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Hey Mikey! I am totally down and actually have been thinking about organizing one myself. I definitely know that @afixedpoint was interested along with @A Fellow Linguist. There's definitely some other people we can tag here who may be interested: @concealed, @Feji, @VitaTimH and there's definitely a few more forgetting- feel free to add them. There's also @ghostface and @thewho13 who I understand ocasionally live in Boston. There's definitely a whole bunch of people from...
Thanks guys. The fly is definitely short - only 2 buttons. However they do look they are cut like a men's jean - couldn't picture a women wearing these. Without a model name, it's impossible to know. Guess I will stick with unisex/men's as they are more marketable that way.
Forgot to post these in my earlier haul post, found in Boston. (Seemingly) Unworn Gray Selvage APC's. 27 waist - Anyone have a handy guide of distinguishing Women's jeans vs Men's? APC makes a 27 in both.
Big shouts to @leftofthedial for hooking me up with a post o'alls shirt, telling me some spots to hit in NYC and being a generally cool dude.Some finds from my trip to NYC:Indigo J.Crew Sweatshirt/Deck Jacket for me!2x RG3x Women's Marni Pants (44 & 46)Not pictured: 2x Chloe pants already claimed by a friend.Then I returned to Boston and found these gems:RLPL button down S:RLPL Navy Linen Trou (N/A)RLPL Single Pleat Cords 36 [[SPOILER]] Hermes [[SPOILER]] Lastly this cool...
FYI Barney's has this on sale for a lot less than the bureau.
whoops, double post. sorry!
What season is this from?
Predicting a ghostface win. I'll probably still contribute though!
I thrift in NYC on friday and find two RG shirts, you thrift in Boston and find 2 RG shirts.... *xfiles theme song plays*You definitely have. More details coming this evening...
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