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Yup, steal mail from your neighbor's box just so you can wear those pants to the court appearance
Very disappointed to find Post Imperial doesn't carry these
I kinda want someone to incorporate these heads into an illustration of a giant amorphous blue blobSo, any illustrators out there, here's your assignment: three ryan heads. giant blue blob. go
when did you order?
Perhaps! Internet pics are deceptive, though, especially w/ volume. We'll see
so, has anyone else tried the tillmann oversized coat from this season (1, 2)? It's sitting in my closet right now with the tags still on, and I can't decide if the cut is weird in a cool way or just weird. It's slim in the arms and super voluminous in the body. Dunno man.
so are we just posting random pictures from the internet now or what
incidentally that jacket is still on ebay
I want to make an innocuous menswear advice video series with merzbow as the soundtrack. Neither me nor my cohost (taking applications btw) will even acknowledge there's something amiss
this thing is intense and has been in my wishlist for months, but i doubt i'd ever kop it. so i leave the kopping up to you. plz don't disappoint me thx
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