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Brief primer really doesn't exist honestly. Knowing whats good and what's not really takes having an interest in art history as well as understanding whats popular in the art world right now. Honestly, the best way to get started is googling signatures if legible. Usually if you find anything at all on them it's a good start.
Well it's a lithograph but it's a limited edition (98 total printed) and signed by David Hockney so it's going to be $$$$. Especially considering how hot he is right now. I'd say it'll get you atleast $5,000. You'll probably be paying broker fees, etc as reselling art isn't as simple as clothing.
Thoughts on listing title for this brioni shirt? I'm thinking Tribal pattern but I'm not sure. I don't really like using that term if I don't have to.
HOL-EEE SHIT DUDE edit: At that David Hockney find. That's insane!
Westbrook Gose is THE Gose. Anderson Valley is good but I wouldn't bother with it if we got Westbrook here. Whoever sends Hc some should also send me some. I'll take a whole case. Perfect summer beer for sure.Here's like a week-ish worth of beers:This one is great for what it is. Would also be a great summer beer.Possibly the most normal beer I've had from these guys? Very traditional saison or as the bottle says "classic". Banana, clove, yeast... you know, saison-y.Split...
Weekends in here are bonkers. The Layer-Zero and Rick Owens deserve a special shout-out.Lots of stores this weekend. First up, some: [[SPOILER]] Now on to the stuff y'all care about: [[SPOILER]]
Finally starting to get warm here. Our Legacy/Ervell/JCrew/Helmut Lang
I haven't forgot about you yet. I'll get you yours don't worry!
OH SHIT, I just remember I still owe you. Hitting a ton of stores tomorrow, I'll keep an eye out.
This should be fun. I am hoping to buy this "suit" this season. Probably won't be able to get it before the challenge is up but I'll throw something together.
New Posts  All Forums: