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Hahahaha, amazing.
Well done! Glad it worked out so well for you.
Congrats on the new place @hc4thehc! can't wait to see a shot of the cellar with all your beer in it. (I have a sizable contribution to it headed your way soon) Zwanze was awesome. @ocooney and I had pours of Rose de Grambinus, Fou Foune, Vigneronne, Cuvee St Gillioise and the Zwanze. We also split a bottle of Allagash's Cuvee D'Intrustial (suprisingly sweet although that may be in comparison to all the Cantillon we drank) The Fou was amazing. First time I've ever had it...
Haha whoops, need to work on my reading skills. My bad.
It might be helpful to post the size.
A few years ago, I had a '97 purple Geo tracker with a white hardtop. Was fun to drive but not reliable unfortunately. Long gone now.I do agree that @noob in 89 needs one.
I'm not seeing that extra 30% off promotion. Anyone have a link?
I suck at women's, jacket or blazer?
Inb4 Nataku Haul - I think I did pretty good this weekend. Pink Polka Dot Polo Pocket Square (Almost a good alliteration) Patagonia Better Sweater L Vineyard Vines Norwegian Quarter Zip L Incotex Chino Linos 33 GBV Flannel S Ladies Loro Piana Linen Shacket Green Polo Corneliani 42 Sanyo - normally pass but this one seemed recent. Travel Coat - tons of pockets on the inside. Thought this was Barbour when I saw it on the rack, was not expecting what...
If new, for personal use, yes. If used, no. You can get them on sale new for about $50.
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