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Breaking in the new shell PAs today... In response to the question above, I had to size down 1/2 size. The funny thing is I didn't have to do that for my Strands, which are also on the 5 last.
Well, the third time is a charm. The new shell PAs arrived today, and they were definitely a different pair of shoes this time. Although they aren't perfect - they have a couple of dings in the upper and some of the stitching is irregular (but only upon very close inspection) - I think they are going to look great once I get them polished. I'm looking forward to getting them home and cleaning them up this weekend.This experience combined with the chocolate brown Daltons...
I couldn't agree more...
I received the dark chocolate Daltons today that I ordered through the shoe bank tent sale last week. I can find no major points of concern. I see some minor orange peel effect in the finish of the right toe where the medallion is, and there is a minor pucker in the left toe where the upper is stitched to the welt, but these flaws are hardly noticeable. I feel like these are keepers and I got a good deal. I think that I 'almost' could have sized down 1/2 size and...
Agreed. Customer service has been fine; just a poor manufacturing process and poor quality assurance. The fact that someone plugged the holes and shipped the same shoes back to me indicates that someone in the factory doesn't care about their job.The CS representative I dealt with this time told me that she will inspect the shoes I am sending back, and she is also having the new pair sent to her for personal inspection before they ship to me.
Update: My "replacement" shoes arrived today; they basically plugged the two holes with something - probably black shoe polish - and shipped the same pair of shoes back to me. I called customer service and calmly informed the CS representative what had happened. She apologized profusely, and said she would get them started on a new pair immediately. Although I'm inclined to write them off at this point and get my money back, I'm going to give them one more chance. ...
Definitely DON'T use the premium shoe polish - that is for polished calf leather. I was given two options for the care of their waxy leather: leather lotion, or saddle soap. I have both, and the leather lotion is easier to work with, in my opinion.I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy the Black Hills!
Very nice! Wearing my mocha Drydens today. I really like them in walnut, too.
I believe the AE color is chestnut. I own a pair of AE Hillcrest in chestnut, and the coloring was very similar until I began darkening them with walnut polish.
Wore mine today, too!
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