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Honestly it sounds like instead of celebrity-bandwagoning, you celebrity-bashing the collection. You seem to dislike Kanye and you want to take out that anger on the show. That doesn't really make you any better than the articles praising the collection because of his celebrity. As I said, it's a meh collection. I've definitely seen worse (what Toothsome was getting at with MB). If it didn't have Kanye's name attached to it would it get this much recognition - definitely...
Not sure if that's directed at me but Evisu's do real selvedge and they are faked often.
@DapperE I'm no expert but those look fake to me ("Selvedge" looks like the faked rolled stuff from here). So probably a good pass.
Finds from this week so far: Barbour Girls XL Wallace & Barnes Pants - keepers for me. They are like waxed cotton, really nice taper. Almost like flight pants. Need to replace the button though. Chino Linos - 38 Waist NWT Unbranded Selvedge 32 Huntsman Tweed - n/a Awesome covert throat latch: And this beast, I was stoked to find the jacket on Tuesday. Went back to the store last night and was even more excited to find the pants.
Woof, I only do shop by designer. I've been browsing Yoox long enough to know who I like on there.Thinking about it though, I've probably logged 200+ hours on that website and maybe only bought 3 or 4 things ever? I think I like the idea of getting a deal on something more than I actually enjoy pulling the trigger.
Pretty funny that Seth Meyers and Michael Stipe were in attendance at Kanye's show. As for the clothes, they are pretty meh. I don't think the show would have gotten any buzz if it wasn't designed by him. At the same time though, nothing is that offensive and I don't feel the need to get worked up about it. Hence, meh. Only thing that bugs me is that he wears his influences on his sleeve. He's obviously a fan of Raf, Helmut, Haider and like that's cool and all but what...
@SpooPoker that J. Crew is awesome. I thrifted one on my last trip to NY matter of fact. I know you're keeping but it sold for a lot. @impuntura WOW! What size are those?
Thriftening ain't over. That thing is gorgeous.
You're aware that they offer free package pickup with your regular mail delivery right? I haven't been to the post office to ship something in a long time. Only time I have to go in is to pick up packages with signature confirmation.
Mexican Cake was excellent. Hope you like spicy stuff though! Drank this one last night. Leave it to SARA to take a style I'm not crazy about and make me love it. Really nice red wine/balsamic vinegar character to this. Very dry from a combo of the malt and the funk.
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