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Have to be careful with these things. I haven't checked yours personally but a lot of these "Studies" are being funded by GMO money to say it's not that bad. I actually work for a company that has done some of this work.
I really liked that Almanac Gose. Good buy. So I picked up all of these locally. Apparently Epic got short term distro to my state when they came up to EBF. One of those Jesus's is for @hc4thehc. Then this box showed up. Finally got my hands on a Peche N' Brett. Also really excited to try the Saison Bernice. This is one of my all time favorites. Although it's a serious gusher. Those of you who have easy access to this are spoiled. Maybe the first time I've had KBS...
Good choices. I can get De Cam and Quetsche but they are like $45 and $35 respectively.
I've had it with a year on it and I like it. I like my stouts pretty mellow though so take that with a grain of salt. Fresher is better if you want more barrel/fudginess. I'll definitely second that BCBS is too much. I only like it with a year or more on it. Starts to mellow out quite a bit.
Those are pretty hard to get. Pretty much need to be at Nepenthes when they drop. They just did a drop a couple months ago so its not going to be until July, if the new batch comes out. Just buy some leather vans slip-ons.
Don't apologize for sharing you're opinion here! Opinions are what keep this thread going.To address the early conversation: I would be broke if I lived in Belgium but I would miss all these East Coast IPA's so its a wash.Anyways here's some pics and thoughts:I like this but the other seasons of this beer are better. Didn't have a lot going on.For Christmas, my parents signed me up for the "Rare Beer of the Month Club". So far their offerings haven't really impressed me....
I like that he says all woven ties are thick.... literally any tie that is not knit is woven as it's made from fabric. Pretty funny.
Is there a code?
Here's the EG one from Context:Wide brim, kinda has that Inherent Vice - 70's stoner vibe to it. I love it in theory. Not sure if I can commit to the look for real. I believe it also comes in Navy straw.
EG's making a nice straw sun hat this season... can't remember who's stocking it. Nonnative made these really cool paper woven hats last season... somebody on here has one. It's either Diniro, Nicelynice or BreezyBirch... I can't remember.
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