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Penhaligon's Castile Some days I love it. Some days I'm "meh" with it. I have a boatload of samples of it so I haven't had to commit to a full bottle. I'm fortunate to have the Penhaligon's boutique around the corner from me incase I get the itch to buy!
Tom Ford Italian Cypress
Bond No 9 Riverside Drive
Byredo Fantastic Man (Sunday Cologne)
Penhaligon's LP No 9
I'm traveling this week so I threw a whole bunch of Bond No 9 samples in my dopkit & brought my bottle of Rive Gauche for the wedding I'm attending Saturday. My SOTE is Bond No 9 Hamptons
Guerlain Habit Rouge L'Eau
Shower, shave leads to..... YSL Rive Gauche PH
SOTD- Bond No 9 Fire Island
There was a discussion about it a couple of years back on Basenotes. I then confirmed it w/ a Tom Ford rep at Niemans. It's not noticeable enough unless you have them side by side. I was intrigued by it back then because I purchased the original a month before the new packaging was released. I've since used it up and am on my 2nd bottle of the new package.Off topic, but one that I need to get my hands on is the reformulation of Terre d'Hermes Parfum. It's my top 3 frag,...
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