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Late to the game on this one but Bahljs' post reminded me: [[SPOILER]]
Just to clarify - I don't need an ID from anyone - you just need to be able to provide it just in case. Just put that there to ward off any underagers.
New thread is live!
Looks like we have enough interest to do this again this year! The idea is very similar to a secret santa except with beer: Sign up, get a name and address, ship your favorite local beer to that person, and sit back and wait for your package. Your sender will remain anonymous to you and will not necessarily get who you are shipping to yourself. Selection will be random although I will try to ensure you don't get someone from your same region. REQUIREMENTS To participate...
Cool. I'll set up a new thread for it tomorrow. @Best Budz 100 posts was more of a guideline than a hard rule. Looks like you've been a member here long enough. You can definitely join.
Okay so that's 3 including me. Tagging some others who may be interested: @notwithit @thewho13 @concealed @Tooch4321 @cocostella @alexg @Cotton Dockers @nahneun @OmniscientCause @brp2 @indesertum (if you're back from Seoul) @otc @brp2 @Portland Dry Goods @archibaldleach @13k If I can get a few more yes's in this thread I'll start a dedicated one. Last year's thread is here if anyone is curious.
By the way, is there interest in doing a holiday beer-it-forward? Last year we had barely enough entrants to make it work. Also given some snafu's last year I think we'd have to keep it strictly for USA people. I know @Ds13 and @Fueco had expressed interest in another thread. I think we'd need at least 10 people to make it worth while.
Been about a month (October flew right by!) so I'm just going to post some highlights. Still awestruck by this box I got about a month ago. Shipping to Belgium is always sooooooo expensive but pays off in the long run. Of course I had to open something while unpacking/finding space in my closet. I think this one my least favorite Cantillons. Just a little too acidic and one dimensional. That said, it's still pretty damn good. This one has to be one of the best beers...
I'm a huge Futurama fan too
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