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Don't you guys think it's cheaper to ask a tailor to make a hole instead of purchasing your own one?
I have some leather belts that need some extra holes. This is the reason I'm going to buy a puncher. What one would you recommend? It seems the one with the red handle gives a better hole, more even and smooth.   
I hung my cotton sweater on the rack for several months and now found out a crack appeared in the shoulder area. Is there a way to fix it?
I only gave them a light wear for about three months. It means I wore them a couple of days a week. No exercising in them, no soccer, no gym, no running, no nothing. I didn't wear them in rain. So, Converse sneakers are just one flimsy piece of garbage.1. The inside part where the heel is is ruined. I tried to fix it with some cloth patch and glue.2. Crack on the side of the left top. I gues it can't be fixed. Glue won't stick it for long.3. A narrow crack on the back of...
I assume we are talking about different kind of sneakers. I have these ones. NB or adidas don't have such a type:
Hi, Have you ever had a sturdy sneakers? I have a pair of Converse. They look cool yet they are bad in terms of quality. A couple of months of wearing ruins them all as opposed to leather shoes that can be worn much too longer. It is my first sneakers so I was suprised how slimsy they are.
It's seen fine. It looks just plain and dumb. I don't mean the minute details. I mean the whole style of it that can be seen from the distance.
Hi, I tried my first cravat back in the day. I didn't like the way it looked on me. Do I wear it properly?
Yes, I have their non-iron fabric shirts in a heavy weave. They are so much better. In fact, they are very good.This one is impossible to be ironed though. I spent half an hour and still have wrinkles on this piece of crap.
I've bought a white dress shirt made of Egyptian cotton. What a crap I must say. It is impossible to iron. It has tons of small wrinkles. While you iron one part of the shirt some new wrinkles immediately appear on the other one. Many of them are so small and tough you can't even get rid of them. I'm never ever going to buy shirts of this cotton again. Do you have the same problem with this sh*t called the Egyptian cotton? FWIW I bought mine on CTShirts.
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