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The lining of my Swims wore off almost completely within several weeks.
I go out of the office several times a day (for lunch or just to take a breath of fresh air). It would be quite a hassle to put a pair of socks over my dress shoes on and then to put overshoes on every time. It is easier to take my dress shoes off and then to put my outdoors shoes on and then go out.
Isn't it easier to have one pair for outdoors and another one for indoors?Scuffing is a real problem if one wears overshoes. My Swims scuffed the upper part of my leather Barker shoes within a couple of weeks. It sucks.
Very interesting. Don't you have to wash your outdoors shoes every day to wipe the dirt away. I have to wipe my shoes down every day (especially if it is slushy outside).
I couldn't agree more.
How do you choose the color of your gloves in terms of matching with other apparel? Say you have a navy (gray) coat and burgundy (tan) leather shoes. Would you rather choose a navy (gray) leather gloves or burgundy (tan) leather gloves?
Right now what I'm trying to do is to buy some burgundy or oxblood warm shoes with the fur inside for cold weather. The task seems to be impossible as I see only black or brown colors around.
Out of the vehicle. Trudging long distances.
I second your opinion.
Inside the shoes the fur is desired to make your feet feel warm. Thanks for the article.
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