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Are you serious? Why do they need to use fish?
I don't get what your 'swamy' means. Whatever. I think dark colors look inappropriate during hot summers. Just imagine some guy strolling along the Florida streets in his his navy suit, black shoes and black belt.
I just took a look. What an extensive posting it was and yet it doesn't answer my question of matching tan shades. Thanks anyway.
I believe navy suits go quite well with many tan shoes with the only exeption being too light tan shoes.Do you mean your belt doesn't match your shoes? Honestly, this is not my cup of tea.As for VASS. I liked their newspaper-stylized web design. The problem is they have no online shop on this web site.
I wonder what kind of substance you use to dye your belts. I've got your tan belt. Honestly, the leather smells like trout or salmon. In fact, the light orange color of the belt reminds me of the color of these fishes.
1) What is your attitude towards matching shades and tricky colors be it tan, cognac, coffee, burgundy, oxblood or anything of that sort. 2) How do you manage to find the same shades for different items of your apparel? 3) How do you decide if the shades match perfectly well? 4) The last question is how the heck the genuine tan leather apparel should look like. I am in the process of changing all my brown-colored stuff made of leather to tan. This means I decided to stop...
That would be too much. =) First off, it would be too hot in two rubber overshoes. Second, if you get a hole in the outside galoshes you wiil need to fix it anyway.
Even though nobody answered I'd like to tell you (just in case someone wants to buy a new couple of tan shoes too) I found what I was looking for at last. It is BARKER. They have tons of tan shoes. Most of them have a shade called Cedar Calf. It seems the proper tan I need. Anyway, I have already ordered one pair.
I want to thank everyone for your nice postings. They did help.
I think wearing wet shoes and wet socks is much sillier.
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