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The kerchief is smaller than the surface of the iron. So, the rest of the iron's surface which is not covered by the kerchief is going to touch the delicate wool fabric. This is where I see the problem. How do you circumvent this problem?Maybe but the cheesecloth I use now doesn't fit the purpose well.I definitely do. Would you suggest any sort of 101 youtube videos of ironing?May I ask what iron you use? I'm going to buy a new one since my iron is really dated.
Unbleached cotton seems to have a structure that makes me think it can leave an impress on clothes.I have the same problem with cheesecloth. It tends to leave a sort of check imprint on wool trousers during ironing. So, I assume press clothes should be as smooth and even as it could be.
Yes. Unfortunately I'm going to have to do it soon in a couple of months. Just hate it.
^ Well, I'm reading this article now: They say it is better to use press clothes made from different fabrics. I don't think your handkerchief is made of wool. Besides it is pretty small for ironing, isn't it? I wonder what kind of pressing clothes should be used for: 1. Wool trousers. 2. Cotton shirts.
Hi, Could you suggest any decent sites that sell nice pressing clothes for ironing? There are some pressing clothes on Amazon but they seem to be sort of noname. There are also some pressing clothes on Ebay but Ebay is a lousy site where people sell their useless second-hand stuff so I don't even consider it as a store. Are there any famous English or American brands in the word of pressing clothes?
Good to know. Thanks. Could you suggest any brands of shampoo I should buy?I googled nizoral. It seems there is a brand called this way but the Nizoral shampoo is against dandruff.
This joke is not funny.
Why did you decide to get rid of grains? What carbohydrates did you choose to eat instead?I sure don't believe some pillow can help but just curios what the heck grounded pillow case is. Does it have some wire you need to connect to say the heating radiator? Lol
I noted recently my hair started to recede on the top of my head. I luckily still don't have a bold spot but hair is not that dense as they used to be. It's a pretty disappointing news. How should one address this issue? What could you recommend? Here are my guesses in no particular order: 1. Add some supplements or vitamins to diet. Comment. I doubt it helps. 2. Use some special shampoos that can help hair to be stronger and grow intensely. Comment. Are there such...
Says who? A man who has more than 13 thousand posts on STYLE forum?
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