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Still debating on keeping this Wave Jacquard Knit Jacket or selling. I think I'd rather trade it for some other EG stuff. It's a size L. PM me if you want measurements. Something like a pair of pants + a shirt or a couple shirts would be good with me. I'd love to get a pair of summer weight fatigues or tropical wool pants. Also open to outerwear/sport coat offers. Could add cash if you have a wool bedford or a chesterfield up for grabs. I am a 34/36 in Pants. Typically...
I've wanted one of those Nonnative hats for so long. Need some pics! Sounds like you could combine all of those RPs (plus a shirt and pants) into a pretty decent fit.
Work Fit, forgive the weird squinty face. EG Bedford J. Crew Band Collar Chambray J. Crew Belt Orslow Fatigues Allen Edmonds Loafers Filson Zippered Tote
@noob in 89 that is a serious Polo haul. If you ever decide to cash out you will be pretty well off from all that.
I'm going to be running the SF Instagram this week. You should follow along if you aren't already. Here's a pretty boring fit from yesterday, leaving Lake Ontario. Uniqlo Oxford MHL T-Shirt APC Rescue NB 999
Not sure why you aren't just using flat rate then?
@GM-H did really good, holy crap. Do not pass on Yang Li guys!!!
Thanks guys. Drinking a WB Gose by a lake, doesn't get better than this!
Very jealous. Such an attractive looking beer too. I drank this on Tuesday. Really really sour one, same kind of hop character as Hose (Amarillo I think) but less in your face. Could definitely taste the White Wine barrel as well. Definitely good but I don't think I'd do it again. Atleast solo-ing a 750, way too much acid Going to upstate NY for the holiday weekend (Lake Ontario), not much going on by the way of beer from what I can tell. (Unless you guys can tell me...
New Posts  All Forums: