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I have navy from last years release. I picked up the white/khaki yesterday and proxied a pair of navy for Tworksheets. I would have checked in sooner but trying to conserve battery life on my phone to make sure I could figure out how to get around was a priority! Sizing is definitely the same as last years. Size down .5 your normal vans size. I have 9.5 in the navy from last year and they are slightly big. Got the 9 this time around and they fit perfect. There actually...
Muji's dressing rooms are nice [[SPOILER]]
Had a nice time! Wish others could have made it for "tacos" later on! I now have this problem where there were a couple people that I met, but didn't catch their usernames. Going to be trolling WAYWT trying to match garments. But as others have said, thanks to gentry for hosting this thing, especially because we got pretty rowdy. And thanks to all you guys for showing this out-of-towner a good time! I want to get the ball rolling on a boston/northeast meet up now! Also...
H. Huntsman, I posted it when I found it a week ago.
Congrats man! I see the Louis Boston tag.... are you from the area?Also, speaking of thrifting Kiton, I found this guy on Sunday. EU 52 [[SPOILER]] Same donor I think, Gucci by Zegna [[SPOILER]] Ferragamo Double Monks 7.5 D, a little beat up but I couldn't leave them [[SPOILER]] Lastly some Men's Warehouse cedar shoe trees that I thought would fit my shoes but are a touch big- probably 10 - 11. If someone has some trees that are too small- hit me up for a trade!Seems to be...
I haven't had all the varieties. The peach was sour and sweet. Speaking of carbonated fruit syrup, I had a Schofferhofer Grapefruit this weekend and it was trash.
They were, I figured they wouldn't be very good considering they were the cheapest option. Tried them to make sure I'd like the style before I started shelling out more money for better bottles. I did like them but they didn't see to be anything special. Going to stick to Lindeman's fruit options. Their peach lambic's is one of my favorites.
Some recents: Didn't like the 61 at all. Festina Peche is quite nice though.
Good thing I want a different color than the ones I'm grabbing you.
Soon to be mine Awesome finds as always!
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