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Very nice!
Wow - that comparison of the new finish to the old finish did it for me. I was already wanting some burgundy shell Daltons, and this ^ combined with the pleasure of wearing my chocolate brown calf Daltons today sealed the deal - ordered them in burgundy shell this afternoon. I can't wait to compare them to my burgundy shell MacNeils.
I agree; they chose a poor example shoe and/or took some very poor photos. However, I expect that I'd like the actual product.Thanks for the heads up, Chris!I'm drawn to the Long Branch in dark brown grain leather, but I don't know if I would have enough opportunities to wear them. I'm holding out for burgundy cordovan Daltons.
I agree that the stitching looks very nice!Those look very narrow; what size do you wear? I'm wondering whether it's the camera angle or your foot.
This might merit a note to customer service, but honestly...try them on and if they fit comfortably, I'd live with it vs. waiting for another "new" pair to arrive. They look like someone tried them on for a couple of hours and sent them back. I highly doubt the foot beds are even broken in with that little bit of wear.
Lots of debate on SF about sole guards; try a search. The quick answer is, if done by a competent cobbler they will most likely prolong the life of your leather soles. Hanger Project isn't the "only" option for Saphir Reno, but again . . . try a search . . . Google is your friend. For convenience, you can click through from SF to Hanger Project and be done with it.
Nice shoes. I have the Dryden in mocha; I'm sure they look awesome in chili!
I received my burgundy shell MacNeils from the shoe bank today. Here's the right shoe (straight out of the box) next to my Alden cigar shell longwing, which I'm wearing today, on the the left foot: Now, for the complete pair. They look to be in good condition, but you will see in the photo below that the quarter panels on the left MacNeil are misaligned by about 1/8 inch. Notice how the bottom lace is not perpendicular to the line of the shoe. I'm curious whether...
Wearing my mocha Drydens today; they've held up very well for a five-year-old shoe. I should have a purchase report on something else soon.
Just curious . . . does anyone else see the word "float" and immediately think of a turd that needs to be flushed?
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