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A good deal for a 7D
Good deal on a Nigel Cabourn/Eddie Bauer Down Jacket Size 48 For @zissou maybe?
I think I sent you three of their saisons. I'd recommend atleast drinking one of them fresh so you can get a sense of what they are all about. I find after 6 months of age they are a different beast entirely. Still tasty but overidden with funk and loose some of the subtle acidity they have fresh. I think I got the Arthur I sent you back in May so you should probably drink that soonish. Sankt Hans is a "Amber" saison so probably fall weather appropriate.
Sorry @hc4thehc - you NEED to keep sending me all the Fou. @Tooch4321 the new limits policy is good but it's annoying that it had to come to that in the first place. Also the bottle raffles are frustrating but I honestly couldn't think of a better way to handle a release like that. I think maybe I'll start trash talking HF every chance I get - so that eventually the hype will reverse and I'll be able to hoard it all for myself.
That's downright crazy. I hope they release Mimosa again... and Art... and E.... I hope they just keep releasing their barrel-aged beers in general I guess.
Here's the line-up from yesterday's share with @ocooney and @concealed (and a friend not on SF). Forgive my grainy picture. From left to right (although not the order we drank them in): Gueuze Tilquin Squared Back Acre Golden Sour from August 14 Flora batch 6 2014 Fou Foune Hill Farmstead/Sante Adairius Works of Love Pipeworks Mosaic Casey Brewing and Blending Montmorency Cherry Fruit Stand Civil Disobediance #15 (Mango) Half Acre GoneAway IPA Abbaye de Saint...
Holy crap. Found them in your cellar I assume? I can't imagine a store would be sitting on them.Trying to hunt down some VR for myself right now actually.Edit: just realized that the 2010 Vanilla... that's just amazing.
Highlights from last night - I didn't take any pictures unfortunately. Rare Barrel Tiger Lily- Didn't pick up the ginger at all on this but it was real nice. Nice oak presence and sour but not overwhelmingly so. Double Barrel Hunahpu - hype is totally warranted on this one. It blew my mind. Such a good balance between fudgy chocolate and spiciness. Could definitely pick up on some apple from the apple brandy barrels. It's looking like I'm going to have to hunt down a...
@Principe how is that? I've been meaning to try it. Mostly recovered from my cold and been drinking some beers again. Haven't opened anything too crazy on slight chance my palate isn't fully back. This one is technically a "Kolsch Inspired Ale" but I'd say the better way to describe it would be hoppy lager or like Session IPA or something. Definitely tasty and easy drinking. Would be a good summer seasonal. Overwhelmingly coconut. Not bad but that's pretty much it....
You'll have your target by the end of next week and can ship as soon as you want after that! I think I'm going need to loop in some outside help when it comes to picking - not sure if I can be completely unbiased on who gets me... haha.
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