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These shoes are light brown in my book.
They say Rolls-Royces (or Bentley?) are packed with a collapsible brolly when manufactured that is held in the side compartment of the front door.
If you enter some grocery store, office, or else somebody will notice what you wear on your shoes anyway.
I wonder what kind of clothes doesn’t easily let the sweat to show through. Regardless, the smell is a problem anyway. As for me I don’t sweat much if I wear some casual shirt untucked. If I wear a strict shirt tucked in or even a suit in summers I do start to sweat a lot.
One will has to put a portable air conditioner or a pack of ice in his shirt if he not only tucks in but wears a necktie, too.
Just a second thought. If you choose discomfort you may start to sweat too much that causes the embarrassment, too.
I agree. However, there can be no embarrassment if you spring for casual when it is really hot. If you wear casual shirts and jeans you don't have to tuck your shirt in.
The key moment of my concern is tucking in. Do you tuck in when it is 90 degrees outside? If the answer is yes, my question would be how do you manage to endure it?
When it’s cold it is no brainer to match and wear some stylish bags, coats, suits, shirts (it goes without saying your shirt is tucked in in this case), trousers, and shoes. However as soon as hot weather starts many people find it pretty hard to wear their shirts tucked in. That is the reason they spring for some casual clothes. I just can’t comprehend though how to match some fancy bag and coat (it might be pretty cold in the mornings even in summers) with the casual...
New Posts  All Forums: