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@hc4thehc wins the thread. Also @b1os haul was pretty damn good too. Had an awesome weekend in Portland. Details to come, still on a bus home!
You could probably seam-rip that lining out. I'd say you should keep them either way though because the cut is perfect. I'm actually interested. Any online retailers?
I don't think it really matters in this scenario. From what I've heard the Coolship releases are pretty low key in comparison other beer releases. I'll probably aim to get there a few minutes before nine.
I don't really like grapefruit sculpin. Theoretically I should but to me it's sort of disjointed when you drink it. Smells completely like normal Sculpin. The taste starts with normal Sculpin and then you get hit with the grapefruit juice when you swallow. I keep giving it more chances but it still doesn't really impress me. I'm also not sure it really belonged in that Paste article. It's not like beer is brewed to taste like grapefruit it's more or less an IPA-Radler.I'll...
Store close to me has a case. I'll grab you some and throw it in your next box.
Not an NY person but I know it closed maybe 6 months ago.
Anyone have any tips for cleaning dark stains out of light leather? I tried hitting them with saddle soap and water and it didn't do anything.
I hope you grabbed those Oxbow beers they just put up. You can't even get those at the brewery or in stores in Maine. Crazy that they ended up on Etre.
eBay for quite a mark-up. Otherwise, nowhere else. Next drop will probably be in june or july if my memory serves me correctly. You will have to go to the store they sell out pretty quickly.I always though it was pronounced like the plant "Ne-pen-theez" but they pronounce it Ne-pen-thezz"
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