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You should tell him to file a claim with USPS because it sounds like it was stolen. Filing a claim against you in PayPal isn't going to do anything for him in the long run because you will win the case.
Okay picture dump incoming. Drank two weeks ago-ish. Surprisingly pretty good - for those who don't know, this was brewed with lobsters. Was expecting it to be briney/salty a la Night Shift's Harborside (brewed with Oysters) but it was actually pretty subtle. Would drink again. The results of a trip to HF and Parker Pie (and a couple Trillium bottles from a friend hiding in the back.) Really excited to have two bottles of their SARA collaboration. A few of the bottles...
@el Bert and @habitant, I'll take whatever suggestions you were sending @mbaum's way now that he's out of the game.
That OEC/Hanssens Collab is one of the best beers I've drank in recent memory. Highly recommend checking it out if you can. A very limited amount of it was brewed so this may be your only chance.
@ocooney, @concealed, and I are going to Zwanze day down in Worcester. Getting excited looking at the tap list:
This is the big one. I couldn't believe how amazing the baby alpaca pocket sweater felt when I first got it. I bought it for the look of it and then was blown away by the hand. No good way to convey that online.
Yeah I've been following Silver and Gold for a while. I agree that Japanese shops do a much better job with this.
Those pants!
Yeah I saw that one. I could have sworn he also sold an ugly striped one. Maybe about a year ago?
Wow the way they styled those at Lantiki is awesome. Never heard of that shop, I'm poking through now and they do some awesome product shots/styling!
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