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Westbrook Gose is THE Gose. Anderson Valley is good but I wouldn't bother with it if we got Westbrook here. Whoever sends Hc some should also send me some. I'll take a whole case. Perfect summer beer for sure.Here's like a week-ish worth of beers:This one is great for what it is. Would also be a great summer beer.Possibly the most normal beer I've had from these guys? Very traditional saison or as the bottle says "classic". Banana, clove, yeast... you know, saison-y.Split...
Weekends in here are bonkers. The Layer-Zero and Rick Owens deserve a special shout-out.Lots of stores this weekend. First up, some: [[SPOILER]] Now on to the stuff y'all care about: [[SPOILER]]
Finally starting to get warm here. Our Legacy/Ervell/JCrew/Helmut Lang
I haven't forgot about you yet. I'll get you yours don't worry!
OH SHIT, I just remember I still owe you. Hitting a ton of stores tomorrow, I'll keep an eye out.
This should be fun. I am hoping to buy this "suit" this season. Probably won't be able to get it before the challenge is up but I'll throw something together.
Are you standing on a table?
I think just swapping to a white t would make this look okay.
I believe Chambray, Navy and Khaki. Don't have all the details though.
I appreciate it! I can send them Trillium/HF/Treehouse or (I know it's frowned upon) cash. My BA username is Ken_P if they need to get a hold of me.
New Posts  All Forums: