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Sounds like @mike868y is going to be pretty happy.
I've had some good finds lately. Always amuses me how you can have a week finding nothing then one day you go to three stores and find a ton of stuff. Most of this is from one store. Anderson & Sheppard Double Breasted - Something like a 46, from '87! Vintage J. Press Baller Tux Jacket, wish I found the pants. This thing breaks all the rules - sack cut, peak lapels, one button, and single vent. I think the tag says '62, can a union-label expert confirm that would be...
Posted in the SS 15 thread but incase some of you already tuned that out:
Again, I don't really like this website but I couldn't find another source, so here's S/S 16 in full http://fourpins.com/style/engineered-garments-spring-summer-2016/ Looks like it's a tourist theme? I like the dolphin print fabric a lot. I'm a bit iffy on some of the looks.
I would need a large. Thanks though!
I'd be wary to declare that you are one exact size in EG because things change season to season and piece to piece. If the cut of that jacket is similar to the one they did last season it runs a bit big. I've found I'm all over the board for EG. I could be a medium in outerwear (I have a large in that jacket but I could have taken a medium), a medium or large in shirts and an XL in sportcoats. Just saying, there's no real science to it.
Glad the shop coat is back. That was one of my favorites!
Thanks @Cotton Dockers too good of a price on a pair of F/W 14 olive fatigues in my size for me to pass up.
That shirt is so awesome. Glad to hear someone stateside [may have] picked it up.
Yeah I think I want that olive BDU. Unless somebody knows of a place that still has the S/S version in stock? I think it's long gone though.
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