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Thanks! It's starting to get a lot easier too put a fit together now that my EG collection is growing.
Vintage Ray-Bans S/S 14 Wave Jacquard Knit Jacket Unknown Season Western Shirt S/S 13 Reverse Sateen Fatigue Shorts Birkenstock Arizona
Everyone beat me to the punch posting a fit with this jacket, oh well - Vintage Ray-bans, EG x 3, Birks
@ccl88 that EG (Navy Cotton Field Shirt?) is awesome. If you change your mind about keeping it please PM me. Crazy stuff in this thread right now. Two stops this weekend only a VV polo and a Ben Silver Tie - not even worth posting.
It was Idletyme IPA by Crop Bistro and Brewery. It's a DIPA, I'd grab it if you see it - I think it was cheap like $7 bucks or so.Sound like you're having an awesome time? Are you going to the Co-Op today? 1:30 is what the guy at the store told me. Annoying but worth it if you're trying to stock up or pile up some trade bait (as I'd imagine most of the guys there are doing).
@notwithit baggier pants are fine just could stand from a hem or a pin roll your break right now looks awkward.
Jealous man! Coincidentally I went to Vermont last weekend but I didn't make it up as far as Hills. Only managed to get a 4 pack of Heady (someone in line with a case felt bad for me). The Montpeiler co-op is a madhouse when they get their shipment in. Apparently I just missed a Lawson's shipment too. Picked up some consolation beers at the co-op. This one is quite good, seems to be a new brewery. Forgive the photo-quality, was slighty inebriated when taking it. Had...
I agree- it's not amazing. If you could talk them down to about 3/4 of their asking price it would be worth it.
If I had the capital, I would buy these guys out an open up and e-Kiton store on the bay.
I don't think anyone has even received their shipment of the felt hats yet, so I doubt context has it yet. My guess is when it popped up on their website earlier this week (with no picture) it was a glitch when they were updating their inventory or something. Nonetheless I feel your pain because I am also really excited to see them. Also Norse Store has their EG in.
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