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Context's delievery is up. No hats yet though.
Some recent stuff. Haven't been able to get out/buy as much as I'd like lately between camping trips and moving and spending all my money at Ikea.Nat Nast Peek-a-boo [[SPOILER]] Rubinacci Gren - more maroon than pink like these photos would suggest. My camera always has the hardest time with reds. [[SPOILER]] And some orphans that I couldn't leave: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Wow that's perfect! Thanks!
@tonio028 definitely post a fit with the Bask top when you get a chance. Curious to see how you style it.
Wow that looks amazing.EG one I'm eyeing is about the same. Got a link to the JP stockist of this robe?
Geller is a new one for you guys right? I'm excited to see it. Knit-robe-things are my downfall. I already own 2 and I'm already plotting on copping the EG one from this season. (Although I think I might sell my nonnative one and finally accept the fact that I will never lose the weight required to fit it)
That bottom picture is very cool. Looks like it could be marketing materials for the Bureau or something.
If you could find a 5 it would probably work out for you. When I first tried them on I thought I would be a 5 (I take a L in EG shirting and XL in EG outerwhere). Turns out the 4 was perfect for me.Nonetheless, Ts(s) is consistently getting better. My biggest gripe is how expensive it is in the US. Thankfully Yoox carries them.
There definitely has to be one - just not sure if it's out yet. This is what I found from Barena's blog:
@gettoasty one of my F/W buckets has a shorter brim in the back. I think it's to accommodate collared jackets like you said. That said, I tried on that sweater rib one that you have and it was a funky fit. I think it's supposed to be more of a newsboy. Excited for context to post pictures of their hats. I'm hopefully getting the printed felt hat in navy.
New Posts  All Forums: