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How does one sign up for the list?Here are my Alden BB shell captoes at work today:
Sure thing.If you have a suede brush you may want to try that first; it may work just fine. If not, then go with a tight-pattern new wire brush...lightly at first, just enough pressure to raise the nap.
Hit those bad boys with a new wire brush...they'll be back to suede in a flash!
Nice! Got my boots wet this morning, too...
Thanks to everyone who provided valuable input. I may just send them to Nick V. and see what he can do...
I sized down appropriately for Barrie last (this isn't my first / only pair of Alden LWB), and there isn't a lot of room in the toe box / they don't slip, so I don't thing sizing is an issue. The shoe is bent at about 45 degrees - maybe more - in that photo. So, with that aside, any advice on how to approach this with Alden since I didn't buy this pair from a store?
I am wearing my cigar shell LWBs today, and noticed that the leather has separated on the inner side of one shoe where the longwing is stitched to the vamp. The photo illustrates this, but I have to bend the shoe quite a bit for it to show. These have been worn no more than 20 times total. I bought them here on the forum within the last six months, and I'm wondering how to approach Alden customer service regarding repair / replacement. Any advice is appreciated.
It's all about the colors. You can have multiple longwings as long as the colors aren't overlapping. I'm out of the game for Gramercy only because of my cigar shell Alden longwings (which I'm wearing today, but must admit the Gramercy are in Cognac calf are beautiful, and tempting). I also have burgundy shell MacNeils and chocolate brown suede Alden longwings - each of which has their place. If AE offers walnut shell MacNeils sometime in the future, I may jump on them.
Is it possible to get a pair made completely of saddle shell?
It seems as though they would convert everything to the new finish in time, but in the near term you probably run some risk of having old stock delivered to your door.
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