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Wearing my black shell PAs today.
That, and the medium looks more like a purse unless you're a very small dude.
I've been using a Saddleback Leather classic large briefcase in chestnut for more than a year. However, I'm thinking of getting a SL large thin briefcase to shed some weight for everyday use, and keep the classic for travel. It makes a great carry-on for trips when I can use the extra capacity. I may go for dark coffee brown on the thin briefcase.
Vass Budapest wingtips in black calf, size 43 EU / 10 D US on the Budapest last. They come with bags and lasted shoe trees, and feature channeled J. Rendenbach soles. These shoes were worn twice - only once outdoors, in nice weather. They are in great condition and will definitely enrich your collection. Asking $449 -> $399 via PayPal. Price includes shipping via Priority Mail. Sorry, I only sell / ship within the continental U.S.
I was looking at that one as well . . . alas, not in my size. I was flirting with the Rider gunmetal cordovan chukka, but ultimately dumped my cart because I don't know whether I would wear them often enough. Nice boots, though.
I don't know, dude. He's also asking about suits and other wardrobe stuff in other threads - where he posts links to AE shoes, Brooks Brothers and Hugo Boss suits, etc. Good luck with your spam hunt.
It's not spam; he's been asking about what shoes to buy in other threads (AE, Ferragamo, etc.) without the link referenced here.OP, congrats on your MBA. What school / what firm?
I say be happy with the score!
Awesome shoes; you should get them out more often!
Thanks! It took two returns to get them right, but I think they were worth the effort.
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