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I'm thinking navy. More expensive than I thought they would be, woof! Also can't believe they only have small left in the long dayton. Good thing I have the stockist list for that one
The description I have of them is "Printed Felt Hat". My guess is wool felt and printed before blocked as that makes the most sense. Not sure if it's possible to print on fur-felt, but you've certainly seen more Hats than I. Maybe you've seen one before.
Didn't know the whole S/S 15 lookbook had came out yet - thought it was just a preview. Thanks Lorcan. I think this season's lookbook (S/S 14) was one of the better things I've ever seen by Nepenthes. I'll post it entirety soon when I have a chance. In the meantime, can we talk about how awesome these pants are:
I think I have a pre-order in at Nepenthes in the navy (hard to explain) - curious to hear the pricepoint though.
The Viridi-anne - lowest starting bid I've ever seen for one of their pieces. Thinking this would suit @spacepope well.
Oops!Also, @gettoastySource: http://engineeredgarments.jp/?eid=637
Post a link when you do! I only own a couple pieces but I love everything they do.Western-world stockists are Nepenthes, Gentry, Inventory, Haven, and the Bureau. They will carry larges for sure.
Where did you get it? Also gonna need to see fit pics when you get it!
Stitches out for vengenace after being trolled...
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