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I always used to get rid of my jeans if they started to have any minute holes. The other day I noticed my blue jeans got thinner in some place so you can even see the white threads. It is almost a hole. This time however I'm trying to find a way to fix it. I wonder what the best way to fix it could be. Sewing jeans up doesn't seem to be a good idea.
I don't think burgundy is more versatile than tan.
What is correct then except for black and brown?
I have to agree on this. They would be perfect for a suit, not jeans. I also believe they'd be especially good if the suit jacket and the trousers are of different color.
What is your suggestion? Do you think it is better to choose a black wooden handle instead of brown one if you wear the tan or brown leather shoes/belt/strap/bag?Even though the matching problem is the same it doesn't worry me that much since the watch band is quite a minute detail on my body.
I took a look at the price of this model under the link you've posted. It says the price is HK$3,800.00. What does HK mean?
Are you serious? Why do they need to use fish?
I don't get what your 'swamy' means. Whatever. I think dark colors look inappropriate during hot summers. Just imagine some guy strolling along the Florida streets in his his navy suit, black shoes and black belt.
I just took a look. What an extensive posting it was and yet it doesn't answer my question of matching tan shades. Thanks anyway.
I believe navy suits go quite well with many tan shoes with the only exeption being too light tan shoes.Do you mean your belt doesn't match your shoes? Honestly, this is not my cup of tea.As for VASS. I liked their newspaper-stylized web design. The problem is they have no online shop on this web site.
New Posts  All Forums: