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It's funny you mention that. I only have one non-U.S. manufactured pair - my Santa Monicas for poor weather casual wear - and despite being worn in rain, snow, salt, etc. they have held up remarkably well with regular brushing, polishing, and shoe trees.My chestnut-walnut Hillcrest (U.S. made, owned for at least five years) have been fine.The brogueing on my chili Birminghams (U.S. made, owned at least five years) broke/tore on a crease, and AE graciously repaired them as...
Since this is the "appreciation" thread, I'll start by saying that I presently own five pairs of AE shoes with which I have been very pleased, for the most part . . . but now I'm in the middle of a second frustrating experience with them. I bought a pair of shell cordovan Park Aves last month (first quality - not seconds), and they arrived earlier this week looking like crap. I first tried calling customer service the day they arrived, and hung up after being on hold for...
Still available, for shipping to Continental US only. Have a great weekend!
I just want to add my experience here. I sent a pair of John Lobb bespoke and a pair of C&J / PRL cigar shell PTBs to Nick with instructions to call me before working on them. Nick called and thoroughly briefed me on on what my options were, as well as making recommendations for the ideal results. I opted for a full recraft on both, with JR soles. Both pairs came back in much better condition. I was particularly impressed with the work he did on the Lobbs, which...
Wearing mine today!
I share the sentiments above - not a bad deal. They look good, so as long as they fit you comfortably you did great. Enjoy them! Get some decent shoe trees for them and they will last a long time.
I have a pair of these and love them; someone will be very happy with this purchase!
I wear my mocha AE Drydens frequently with wool pants of various colors: tan, brown, medium gray, navy, and charcoal. I'm wearing my Alden cigar shell longwings with brown wool Incotex today. My PRL / C&J cigar shell PTBs look nice with jeans and, yes, cotton khakis.
...and I'm worried about how many times I said "typically" in that brief statement. Sheesh!
I'm typically more self-conscious about what kneeling is doing to my shoes than my clothes...when I dress up for Mass I typically wear my John Lobbs or my Alden shells. I typically go semi-casual, i.e. slacks / dress shirt / AEs, and occasionally a sport coat.I like this...
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