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Well done. I actually unscrew the cap with the built-in foam applicator and put it directly on a horsehair dauber; this seems to work better than the foam applicator. I agree that the AE premium paste is good stuff; I have it in chestnut, chili, mocha, and walnut for my various AEs. I typically give them a bit of love with Saphir Renovateur, then follow up with a dab of the AE premium paste. The exception is for my black calf, on which I use black Saphir Medaille...
Congratulations on your status as an anomaly...
If you go to the AE website and look at the user reviews, the Strand runs long and narrow; sizing up on this particular shoe is a mistake.
I, like you, am a 9.5 / 10 depending on brand, last, etc. I also have wide feet. I ordered walnut Strands in 10 EEE and ended up having to go down to 9.5 EEE. The 9.5s fit great.The funny thing about the 5 last is I have a pair of McTavish, another shoe made on the 5 last, in 9 EEE and they fit just like my Strands in 9.5. My advice, particularly because you are close to a 10, would be to order the Strand in 9.5 EE. Keep in mind that if you order them online during...
+1 . . . I wore my John Lobbs with Dainite soles to a restaurant with tile floors on Sunday. I walked in from a wet sidewalk and about busted my ass on the tile.Prior to this I had always thought Dainite soles provided superior traction. They perform quite well on wet pavement, but the tile floor felt like it was greased until my shoes dried out.[/thread hijack]I love Allen Edmonds; can't wait for my black shell Park Aves to get here! I wish the brown shells were on...
The site is back up...the chart says to get Large trees for 11.5 D.
^ I agree - I prefer the medallion on the McAllister. Both nice shoes, tho, Chris. Congrats on your acquisitions!
This story on the web shows well-preserved boots at the site of the Titanic: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/titanic-photo-shows-evidence-human-remains-182105169.html With all due respect to the deceased, I can't help but wonder if they are John Lobbs.
Agreed. What surprised me, however, is that although they are supposedly made on the same last (5-65) I had to size down 1/2 size on the Ridgeway / McTavish compared to my Strands...and they're still slightly longer than the Strands.
My black Ridgeways went back as well; hence the new McTavish...which I think I'm more pleased about anyway!
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