drop everything and wear that ribbon-arm blazer to the wedding
You know, you can disregard my first comment about the brands having different 'looks', as each brand makes a pretty wide range of shapes. Your best bet would be to do some direct side-to-side comparisons between the models you're interested in.Quality-wise Buttero is great. They use leather that manages to be thick and soft at the same time, and the overall feel is solid+durable. I have zero hands-on experience with MMM boots.
i bought a seam ripper from amazon but they sent me a dream ripper instead. now i have no more goals and ambitions and spend my evenings watching big bang theory reruns.
they're two different looks, and one is half the price of the other. which way are you leaning?
Oh man, snowman should use a super artifacty JPEG as the basis for an embroidery pattern. Like, that could be his signature.
Let's make a "TOJ thread quote of the day" calendar for 2016.
Farfetch has a few pairs!
Are you an aircraft carrier?
If you haven't already bought the marc jacobs poncho from fw15, plz buy the marc jacobs poncho from fw15
Follow the honey scent!
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