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Good to know. Thanks. Could you suggest any brands of shampoo I should buy?I googled nizoral. It seems there is a brand called this way but the Nizoral shampoo is against dandruff.
This joke is not funny.
Why did you decide to get rid of grains? What carbohydrates did you choose to eat instead?I sure don't believe some pillow can help but just curios what the heck grounded pillow case is. Does it have some wire you need to connect to say the heating radiator? Lol
I noted recently my hair started to recede on the top of my head. I luckily still don't have a bold spot but hair is not that dense as they used to be. It's a pretty disappointing news. How should one address this issue? What could you recommend? Here are my guesses in no particular order: 1. Add some supplements or vitamins to diet. Comment. I doubt it helps. 2. Use some special shampoos that can help hair to be stronger and grow intensely. Comment. Are there such...
Says who? A man who has more than 13 thousand posts on STYLE forum?
Thanks you for your answers. You know what makes me feel good? I look better than he does. Yes, he is a millionaire by now but my clothes and body are better. It is a consolation in a way. Lol
It depends on inflation a lot. Did prices rise intensely over two years? In most cases two years is a time to get a raise either on the current job or new one. I believe it is better to start talking about raises if you already have a job offer from another company. In this case you feel yourself more self-assured and know your current worth.
It is quite important to have someone around you who supports you and believes in you. If everyone around you says, your startup is going to fail, it is a doomed idea, you'd better find a decent job in a large company like others do it is hard to carry on. It takes a lot of nerve and guts to fight until the end when risks are so high.
He is around 34 y/o now. Even if his current company fails he still is going to remain a millionaire as I'm sure he has already bought some real estate and made decent savings. The point is one can't earn that much being a hired employee in a large company.
I found out recently that my ex boss I haven't seen and talked to for years finally made it. His share in the company he co-owns is estimated in several dozens of millions of dollars. I can't even imagine myself making such a sum being a simple hired worker. Many years ago we participated in two startups. They were a meager success. That is why he eventually preferred to say goodbye to them. I had to do it too. When he suggested me to participate in a new one I said no...
New Posts  All Forums: