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I'm definitely going
Doesn't have to be sleek as in slim. I just think the deck shoes you have one would look better with chinos than jeans. Something like GATs or Common Projects or stans would look better with the jeans. I have wide feet too though so I know your struggle.
Shoes weren't noticeable until you mentioned it. However I think it could benefit from something sleeker like a pair of stans. Also I think the SC would look better with a sleeker/shiny white poplin shirt untucked. The texture of the SC and the oxford are a little to similar. Just my opinions but you're off to a good start!
So many different stripes in that picture
From the Nepenthes blog. Perfect timing, I was planning on being in NYC for the SWD meetup the previous night! They look a bit different than the previous sneak peak we saw. I'm curious to see what they actually look like.
Definitely McNairy. Had them in my watch list but wasn't cheap enough for a flip.
Would be interested in seeing Barena, Buttero, (both as mentioned), Eleventy, Esemplare, Haversack, Junhashimoto, Made & Crafted, Man 1924, Masaki Kyoto Homme, Monitaly, Roberto Collina, and ts(s). Sorry that most of list looks like what you did last time. Looking forward to reading your write-ups and horror stories (day by day accounts)!
Do pants or capris pulled/rolled up to "above mid-shin" count?
Wow, I was excited about my haul today until I saw Wes' and Hans' hauls.Anyways, for me Acne Mic RigidsAlso for me, Patagonia Swim Trunks2x Uniqlo Undercover ShirtsPolo flat front plaid pants 33/32- figured one of you guys could pull these off!Versace TieH. Huntsman Tweed 36 S - small hole on the front [[SPOILER]] And Lastly, Brioni Suit 44L 38 Pants [[SPOILER]]
Never seen ripple sole on penny's before. That's crazy!
New Posts  All Forums: