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Television I almost always drink beer but if I'm going to drink bourbon, a manhattan with bulleit is my favorite. I'm not a whiskey neat drinker. sorry if that makes me "less of gentlemen" or whatever.
Awesome! I'll try to remember to bring my camera. Maybe we can harass someone to take a group fit pic. (We could probably use self timer too)
My Secret Santa gift came in yesterday. Totally awesome, pictures to come later.
Aeronaut yes!
Let's say 4:30? 5? Also, @afixedpoint you around?
Kapital makes some pretty cool Sweaterpants™ [[SPOILER]]
I can still do the sixth. @thewho13, @ridethecliche does the 6th work for you guys? I was thinking afternoon-ish.
Definitely apparent to me that the guys at Gustin are looking at EG pieces and are thinking "hey, I like that and I bet I can make it for cheaper". As someone pointed out though the attention to detail/technical know-how is clearly lacking. While that J. Crew jacket isn't exactly like a Bedford, I am positive that whatever person/team/computer program that "designs" Wallace and Barnes is aware of EG (or Barena) and has looked them for inspiration. I've seen this with Club...
Anybody find some BCBS? I just got a four pack of the regular but I also stayed in on Friday. Hoping some BW and coffee will be popping up here late. Drank these two on Thanksgiving. Anna was the standout, wish I had bought more when I had the chance. Maple tripple was good but not outstanding. It could be because its old, or it just could be that I don't love tripels. Had this last night, very good!
No worries man, catch you next year hopefully! Okay, everyone should have their targets. Those shipping international (thankfully just Cananda) can either send less beer or ship earlier with a cheaper service, your choice. Deadline to ship is the 15th. 8th for international guys. Earlier is always good too. Let me know if you guys have any questions or issues.
New Posts  All Forums: