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Of course, as soon as I said I can never find the beer geek I find some. I'm noted though. Pick ups from favorite store in Providence: So far I've drank the Wild Beer Co Bliss (which wasn't very good) and the vanilla shake (which was very good despite the name being misleading).
We do! On a related note I thrifted a set of 5 tulip glasses. Still had the price tags on them! Here's one in action:
Nope, I'm keeping them. They are perfect. I think I have to track down the print and olive versions that you bought. Thanks!
Birkenstock Bostons. They are clogs or mules or whatever you want to call them.Also to weigh in on the jeans topic, I have a pair of LVC 1955 501s and they look great with EG. Wide thigh and slight but not to restricting taper. I think the 1954 and the 1966 cut 501s are a bit too slim to work with EG but people of different proportions may get them to work.
That mikkeller glass is a beaut. When I was out in California I saw one of the bottles of the Beer Geek series for pretty cheap. Regretting not buying it because I haven't seen them since. That vanilla shake sounds yummy!
Majority not-EG but I think you guys will appreciate the fit nonetheless: S/S 14 Cotton Ripstop Bedford Ts(s) button down Orslow Easy Fatigue Pants Birkenstock Arizona
You should definitely come if you're in the area!
Haven't convinced anyone yet but we will see!
Absolutely amazing, sweet, floral candy hop syrup. I haven't had the double to compare- but this really blew anything else I've had out of the water.
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