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Highlights from last night - I didn't take any pictures unfortunately. Rare Barrel Tiger Lily- Didn't pick up the ginger at all on this but it was real nice. Nice oak presence and sour but not overwhelmingly so. Double Barrel Hunahpu - hype is totally warranted on this one. It blew my mind. Such a good balance between fudgy chocolate and spiciness. Could definitely pick up on some apple from the apple brandy barrels. It's looking like I'm going to have to hunt down a...
@Principe how is that? I've been meaning to try it. Mostly recovered from my cold and been drinking some beers again. Haven't opened anything too crazy on slight chance my palate isn't fully back. This one is technically a "Kolsch Inspired Ale" but I'd say the better way to describe it would be hoppy lager or like Session IPA or something. Definitely tasty and easy drinking. Would be a good summer seasonal. Overwhelmingly coconut. Not bad but that's pretty much it....
You'll have your target by the end of next week and can ship as soon as you want after that! I think I'm going need to loop in some outside help when it comes to picking - not sure if I can be completely unbiased on who gets me... haha.
Taken yesterday. Drinking a Starbucks Latte because I'm basic. Margiela/Uniqlo/EG/APC/Frye
edit: whoops, saw that nicely post in here and thought it was WAYWT
That's awesome. I bet that 2008 Rochefort was amazing too. Still getting over a cold here, been missing beer. Think I'll crack something tonight.
I have a very old red wine barrel aged black hole that I need to drink... was actually considering throwing it in the box I just sent you - oh well!
Priority flat rate is certainly the best deal but you have to pack it extremely well considering it's illegal to ship liquor through USPS (silly law IMO). If they find out you could get in trouble.
Yeah you can just send me all the TG @Ds13 Speaking of - this box showed yesterday. Had to trade away some ridiculous things to get the two front HF beers. I'm becoming a HF completist and it's bad... goodbye cellar. Getting over a cold so I haven't been drinking any beer. Was a bit too eager to open this one and I'm regretting it. Palate isn't totally back. I could tell it was really good but I don't think I got the full experience. Will have to try again in the future.
Hahaha, send me a PM. It's USA only this year for that reason exactly.
New Posts  All Forums: