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Daypack for cheap: http://www.yoox.com/us/45238753OI/item?dept=samplesalewoman#sts=sr_samplesalewoman80&cod10=45238753OI&sizeId=1
Sorry for the late reply, as someone mentioned Loftman did the "Andford" Jacket. Freak's Store had a chesterfield and a storm coat last spring. They are no longer up the website but they also had their own jacket and pant which can seen below. I didn't save a picture of it but I think they had a double breasted jacket either last spring or last fall too. EDIT: Found it on Y!JP: http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n144310448 [[SPOILER]]
Is this the L that was on Rakuten? I was gonna pull the trigger on that one. Let me know if it (or the metallic coat) don't work out.
EG does do exclusives for Loftman and Freak's Store, not just different variations, new garments completely.
All finds from last week, it was better than average I'd say. EZ 5% Cashmere 56R Brioni Cotton Chore Coat Thing 40R EZ Incotex Charcoal Wool Flat Fronts 56 (38 Waist) Brioni 15.5 Brioni 16 Zilli 40/15.75 And last but definitely not least, Kiton 16 Merry Christmas and happy holidays guys!
Having seen it in person, Mike I can tell you it looks fine. Most of making a bucket hat look good is the confidence to rock it and not care too much.
Wow that's an insane box!
No. First off, thriftygent or whatever it's called, already has the best beginners guide there is and you already got a friendly welcome. At this point we expect you to stop whining and do your homework.This idea of a beginners guide has been discussed before and the answer has always been no (along with some combination of, "You should just read the thread"). This isn't a how to thrift thread, this a community of individuals who have been thrifting for a long time and...
Pretty sure that's needles though.
^Driving up sometimes. My box from @habitant came on Friday. Couple bottles didn't make it but most of them did. Excited to drink the du ciel stuff!
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