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You can set up a pick up on USPS.com if you have an account. I do it all the time and it's great.
While y'all were freaking about the Polo Country coat (which I admit is bonkers) you totally missed this 100% CASHMERE HELMUT LANG CHESTERFIELD. This is the "good" lang too when he was still designing for them. Totally crazy find, good job!
In the realm of Japanese imports, Hitachinos are definitely the most quality. (Although I do still love an ice cold Sapporo when I go out for sushi) Personally, They aren't worth buying though. I've fallen behind on this thread so here's a bunch. (Like two weeks worth) This was good but I've decided I don't really like this style that much. Really amazing. I'll be buying more of this. I was a bit skeptical at $17 but I'm really glad I gave it a shot. Tastes like a...
Pretty sure @e0d9n0b5 had/has that Yang Li coat.... maybe I'm wrong.
LVC is my favorite for denim. Their wider cuts work best with EG. I think I have a pair of 1954's. They can usually be found around $100 a pair on eBay or at Yoox/Barney's Warehouse.
The lurkers are killing it today!
These are great. I always check for good beer glasses. Got myself a couple snifters and a whole set of Tulip glasses but nothing branded. Good find!Boston? If so, GET OFF MY LAWN!If not, Welcome to the thread! Excellent finds man. The second jacket is definitely recent oxford.Always humbling seeing everyone's hauls. Whenever I think I have a good weekend and come on here I end up disappointed. Anyways here's some finds.Thank you to Linda for these "Designer" shoes. Made...
I've found generally that USPS is the cheapest and usually safest choice for sending packages internationally. (Atleast to EU)
Found a couch from DWR on Craigslist for $100 dollars. Could stand to be reupholstered but I still consider it a good deal compared to retail.Craigslist is great for furniture if you check regularly and put in the time to sift through the crap.
Whoa whoa whoa! You totally misread my tone. I didn't mean to be a dick in anyway. I know you know what you're doing and you do it damn well. I wasn't questioning that! I was just saying that I can relate to how you are feeling and that it's important to "value your time" like you said. The weird stuff in my store furthers my point that sometimes I make hasty mistakes.
New Posts  All Forums: