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Curious to see what this Infinity Button Scarf is. ALSO GRAY HOMESPUN TWEED BEDFORD WILL BE MINE.
I liked that beer! Had the same experience with it though if I remember correctly.
Sure, happy to help. I think the first time they canned it was maybe in March but with very low limits and it was more or less a surprise drop. This time was the first time where they had a very large quantity and you could walk out with 12 of them.
There are at least 3 or 4 dudes who do this full time on here. Very possible to do. It just requires smarts.
Okay pardon the picture dump. It's been a while... Don't think I posted my thoughts on Bees by Trillium... I think I opened this two thursdays ago. Really refreshing, lightly tart and a good amount of funk. Glad I have one for the cellar. Two Fridays ago I went to Tree House and I came back with this. Bunch of Julius and some Double Shot. Drank a Julius can. It's not my favorite hoppy beer from them to be honest. Has a more traditional "West Coast" kind of vibe....
Sounds like we will be missing a few people for the 10th. What about the 17th or 18th?
Forgot to tag, @AlexanderTG
July 10th could definitely work.
I'm excited. Thanks Steven and Gary! Any chance of pre-orders this season?
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