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I went to SS today, and tried various models such as Napoli etc. The one that seemed to fit me best was Washington, surprisingly enough. Initially with Napoli, and Sienna, I found that the shoulder pleating was less of a MTM type style item, and more of a mess. I normally am a 44 but for Napoli and Sienna, the salesperson suggested 46 (a i have a bit of a belly). The Washington they gave me in a 44 however, and it was much better in that size, on the shoulders, and SS...
If they do not go to Berlin, put me 2nd in line.
I wanted an older car, and a targa was the best of both worlds -- convertible and hardtop. It's about 130k miles, and has given me nothing but pleasure.
Willett (15027-221) in Cognac ; Size 10 D Laceless Wing in Amber or Cognac ; Size 10 D Marlton 12064-221 in Cognac ; Size 10D PM me details/price. Thx. Karl.
Stephen Atkinson has done some nice rural work, that integrates very well with the surroundings. I had some preliminary discussions several years ago on building something, but we ended up finding a house that was already built. I liked his Zachary house, in Zachary, LA
I had an old Subaru wagon, and it was super reliable. The engine and mechanicals would keep on going. Strong boxer engine.
Using the "R" moniker on this Cayman distracts a little, when compared to the original R's in '67. Those were factory lightened racers, where speed really was lightness. Fiberglass doors, hood, bumper, engine cover. 20 built. I would have liked to see the Cayman R go on more of a radical diet, if they were going to give it the R badge. Still from what I've heard (a friend test drove it in the UK), it is a fabulous car. And I would love to have one.
I'll take the suit for $50 shipped. Let me know how to proceed, if acceptable.
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