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I received an email from AE today, notifying me that my burgundy shell Daltons have shipped. Hopefully I can post pics by the end of the week. Edit: Ha - looks like I'm not the only one! ^
The are posts in this thread that answer your question (search is your friend). The brief answer is, Saphir Reno or other leather treatment - particularly to the tongue - helps reduce the noise. Enjoy the Daltons!
I ordered a pair within a couple of days of them being offered; no news yet. I'm not going to panic for another week or two.
+1 on shell burgundy MacNeil.
I don't know if this qualifies as 'in the wild', but here they are at work:
If I had to guess, I'd say about 10X what I spent before discovering SF.
I had a funny surprise yesterday. A package arrived from AE, and as much as I wanted it to be my burgundy shell Daltons I knew it couldn't be true; the box was too small for a pair of boots. I opened the box and discovered a brand new pair of black shell Park Avenues. Upon looking at the packing slip, I discovered that it was an exchange for the defective pair I returned in May; the only issue is they already sent me a replacement pair in June. I called customer...
I have some of their cotton socks as well as a few pairs of their wool socks. The cotton socks are fine - no complaints, but I really enjoy their wool dress socks; your question / link prompted me to pick up some more.
This shoe looks fantastic. I'm afraid my walnut Strands would see less street time if the Amsterdam joins the my collection.
Thanks for the reply. I couldn't agree more about the balmoral boot; why do the boots have to be bluchers? I'd be all over a balmoral boot in shell cordovan - #8 and cigar for the minimum.
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