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Yes, sweat stains are a real nuisance with white underwear.
I bought your burgundy belt. It looks more like dark brown especially in the office with low light. This burgundy hue lacks of red.
It is a bit of the intimate question. Do boxers/trunks/briefs have to match with either undershirt or pants? I prefer white undershirts since they don’t show through both light and dark shirts. However, I don’t like white boxers as they don’t match with my grey or navy pants. That is the reason I prefer to match my boxers with pants. However, both white undershirt and boxers look perfectly coordinated as opposed to the case when boxers are grey/navy and undershirt is white.
I have just took a look at some shots from the movie. It turned out the Bateman's secretary is starring there. What a coincidence. Lol
Haven't seen Bonfire of the Vanities and Big Chill. I'm going to watch it though the first one has very low IMDB ratings.
The mall scene where he throws the shoes away was great. Lol
There is no yuppines in Fight Club. This movie sucks as a matter of fact. I'm surprised it has a cult status.
The only film I know of that provides us with a lot of details about yuppies lifestyle is 'American Psycho'. Have you seen any other movies describing yuppies lifestyle? I haven't. I also wonder if anyone here knows films or series (not necessary about yuppies) where the plot revolves around some men who pays a lot of attention to their clothes, fitness, skincare, flossing, etc. I can scarcely think of 'Wall Street' and 'Suits' .
Sort of blazer made of cotton.
The elbows of the jacket became sort of greasy and lustrous with time while the other parts of the jacket are clean. What is the best way to clear the elbow area?
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