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Both of those are pretty pricey but great stores. Slightly prefer Bee's Knees as I can find beers I can't find at other stores.De Cam is actually at Wine Gallery in Kenmore. Friend of mine works there and gave me a heads up that they got it in.
That's what I thought. This shop is in a more affluent part of town. I figured there was a pretty big mark-up on it.
Super jealous of that LP. Had these two yesterday: Anyone had De Cam's Gueuze? Local store got it in and they're asking $45 for a 750. Wondering if it's worthwhile.
Couple of good sours with a friend last night. This was stunning. Didn't what to expect with this one, definitely good though. Sort of a flanders red but with elderberries.
@alexg if you have any extra space in your luggage, let me know. I'll make it rain whatever you'd like for a couple bottles of Fou.
I was supposed to go today but my ride bailed on me. Hopefully going next week but not having a car sucks. Bring me with you next time!
Kg, Synth, Parker and I are all park of the long barena cardi club. Love that scarf KG!
+1 They were all decent. Having had some of the breweries they were collaborating with I think a lot them were a let down. Russian River one didn't scratch the surface of what RR could do. Same with Allagash.Also a little bit of , Still taking sign-ups for the holiday beer-it-foward! If you haven't signed up yet you should, the more people involved the better it...
Popped up on my tumblr feed the other day. Looks great guys!
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