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Yeah I was planning on going to the tasting room. A close friend started working there when they opened up. Fingers crossed I'll find some Bissell cans!
They are on my list of breweries to visit when I go up to Portland next month. Right alongside Oxbow & Bissel Brothers.
Damn nice. I need to do that soon. Been craving Cantillon Classic Gueze.
Two pretty crappy photos of what I wore yesterday. #1: The "Bored at Marimekko Selfie": #2: The "Asked My Girlfriend to Take My Picture in Our Poorly Lit Apartment": Barena Long Sweater, EG Knit Hooded Dickie, Yohji Shirt, Kapital Cargo/Flight Pants, Frye Chelsea Boots
The weekend: Sap in Cans, perfect. Could only be better if you didn't have drive to the middle of nowhere and wait in line to get it. @thewho13 did you get any sap cans before they ran out? Cracked a growler of haze on Saturday. Really good, very grapefruity. Summer Street is a new one, I think, from Trillium. Reminded me a lot of Sap actually. Well balanced between a citrus fruit-y flavor and a piney bitter flavor.
God damn, @330CK killing it with the art and poster finds. I'd love to find anything half as cool as that. p.s. if you're getting rid of the Magritte poster let me know!
This is more or less every foreign BU student's uniform. Mix in some Been Trill and Diesel as you see fit.Yes, yes you do.
I missed DDH Melcher, which I am bummed about. Melcher was awesome. I went with a co-worker again, otherwise I would have let you know! I loved double shot. Hoping I'll be able to try Good Morning at EBF. Anybody else going? I'm doing the Saturday afternoon session.
Another crazy good one from these guys. Mango and Grapefruit. And a trip to Tree House yesterday for cans (!!!)
New Posts  All Forums: