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A lot cheaper than I've ever seen it!
@hc4thehc I'm planning on making the trip to the Waitsfield farmer's market in September to get some Lawson's. If it works out, maybe I can send you a bottle of their maple tripple. My parents went to northern California for vacation and I had a very specific request for a souvenir: My "cellar" is looking pretty good now: Drank the Idle Hands Maginot (on the door in the photo above). It wasn't bad but I felt a bit mislead - label said it was a "Sour Wheat Ale" and BA...
This would be your best resource. Label closed down in 2007, hence why no website. That's also the reason why it's a great find - has a cult following, like old Helmut Lang.
Meant to edit my previous post, not quote- my bad.
@ilikethelights gonna need more details on that cloak shirt. [[SPOILER]] Actually somewhat related, @barrelntrigger can you explain this to me: My local buffalo exchange has two pairs of Evisu selvage - one is tagged No. 3 and they have for $25 and one is tagged No. 1 (Special edition or something like that) and they have them for $50 - why? Also, either worth picking up at that price?
Wish I had the cash right now Fycus, I'd totally take them off your hands.
Thanks! It's starting to get a lot easier too put a fit together now that my EG collection is growing.
Vintage Ray-Bans S/S 14 Wave Jacquard Knit Jacket Unknown Season Western Shirt S/S 13 Reverse Sateen Fatigue Shorts Birkenstock Arizona
Everyone beat me to the punch posting a fit with this jacket, oh well - Vintage Ray-bans, EG x 3, Birks
@ccl88 that EG (Navy Cotton Field Shirt?) is awesome. If you change your mind about keeping it please PM me. Crazy stuff in this thread right now. Two stops this weekend only a VV polo and a Ben Silver Tie - not even worth posting.
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