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I can't believe it. Is everything fine with your LCD display? I doubt it can help as I see no such effect of darkening when polish my leather shoes. I guess it must be something else, like a chemical solution or something like it.Good to know. Thanks. I think they should have done a better job placing a bigger and more diverse swatches on their site. It could be pictures of real gloves, not some abstract squares, those are not even pictures. If I was an owner of this store...
How would you call this color then? It is not brown, not tan, not yellow, but dark dim orange.
You're right. However since I wear them during daytime on streets there is no way to post here pictures of them in the light of an artificial illumination we have in offices or apartments in evening hours.Yes, I also think they don't fit well, too big. However, the circumference around the wrist is fine. If I ordered gloves with smaller wrist circumference it would be difficult to squeeze my palm into it.So on one hand they are too loose when worn but on the other they...
Does Chester Jefferies have issues with gloves colors? I ordered gloves on their site here: https://www.chesterjefferies.co.uk/ The color's name is Oak Apple Cape. You can see the sample they put on their site: Now I have their gloves delivered and see the color is pretty different. It doesn't look light brown as on their sample but orange. WTF? Do you agree it is orange? Would you wear such a color? I believe men should avoid such bright colors. Do you agree with...
I guess the key word to google is travel iron. They gotta be small.
Yes, the tip does its job fine. The problem is the wide bottom part touches the creases, darts or seams making new wrinkles while the tip does its job.
Hi, Could you suggest any small irons I've never seen before that can be used for ironing ‘difficult’ areas like the crotch area of wool trousers with inner lining, areas around seams, darts, collars on cotton shirts? Usual iron is too big for this intricate mission. It is impossible to iron these areas without producing new wrinkles.
jrd617, thanks for the link. As I can see this Rajah Pressing Cloth is much cheaper on Amazon than on Hanger Project.
The kerchief is smaller than the surface of the iron. So, the rest of the iron's surface which is not covered by the kerchief is going to touch the delicate wool fabric. This is where I see the problem. How do you circumvent this problem?Maybe but the cheesecloth I use now doesn't fit the purpose well.I definitely do. Would you suggest any sort of 101 youtube videos of ironing?May I ask what iron you use? I'm going to buy a new one since my iron is really dated.
Unbleached cotton seems to have a structure that makes me think it can leave an impress on clothes.I have the same problem with cheesecloth. It tends to leave a sort of check imprint on wool trousers during ironing. So, I assume press clothes should be as smooth and even as it could be.
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