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Majority not-EG but I think you guys will appreciate the fit nonetheless: S/S 14 Cotton Ripstop Bedford Ts(s) button down Orslow Easy Fatigue Pants Birkenstock Arizona
You should definitely come if you're in the area!
Haven't convinced anyone yet but we will see!
Absolutely amazing, sweet, floral candy hop syrup. I haven't had the double to compare- but this really blew anything else I've had out of the water.
I didn't get it personally. Just lucky enough to have a friend who would share it with me!And that's good to know. The Westbrook one you sent me was so good. If anyone has consistent source on that let me know. Might want to buy a whole case- such a good summer beer.Much better than the others I tried. A little spicy which I wasn't expecting.
Go to is surprisingly really good. Here's some recents: Not pictured: Off Color Troublesome Gose Sixpoint Apollo Lost Abbey Devotion Alchemist Beelzebub Also if anyone sees sixpacks of the Anderson Valley Gose, let me know. Everywhere seems to have sold out of it in Boston, and I didn't get a chance to try it!
Hey Gary- @mike868y and @clark kent rsvp'd in the other thread.
New thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/402031/the-official-styleforum-boston-meetup-thread/0_50
Posting this here as I know this thread gets a lot of readership. We are planning on doing a Boston/New England Meetup at Drinkwater's on the 9th. Here's the details, be sure to RSVP! http://www.styleforum.net/t/402031/the-official-styleforum-boston-meetup-thread/0_50
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