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Recipes would be great. The few times I've tried to make noodle dishes they've been pretty underwhelming. A majority of that may be due to the fact that I am white though...
+1. Where did you find those?
Shouts out to @ocooney for an awesome trade! Great stuff in here, already have the Westbrook chilling in the freezer!
Thanks!Thanks! I really couldn't believe it. They had one more four pack of the stout and a couple four packs of the barleywine, which I considered stocking up on for trade-bait but the price tag was quite steep and my bank account isn't so happy right now (the aforementioned new apartment playing a big part in that).
Yup! Ditching the roommates (who frequently drink my beer) and moving in with my girlfriend.
It had no bottling date and I was antsy so I tried it. Will probably buy another to age however that will have to wait until I move in August. Going to start "cellaring" some beers when I do move and by cellaring I mean, having a mini-fridge set to 55 F.
So a group at work is starting up an IPA tasting every other Tuesday and I went out last night to pick up something to bring. Look what I ended up finding in the new arrivals section: I drank this last night. Started off pretty weird and then ended up tasting like a pretty standard Belgian IPA. Was a expecting a bit more sour considering that it is wild but oh well!
Of course, as soon as I said I can never find the beer geek I find some. I'm noted though. Pick ups from favorite store in Providence: So far I've drank the Wild Beer Co Bliss (which wasn't very good) and the vanilla shake (which was very good despite the name being misleading).
We do! On a related note I thrifted a set of 5 tulip glasses. Still had the price tags on them! Here's one in action:
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