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I'll post one soon! Just starting to get cold enough here to layer.
@modual @blue peter I have the olive sweater knit interliner from last season. I really like it layered under outerwear - I wear it the most with my Our Legacy MA-1. I try to only wear it in situations where I know I will be leaving it on - because once you remove your jacket you usually get a few "What is that?" remarks from people.
Thank god! I was concerned because Oxxford Renaissance is a fairly small line and used to be sold here at Louis Boston. That plus the "college" in your username had me worried. That said it's a beautiful find and yes pretty recent. I think the "Renaissance" line was started in the early 2000s and is still being made (?) - actually not quite sure on that. In general the line had a more modern - read slimmer/sprezziery/younger - cut.
Something tells me your located in Boston... please tell me it's not true so I can put my anxieties to rest
I occasionally see US>Japan proxies when I sell on eBay/Gr@iled. I could understand why sellers would be wary of them. Getting a third party involved always complicates things. From a sellers perspective: if the proxy messes up the transaction, the buyer could leave poor feedback to the seller for something that wasn't their fault. Obviously that's not the case with somewhere like ZenMarket where they purchase the item for you (they will leave the seller good feedback...
I recently got the Navy Serge Wool LDT Jacket in XL. Don't think the cut is going to work for me. The fit is roomier than other EG sport coat XL's and the closed quarters don't do it for me. Would be down to trade for a different winter weight (preferably wool) Bedford, Andover or Baker in XL. Depending on the season a L might work for me too. Willing to add cash on my end if you have something dope - read: chesterfield, cool outerwear, tweed bedford etc. Will also take...
That is really sweet. Wish it was a L.
@MJMcRibb... and others who may know: what's the deal with MaxMara - I've been seeing it here and there - is it an autocop or is there something specific I should be looking for?
Where did you get the pin? I've been looking for one like that - is it just a blanket pin?
I have to stop in soon. Fall is a magical time at Drinkwater's. @Drinkwaters remind me how your tailor works - Can I bring things in any day and he will get to them? In need of some elbow patches on a couple pieces.
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