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Has anyone had a problem with their shipping tracking number? My order was shipped about a week ago but the shipping number comes up as invalid when I try to track it.
Thank you for the replies. I wanted to go for a less traditional black tie look (if that's not an oxymoron). I think any color cummerbund other than black makes the wearer look like a waiter. As the bow tie typically matches the cummerbund, though, this would limit me to a black tie. Would a black cummerbund with a black and silver paisley bow tie be alright, even though it wouldn't match the cummerbund, strictly speaking?
Is this appropriate? Will be wearing a bow tie. What about braces/suspenders? What's the consensus on braces with a tuxedo?
Does a medium gray tweed jacket work alright with khaki pants?
What color pants would you suggest with a medium gray checked sport coat? Any photos would be much appreciated.
My ties always end up creased after wearing. Leaving them hung up on the tie rack doesn't do help... the creases seem to stay. I tried hanging them in the bathroom when the shower is running, hoping the steam would help, but it didn't. Any suggestions for getting ties crisp again?
Is there any consensus on the best website for reasonably priced made-to-measure dress shirts for people who really need slim dress shirts? The only off-the-rack dress shirt that fits me without ballooning around the waist are the Express slim fit and extra slim fit shirts, and I'd like to buy some shirts of higher quality.
Does anyone have any suggestion for a conservative, dressier automatic? Preferably one that would look good on a leather band for a pretty formal/stuffy business environment? Ideally looking to stay sub $150.
Thanks for the replies. So does it damage cotton when you dry clean it?
What is the least damaging way to clean cotton (and some cotton/polyester mixture) dress shirts? (1) Wash at home in cold water and then iron? (2) Have a cleaner launder them? (3) Have a cleaner dry clean them? I've noticed most shirts include washing instructions on the tag but say "for best results, dry clean." Does dry cleaning shorten the life of a shirt or damage it? And what's the consensus on having a dry cleaner add light starch?
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