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Wait you guys are right it's only 16% off. I thought the previous guy was curious as to why the promotion plus vat deduction wasn't coming out to 40% off total. I just put a pair of shoes in my cart to check and it is indeed only 16% off the price with the VAT removed.
Sunday would work best for me, afternoonish would be cool like 3 or something. Weekdays after 6 after work. Although, I'm leaving the city Tuesday for the holiday.
It's 20% off after the 20% off for VAT. Hence the 16%.
Okay, that makes sense.
Is there a code/link for this?Well, most sales are on Black Friday, not Cyber Monday. (Although a lot of sales started early last year - Tuesday or Wednesday with everyone trying to be the first to offer a discount). It will be current season stock on sale. Generally from the smaller online stores, you can expect 20% - 30% off. All depends. Anything specific you are looking for?
Both of those are pretty pricey but great stores. Slightly prefer Bee's Knees as I can find beers I can't find at other stores.De Cam is actually at Wine Gallery in Kenmore. Friend of mine works there and gave me a heads up that they got it in.
That's what I thought. This shop is in a more affluent part of town. I figured there was a pretty big mark-up on it.
Super jealous of that LP. Had these two yesterday: Anyone had De Cam's Gueuze? Local store got it in and they're asking $45 for a 750. Wondering if it's worthwhile.
Couple of good sours with a friend last night. This was stunning. Didn't what to expect with this one, definitely good though. Sort of a flanders red but with elderberries.
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