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Thanks for details.
I believe pants should never be of the same color with shoes except you wear a tux.
Weird choice. Navy and black is classic. What do you wear then? Brown and burgundy?
What is #menswear? Do you mean casual clothes?
One month is not enough. During the first monthy they recede even worse and only in a couple of months they start to grow. That's what my trichologist told me.
Do you mean never wear tan shoes at all? A lot of people here on styleforum wear tan shoes.
What do you mean?
The problem is both tan shoes and tan belts are too bright. So your belt must be darker. So you have the belt and the shoes that don't match which is a problem in its own right.
What's your choice among these four statements if wearing navy suits? 1. You should never wear tan shoes with navy suits. 2. You should match tan shoes with tan belts. 3. You should not match tan shoes with a tan belt. Belt must me much darker. 4. You should not wear a belt at all if you wear tan shoes. IMO tan (not light brown, but tan) shoes look bright so if matched with tan belt it looks much too risky. So, I assume you either should wear a black belt with tan shoes...
Do you have any ideas why this combination of the collar and the tie give a crease? Is the shirt cloth too soft like say Egyptian cotton?
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