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Well it's probably for the best man because that code expired yesterday anyways Edit: that happened to me too, maybe they are moving things/preparing inventory for the sample sale?
Emailed Nepenthes about that. They are custom made for that store so they will not be available elsewhere. The Foulard cinch pant will be available at SF Market (Korea), The Bureau, and Inventory.
@tben I think those suede boots are tricker's, atleast that would be my guess. If they were a size smaller you would be getting a PM from me. @brianG that Dana Lee is sick! Good job! @size 38R that looks good, I just wish the shoulder on the jacket was a little less structured.
Very cheap BIN on a SNS Naval sweater: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SNS-Herning-naval-wool-sweater-retail-200-size-XL-fits-L-/111273839241
Pretty sure that's just clear wax. Not sure if you would want to coat your buttons in wax though.
Button Cuff around 34 or 35". Solid blue or even solid white would work.That thing is gorgeous- cut is right but I don't really like stripes. This suit would be for job interviews so subtlety is key. Thanks though!
Looking for a gray or navy suit size 42 and 34 waist. Would prefer something slim. Dual vented and flat front. Modern/Italian cut perferred- something like Corneliani for Polo would be perfect. Also need a blue spread collar shirt- 15 3/4 or 15 1/2, something comparable to BB slim fit.
http://www.ec.freaksstore.com/category/2_E_GARMENTS/15106100570.htmlChecked with Nepenthes about the ankle cut lafayettes, only Freak's will be carrying them. However the foulard print is coming out in a cinch pant, which I will likely purchase and have cropped.
15% off sale items at Neighbour with code "LASTCHANCE"
@penanceroyaltea love that floral! You should crosspost to the "how you roll in EG" thread.
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