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I guess I'll try a permanent marker first as it must be much cheaper.
Yes, now I believe it's plastic. What a disgusting idea for a manufacturer to use a plastic as a substrate painted in wood color. Wood is not that expensive
I don't have a sign on my shirt that says I'm on my vacation. So, nobody knows about it if I walk the streets.
It is a casual looking shirt, not t-shirt. I don't wear t-shirts outdoors.
In summer months these days I often wear this combination when I’m on my weekend or vacation: 1.Tan Sperry Top Siders. 2.No socks. 3.Solid light blue or light grey shorts. 4.Solid tan leather belt. 5.Tucked-in solid light blue or light grey shirt. What would you recommend me to choose as a headwear in this case? I can’t really decide if to choose a baseball cap made of cotton/linen or a narrow-rim hat made of straw or paper. Baseball cap looks too casual for my taste...
I have some Pierre Cardin umbrella I bought in some French store online. Not only their sales personnel didn't speak English, they also sold the pretty inferior umbrella. The problem is the paint on the handle peels easily. Under the brown paint there is some white stuff. I don't get if it is a white wood or a white plastic. What is the best way to paint the scratches over?
Yes, linen clothes is of concern in terms of see-through.
Yes, sweat stains are a real nuisance with white underwear.
I bought your burgundy belt. It looks more like dark brown especially in the office with low light. This burgundy hue lacks of red.
It is a bit of the intimate question. Do boxers/trunks/briefs have to match with either undershirt or pants? I prefer white undershirts since they don’t show through both light and dark shirts. However, I don’t like white boxers as they don’t match with my grey or navy pants. That is the reason I prefer to match my boxers with pants. However, both white undershirt and boxers look perfectly coordinated as opposed to the case when boxers are grey/navy and undershirt is white.
New Posts  All Forums: