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Here's another batch of recents: Super stoked to have been able to try this. A little light on the apricot but heavy on the funk and sour. Really great. Pure Mango bomb. Mad they don't have anymore. This was perfect. They just packaged the double-dry hopped version, told myself I was going to take a break from buying beer but I might have to make an exception for that. This was good. Piney and dank. Different than what I'm used to from them but it's a good...
??? What is this referring to?Also anyone know when Ervell is showing F/W 15?
I have the Fenway pants in tropical wool from SS12 (I think.). Definitely need to dry clean as it's a bit delicate. I ran them through the washer in cold water once and they were OK. Thankfully caught them before they made it to the dryer. Definitely worth the fuss though, perfect if you, like me, are always required to wear pants to work even if the temps are in the high 90s.
If horror movies have taught me anything, doing demon research only leads to bad things.
Should be pretty soon. They posting a picture of their new canner on Twitter this week.
I don't think I've had anything quite like this before. Before this DDHFP was my favorite. Mettle was better than Heavy Mettle imo but this took the cake. This was like a total tangerine/mango bomb with a hint of piney dankness on the finish.
Damn. I was hoping to grab another pair but that's way too short of notice for me. Plus Valentine's plans have already been made.
Had this one last night. Super delicious. By far their best IPA yet.
Thanks!Glad to hear that. I think I'm just tired of wearing them. I've been wearing them for two weeks straight (and it looks like I have at least another week of wearing them ahead of me).
x-post from WAYWT. Only one EG piece but I figured it fits in here nonetheless.
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