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Watch as tomorrow he opens a Paypal claim
Bought the grey one lol
Yeah, it's the knit lambswool. Haven't seen a 34, but La Garconne has the women's 36
Awesome. Still can't decide though. I want to get away from that "black coat look" because I've been wearing long black coats every winter (not to mention that's what erryone wears on the east coast), but I'm not sure how the grey will even look in person. In some pics the grey fabric looks amazing, but Doshaburi's pic makes it look kinda like ass.
It's around! Park has a bunch of camel and earth toney things. Doshaburi has the tan trench. Matches has the brown peacoat and a few sweaters in shades of beige. You can find the short quilted jacket in tan at The Corner. But yeah, maybe a little too much black errywhere
Lemaire kaftan coat for less than four benjamins. Size 48.
Yeah, but then after a few hours of collecting thumbs they reveal it's all H&M and Uniqlo and I start to question every expensive purchase I've ever made
Someone once told me about noise cancellation, and I liked the concept so much I stopped taking off my clothes at night. i just put on the inverse of whatever I'm currently wearing. works well
The cashmere crew I bought arrived today and... I like it. It fits small-to-size, but once I sized up I found the fit to be pretty great, a nice departure from Everlane's previous adventures in weird wonky cuts. Fabric is pleasantly cozy. We'll see how it holds up I s'pose
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