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@thriftydood Amazing stuff. That Patagonia is from their heritage collection which came out last fall. Looks like someone already beat me to PMing you about it. Otherwise I'd be all over that.
It's running but very slowly. I complained about it on twitter and they replied to me and apologized and said they are trying to fix it.I would be interested in a "Show us your dwelling" thread. Sufu had one (which is pretty much dead now) and it was definitely fun to browse.
I'd cop. Please say they are a 34.
Thank you mike. Sounds like the L or the XL would work for me - very glad they have an elastic waist band. I presumed they did but couldn't see any pictures of it.Thanks!There was a waist coat? I thought I only saw the hooded zip vest? I like the pants but I'm not sure If I would like how they drape/hang and their movement. Maybe after another price drop I'd be okay with it.
Thanks Mike I will look into it! Care to comment on sizing? Indigo & Cotton Claims the XL's waist is a 16.25 Do they stretch? Right now I'm waiting to hear back from Haven. They have a pretty handsome price on the round collar shirt right now...
+1 on seeing institches in EG. EG can be great for "CM Casual" - some of shoreman's fits are a great example. I buy EG because it can serve two different purposes: I can tuck in my shirt, put on dress shoes and wear it to my business casual day job and with the same wardrobe I can untuck and have fun with it on weekends and nights out.
Not the same but that one is very handsome. I saw that one on the DWR website.Haha, that is so true! With the deal I'm getting on this one its definitely worth getting reupholstered/slipcovered. I'm picking it up this weekend - keep your fingers crossed I can remove the current covers and get it dry cleaned.
Furniture Guys- I need your help! Spoilered b/c off topic. [[SPOILER]]
I tried it on at Drinkwater's. I took an XL in S/S 14 Ripstop bedford. XL in the homespun worked fine for me. Bit more wiggle room for a sweater underneath- that's typical F/W EG though.I tried emailing Nepenthes about who will be stocking certain items (considering Gary can't do pre-orders) and they told me they haven't got their master list yet. Suppose I have to wait it out.
@noob - I told you to buy it at TBS when it was $89! Quit sleeping! I picked mine up from Gary last week and I'm in love. You should check with him. Now if anybody sees the matching shorts or pants in a M/L let me know okay? I'm in love with the fabric.
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