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Yes, I have their non-iron fabric shirts in a heavy weave. They are so much better. In fact, they are very good.This one is impossible to be ironed though. I spent half an hour and still have wrinkles on this piece of crap.
I've bought a white dress shirt made of Egyptian cotton. What a crap I must say. It is impossible to iron. It has tons of small wrinkles. While you iron one part of the shirt some new wrinkles immediately appear on the other one. Many of them are so small and tough you can't even get rid of them. I'm never ever going to buy shirts of this cotton again. Do you have the same problem with this sh*t called the Egyptian cotton? FWIW I bought mine on CTShirts.
His knots are perfect. Keep in mind his spread collar shirts and peaked lapels. His tie length is not short since he has as it seems a low rise trousers. He is a style icon of modern day.
^ I used to wear a tie of that length but now I assume it is a bit too long. Tie should end where belt begins. They should not overlap. It is especially true if you are high (say 6 foot or higher). Here is the perfect length:Do you think that Mr.Specter on my picture has trousers that sit low and a man above Mr.Specter has trousers that sit high? I mean if your trousers sit high your tie may overlap the belt. If low - should not. Do you agree?
You're probably right. Thanks. My tailor doesn't make alterations in the neck. She says it is too difficult.
It is easy to make a mistake choosing the wrong colors and shades.
Thanks. Anyway, I'm choosing a bald haircut.
Hi, I need formal jeans. It means they should be soild both in texture and color. No excessive wrinkles - it means they should not bee too loose or too long. I need two colors - middle blue and middle or light grey. Now I have old ZARA (both blue and grey) which are great in its formality (can be worn with a dress shirt), sit well and not expensive at the same time but their new models are sort of tight in the croth area, so new models don't fit well. GAP has too casual...
This may be a sought-for solution. Thanks.
Your combination of colors looks nice yet your shoes are (light) brown, not tan.
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