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In asking Tony G. at EG what he would recommend that I use on my bespoke shoes he made, he said to use Kiwi.
The one question I have in addition to the style difference, is who in general makes a better last between EG & Cleverly. On the surface, I suppose it is a subjective question--but it is to me perhaps the most important consideration.
Was looking at the Cleverly bespoke seletion recently and did not particularly care for the chisel toe; but as it was the first time I had come accross it up close, perhaps I'll come to like it in time. With it's history, a great many people obviously do.
Just to further elaborate: I am not a heavy sweater--actually I sweat very liitle (say average). But the armhole fits so well/snug that even a small amount of perspiration shows through (i.e., my shirt is a medium blueon solid colors). For example, if I extend my arm straight up towards the cieling, the fabric will rub up against my armpit and hence pick up any perspiration lingering there.
I'm thinking in terms of future shirts I order--I suppose I'll have to have the armhole lowered--I'm just worried that it will effect the "Sillhoutte" of the shirt.
I recently recieved a MTM shirt from Hong Kong--and am overall fairly happy with it. But the armholes, while fitting snuggly up in my armpits (very comfotably), are showing my perspiration (I don't wear an undershirt). So what are my options here? - either wear an undershirt or lower the armoles? But if I lower the armholes, won't itl change the overall look/feel of the shirt?
Carrol & Co in LA has good, slimmer fitting lambswoll/cashmere alan pyne sweater vests. I recently bought two, which were not too long in lenght and were more fitted than others.
Mr. Kabbaz, Thanks for the recommendation. Your words ring true. I will inquire of Mr Anto and see if we can't make an appointment.
I'm paying a visit to AC in Los Angeles next week, for an order of six shirts; but before making an appointment, could anyone recommend whom I should ask for to do my measurements? Also, although the AC web site says they do custom-made shirts, is'nt it really MTM. For full bespoke, they would have to do a Muslim? On the phone, AC stated that I couild have a sample shirt sent, afterwhich I would return in a months time for adjustments.
The shoes have no trees from EG itself--simply the Maulofs brand (the store I bought it at in Calif). The size per the shoe is 11/11.5, and a D width. I have never posted an image here, but will go to the trouble of doing so if someone is seriously interested.
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