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I couldn't agree more.
How do you choose the color of your gloves in terms of matching with other apparel? Say you have a navy (gray) coat and burgundy (tan) leather shoes. Would you rather choose a navy (gray) leather gloves or burgundy (tan) leather gloves?
Right now what I'm trying to do is to buy some burgundy or oxblood warm shoes with the fur inside for cold weather. The task seems to be impossible as I see only black or brown colors around.
Out of the vehicle. Trudging long distances.
I second your opinion.
Inside the shoes the fur is desired to make your feet feel warm. Thanks for the article.
Is there anyone here who lives in the cold places like Michigan, Alaska, or Canada? What kind of shoes do you wear in winters when it is below zero outside? It seems impossible to purchase stylish shoes for that cold weather. While brands like UGG definitely suck stylewise, brands like Barker don't even produce shoes for that weather.
The lower part of my heels start to grind off intensely around the outer edges within a month.
The heels of my leather shoes I use outdoors tend to ruin pretty fast that brings the question if my shoes are appropriate for outdoor wearing. Is there a difference in the sole and heel structure, shape, and material between the indoors and outdoors leather shoes? Alann Flusser wrote about the difference in shape between the dress type and outdoors type in the chapter Tailored Ankle in his Dressing the Man book. However, I didn't really get what he meant.
New Posts  All Forums: