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What do you think of the sleeve length of both the shirt and the suit jacket?
Here is the problem. The collar doesn't stay. Collar stays won't help. I guess the cotton of this neck is much too soft, so it doesn't stay as needed. Is there a way to fix it? My tailor says she doesn't fix collars. Of course I can wear it this way but it is either a nerdy or hipster style. I tried to use a pin but is so inconvenient to fix a collar with a pin.
I think a groom should stand out. If everyone wears a tux it won't happen. It like every woman wears a white dress like a bride does.
Thank you.
Let's say it to Americans.
Say they come in jeans while you wear a suit. I don't see a problem here.
Why a groom should care for what guests wear? I don't really care whether they wear tuxedos or jeans.
How many groomsmen should I have? I didn't know a groomsmen should wear the similar clothes. I thought it doesn't really matter what kind clothes they wear. I can't afford to buy them a new suit to match me.
Do you mean your prefer a business suit, not tux or morning dress?
I'm thinking of choosing a suit for my wedding. Inititally I thought of a navy business suit but now I suppose a morning suit and tuxedo would be a better option, a dressier one, yet it can hardly be reusabale later as opposed to navy suit. What are the pros and cons for the morning suit? What are the pros and cons for the tuxedo?
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