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I'll agree with @indesertum about the rolled edge- especially on Teku's. It's probably my only complaint with my Hill Farmstead tulips. Last night, I pretty much lucked into getting to try a long time want - Founder CBS. The last time I went to an event tapping a keg of it - it kicked in like 15 minutes and I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get a glass. This event last night was pretty poorly advertised and at a bar in my neighborhood. Managed to get two pours of it and...
I've bought Prairie in ME before. I think it just doesn't sit. Bottles come out and they sell out pretty quickly.
Someone send me a bottle (and one to send to @hc4thehc)
ME!That's one of my all time favorite Bedfords!
Congrats to you as well! Hit me up if you need help drinking that LPG.
@Steven Cash that does look like the Mikeller hat now that you say it! My mom's a knitter too- maybe I'll request some beer accouterments as well. Went with the Fou, if only because I knew I could drink a whole 750 of it myself. (I've never had the LPK, wasn't sure if it would be too much) I can say it now because it's official - celebrating accepting a new job offer! 2015 batch is so so so delicious. And to top off my awesome day this box showed up: Had to get a trade...
Had to look that one up. Looks intense! Did it come with the sombrero? I'm celebrating tonight as well. The question is - do I open a Fou Foune or Lou Pepe Kriek?
Here's a bunch from the past couple weeks: Finally got to try this one thanks to a work friend. Close to a month old so I can't say it definitively but I don't think the hype is warranted with this one. On par with Trillium or Tree House IPA's I'd say. Decent wild from Trillium but not my favorite. Needed a little more oomph to it. Not sure exactly what. First time trying this - a dry-hopped variant of Julius. I liked it better than Julius. One from @ocooney - first...
A little more than half of you just received your target from me just now. The other half will be hearing from @ocooney shortly. We divided them up in such a way that neither of us will know who has us! So I will get to be surprised this year unlike last year. Pretty exciting! Deadline to ship is the 15th. So you have a little over two weeks to shop and pack. If you're ready to ship now you are more than welcome to! A reminder to check out Seek-A-Brew if you're stuck on...
Deadline to sign up has passed. You'll be hearing from me or @ocooney in the next day or so with your target.
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