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Congrats man! I see the Louis Boston tag.... are you from the area?Also, speaking of thrifting Kiton, I found this guy on Sunday. EU 52 [[SPOILER]] Same donor I think, Gucci by Zegna [[SPOILER]] Ferragamo Double Monks 7.5 D, a little beat up but I couldn't leave them [[SPOILER]] Lastly some Men's Warehouse cedar shoe trees that I thought would fit my shoes but are a touch big- probably 10 - 11. If someone has some trees that are too small- hit me up for a trade!Seems to be...
I haven't had all the varieties. The peach was sour and sweet. Speaking of carbonated fruit syrup, I had a Schofferhofer Grapefruit this weekend and it was trash.
They were, I figured they wouldn't be very good considering they were the cheapest option. Tried them to make sure I'd like the style before I started shelling out more money for better bottles. I did like them but they didn't see to be anything special. Going to stick to Lindeman's fruit options. Their peach lambic's is one of my favorites.
Some recents: Didn't like the 61 at all. Festina Peche is quite nice though.
Good thing I want a different color than the ones I'm grabbing you.
Soon to be mine Awesome finds as always!
It's normal suede, not rough out. I'm gonna grab the white because I need a nice pair of white sneakers but I agree with Shoreman, a little bummed.
I'm definitely going
Doesn't have to be sleek as in slim. I just think the deck shoes you have one would look better with chinos than jeans. Something like GATs or Common Projects or stans would look better with the jeans. I have wide feet too though so I know your struggle.
Shoes weren't noticeable until you mentioned it. However I think it could benefit from something sleeker like a pair of stans. Also I think the SC would look better with a sleeker/shiny white poplin shirt untucked. The texture of the SC and the oxford are a little to similar. Just my opinions but you're off to a good start!
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