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*Sweats Profusely*What season is that though? Looks more F/W 14 to me.
Balloon pants look so good. Tempted by the charcoal tropical wool ones. It seems they only have small and medium at the Bureau but it says the model has a 34 waist and is wearing a small. So I'm guessing there's a lot of stretch.
No pics, too dark in the spot we were. Sorry to miss you Gary. I'll stop in and say hi soon.
On my way over. I'll be there in 10
Dear god, going to start saving my money now.
Sent him a PM and he never got back to me.
Haven't heard from afixedpoint, last I remember he was in Japan?
I mean their Saisons have been O.K. but nothing exciting. A lot their wild beers have been disappointing. I had a PM Dawn from them a couple weeks ago and that was definitely my favorite non-hoppy beer from them ever. Hoping they re-release it so I can stock up on a bunch.
Blizzard Beers! I think this is the freshest I've had this one. A lot more brett character than when it has some age. Good thing I have some extra bottles to cellar. I had been wanting to try this for a while but it was kind of a let down. Nose was fruity but almost artificial, like a fruity cereal. Taste had a bit of that with a smoky malt finish. Kind of felt like two different beers. This is downright amazing! Was unsure how the whiskey barrel flavor would be with...
20+ inches here which is a lot for the city. Visibility seemed pretty bad yesterday, atleast from what I could tell from my apartment window.
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