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@MJMcRibb... and others who may know: what's the deal with MaxMara - I've been seeing it here and there - is it an autocop or is there something specific I should be looking for?
Where did you get the pin? I've been looking for one like that - is it just a blanket pin?
I have to stop in soon. Fall is a magical time at Drinkwater's. @Drinkwaters remind me how your tailor works - Can I bring things in any day and he will get to them? In need of some elbow patches on a couple pieces.
Still dumbfounded by that. Especially because it was 3 different sizes... would have made sense if it was all the same guy doing some closet cleaning. Funny too because this store has had maybe 3 other Daiki WWM pieces in past few months. Passed because of high pricing/not as desirable pieces.Shame the Upland jacket wouldn't fit you. You'd definitely do it justice. I think @Cotton Dockers has the blue plaid version.Silverwarebandit did a good job of breaking it down. Only...
Any chance those mocs run a half size up and wide? A man can hope...
@blue peter been killing it! I really like the bedford/smock/tunic combo. Agree with eluther about the pants though. I agree with the sentiments about that @ManofKent fit. Really expertly done. Wouldn't have ever guessed that the mismatched olive would work. Going to have to try something like that soon.
Past couple weeks, feels like things have been slow but seeing all this stuff together makes me realize it really hasn't.RGVV TieMassimo Bizzocchi TieNWT Blaze Orange Orvis Shirt 2XLPolo Puffer Jacket LAndover Shop Tweed ~42Canali Olive Tweed (Barleycorn?) 44I'll defer to @Orgetorix but I believe this is the kind of vintage tux you're looking for. 1930s NRA Blue Eagle Label, unvented, 1 button, peak lapels, flat front pants.Filson Shirt LNaked & Famous Weird Guy 32 -...
Thread is most certainly en Fueco. Keep up the good work guys.Almost positive this is a Number (N)ine varsity. Absolutely crazy find. Any tags at all? Also any chance it would fit a L? (Please say yes/send me a PM if that's the case)Edit: just saw the N(n) varsity's are zipped not snapped. Still pretty unique looking though. Not often you see varsity's with that kind of collar/throat latch. Maybe it's an N(n) prototype or someone had a tailor (TOJ maybe?) make a knock-off....
They definitely had them last season. I think they always wait until they have every delivery in and then post it all online. Rather than the Bureau who posts their items incrementally as they arrive.
If you take a look at the pictures on TBB you can get a sense for the difference. The Button Shawl is a rectangular scarf that has buttons & button holes so you can connect it as a shawl. The infinity button scarf is a circular/loop scarf with buttons & button holes.
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