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Some people say you can't wear chronometer with a suit. They only suit for jeans and t-shirts. Some people say you can't wear a strict two- or three-handed watches with casual clothes since they only fit for suits. Where is the truth? Where is the line between watches suitable for suits and for t-shirts?    
Yes. It is one size big. I assume the only solution is to use the magnetic collar stays which have been mentioned above.Yes yet regular collar stays don't help.
Wow. Good to know there is such a thing. Thanks.
Do you have an electric dyer in your house? What kind of clothes do you put into it? I'm thinking about purchasing one but some people say it can ruin your clothes.
The ring I'm going to buy for my wedding has to be only one color. It can be of two or three colors in no way. I find combination of white and yellow metals looking bad. So, should I buy a yellow or white ring? My watches are yellow. The bride's ring is white.
I wonder how many people match the metal of their wedding bands with the metal of their watches.
I guess you're right.
Could you tell me please why these crease tend to appear on a double breasted suit. It seems the buttoning of the middle button causes it. I assume If the low button was buttoned too there would be no creases.
What other pictures of the jacket are needed to understand if the length is fine?
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