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I live an apartment and do USPS pick-ups. I leave the packages at the mailbox (indoor). Mail man grabs them when he drops off the mail free of charge. If you don't have an indoor mailbox, you could probably leave them inside the door and leave that in your instructions on the pick-up request.
Patch it up!This blog post has always stuck with me:http://mistercrew.com/blog/2013/04/15/western-shirt-patchwork/
On vacation in India. Think he was going to a couple other places as well.
Atleast that's my line-up right now. Two pairs of EG Vans, might get a pair of white canvas ones too.
^Lucky bastard, eBay has been terrible too me lately. Auctions ending extremely low. Even no-brainers like RG shirts have been ending low. No watchers on BINOBOs, no bites to speak of. Anybody else getting this? Warm weather lull maybe? My inventory is more winter-leaning right now unfortunately.
Goddamn, I wish I had money right now @el Bert. If you're still sitting on it in July and want $$$ Pm me.
I hope you're trolling with that one...
Didn't realize it was a grisette. So it was probably more like Clara? I think Clara doesn't get enough love. Really really good warm weather beer. I agree about the 6 months thing. If I had actual cellar space it would just be full of HF cases. I think that will be on the wishlist when I look for a new apartment.Very jealous you've had Mimosa, would have loved to try that one.
Yeah, won't make that mistake again. Since I had never had it, the description "wheat saison" didn't sound very interesting to me. Especially because they had Brother Soigne and Arthur available as well. Thankfully I have one more and next time they have it I'll get a case to save.Would be interesting to do a Florence vertical. How does she age? I know Anna also has that bright lemony character and that's the first thing to fade as it ages.
Okay, long overdue but my haul from Hill Farmstead. This was just for me, bought a lot more for friends. Super excited about the Arthur magnum. I picked up the Mattina Rossa locally. Then I got this package on Friday. Lot of crazy good stuff in here that I am excited to drink. I'm going to start hoarding Peche n' Bretts. Drank my Double Citra growler on Friday. Probably my favorite hoppy beer ever. Wondering why I didn't buy another while I was up there... Saturday I...
New Posts  All Forums: