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Always fold mine. Too worried about the shape of the shoulders- they are already a bit too big for me anyways.
Just saw a local shop post on twitter they got Double Dose in. So it does look like it will be hitting the shelves. A bit annoying though, supposed to be a four pack and this shop is breaking it up by bottle/one per customer.Might be interested in a swap-presume you're talking bottles? I'm not going to do Hills and the Farmer's market on the same day- way too much waiting in line for one day. I'm going to go to Hills on Thursday. The last farmer's market tickets were...
@concealed You get the double dose in Mass or in VT? Rumor has it we should get it here in Mass. When are you going up? I'm going the 9th-11th. Going to go to Hills and then [try] to get some Lawson's at the Waitsfield Farmer's market. @indesertum I like the dry-hopped saisons I've had. Agree with what you are saying though - the possibilities are overwhelming. Night Shift's beers are a good example of this. I wish we got Prarie in Mass. I've seen it in RI though- funny...
Don't think I posted all the varieties though. The wool and corduroy ones are great. Could see them being useful for bike rides where I don't want to carry my bag but need somewhere to stash my u-lock. Speaking of - the Ts(s) courier vest is on yoox: http://www.yoox.com/us/41413164KL/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=41413164KL&sizeId= Please don't cop the size 4, thanks.
Don't think the Bedford jives well with the shawl as skirt. Nonetheless, I think your shirt should be untucked and layered over the skirt. Additionally turning the buttons to the side will reduce the awkward crotch bunching going on.
Need to clear out some stuff. I'd like cash over trades but I promise I'll hook you up with a good deal. Prices included below, but in spoilers so don't click through if you don't like that sort of thing okay? All prices include USPS priority shipping to the US.Paul Stuart by Samuelsohn Grey Glen Plaid Sport Coat 46 XL (Yes that's extra long)Measurements and photos coming [[SPOILER]] Vintage(ish) J. Crew Patchwork Madras Pants 34 [[SPOILER]] NWT David Chu Triple Patch...
My current phone and I agree that shape and style it is perfect. However, there's a pretty bad battery issue with these. They didn't address it but I think its why they pulled the 5 off the market completely when the 5C and S came out.
Some sort of mashup a place in Chinatown made. Regretted the choice, not just because of the stains, was just way too overwhelming flavor-wise.
Pho is the hardest to eat without splashing. I ruined a white shirt eating yellow curry pho.
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