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Good to know! Trillium only sells bottles, nothing for on-premise consumption. That said, if you come down for our meet-up you should definitely swing by Trillium for some proper Boston "Souvenirs"
Excellent. I'm planning on swinging by in the next couple week. Although I'll wait to bring my articles for your tailor.
Haha, seems I missed C4. Next time, you're in town Kyle this offer stands, GF's family or not.All this Boston talk has got me thinking we are due for another Boston Meet-up. Thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/501738/boston-summer-2k15-meet-up-planning-thread/0_30
Hey guys, Been a minute since we've done a meetup. Figured we could get a thread going to discuss dates and locations and we will make a new official thread when we've made our decision. I'm open to suggestions on either I know Summer can be crazy for scheduling with people out of town and all. Weekends have seemed to work best in the past although Weekday evenings could work as well. I'll be out of town the weekend of the 4th as well as the first week of August. Aeronaut...
Anyone got a lead on some EG-esque satin or suede elbow patches? The elbow on my ripstop bedford wore through. I also have a sweater and a Barena SC that could use some elbow patches as well.
Had this one twice recently, once at our share and once on my own. I really liked it.Holy moly, DeGarde cans? That's insane. If you can hook me up, I'll send you all the NE IPA's you'd ever need.
@JFST you have a monoprint there. Which is what the MP stands for!
@Woofa you are seriously blowing up your own spot right there. I would redact all of that info and boast when you have your item in hand... just saying.
You can post a thread in the marketplace however we also have a specific EG selling/trading thread and it would be good to post your items there as well. http://www.styleforum.net/t/452402/the-possibly-official-engineered-garments-trading-thread/300_30#post_7953390
New Posts  All Forums: