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Double check your real waist, it's always best to measure from that. But i'd say go with the 30 it sounds like in the WG. Usually people size down 1 from their true waist, so do what you feel is best but id defs recommend getting a real measurements first and then comparing some sizing charts
they look awesome man!
+1 on this, awesome belts!
damn those look sick! Nice work! maybe this will help.
damn, can't wait to see that in like 5 months!
The leg openings on the weirdguy and skinnyguy are pretty close, I wear my db with my weirdguys all the time and i think they look awesome. Tapered enough so it doesn't go over the boot, but loose enough so its not all stacked up and weird.
You'll want to double check your actual waist measurement, as taking it from other brands can be pretty misleading. But based of that you'd probably want to size 1 down for the new cure, so go with a 28. Some people size down 2, depends on how tight you want your fit. Again double check your actual waist, and then compare it to some size charts of context or something, that will give you the most accurate measurements!these are pretty...
ebbets field if you're looking for some historic/vintage sport stuff. old school for sure!
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