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By the way, I just discovered this one and it's great. It's like wearing a scarf but you get a little more volume from the shawl as well as you can fasten it in place. I'd imagine it will be great as it gets colder because it covers your face some.For those that are interested: take the shawl unbuttoned and put it over your shoulders with the buttons facing your body. Toss the buttoned side over your shoulder. Pull the buttonhole side toward the middle of your body and...
Glad you liked it! If I can figure out what the glassware situation is at this venue I may bring a couple 750ml's of their saisons to share. I was thinking of saving a growler of their hoppy beers from my trip up there last week but I have no self-control when it comes to their IPA's. That said, NYC has been actually getting very decent distro of HF kegs. @nahneun could comment further but I'd wager that if you're spending the weekend in NYC, you could probably find...
So jealous of your homespun bedford @ramdomthought. I'll echo the sentiment that the shawls are awesome and very versatile. I probably wear mine as a scarf 85% of the time but it's my favorite scarf and when the weather gets cold I wear it practically everyday. I'm planning on picking up another just so I have some variety (and I can alternate if one get wet or needs a wash)
Still haven't tried Ghoulschip! I think I'd like it. Crossing my fingers my buddy in Portland grabbed me one from the recent release.
Big shouts out to @vexco for sending me an absolutely perfect pair of Robert Geller Pants. Also shouts out to @1ofTheCoolKids for somehow convincing him to send those to me for no reason! Stand-up guys right here. Good things will be headed his way shortly.
Haha of course, I'm just messing around. Atleast the copyright is in a festive orange!
Thanks @Cotton Dockers! And thanks for the posting the link... for some reason I didn't get this issue of the newsletter to my inbox. I knew it came out but I hadn't been able to see it published! Whoops. @Fueco you should send me some BA Ten Fidy cans... Nitro Old Chub is good but I prefer the non-nitrogenated version. I've only had the Nitro cans though - on draft may be whole different story. Also please keep up the beer & activity posts. I'm really enjoying them. I...
The Trash Lord is now the Copyright King
I have some things I could part with:- F/W 13 Navy Serge Wool LDT Jacket XLStock Pic:- F/W 13 (I think) Navy Serge Wool Bedford Size LStock Pic:- Daiki-Designed™ WWM Upland Shirt XLActual (blurry) Pic:- Daiki-Designed™ WWM Chambray Multi-Pocket Shirt LActual Pic:- S/S 12 Gray Tropical Wool Fenway Pants Size 34Actual Pic: [[SPOILER]] Things I am interested in:- Winter Weight Bedfords in XL (Tweed especially)- Chesterfield/Balcoat/Etc in L(!!!)- Wool pants in 36- Anything...
This is amazing. My favorite line is: "Style mavens from Kylie Jenner to Rihanna have the entire fashion and apparel world at their disposal, and they could wear jeans made entirely of diamonds if they wished. Yet they choose to make a statement by wearing loose and comfortable wide-leg pants."Also only 5 of those people are actually wearing wide legged jeans and they are all flairs which are different thing than JNCOs???
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