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SF actually but I think you can find it anywhere out there. Plenty of great Oregon beers to drink though too!
Should be able to find Almanac in NYC but I think Indesertum is still on a very long road trip. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Farmer's Reserve Citrus is definitely one of my favorites from them. Somebody who has access to Prairie Beers should send me a whole heap of them. I'll make it worth your while. From the weekend: , Lot of people on BA have been complaining that it wasn't that good, honestly I think it was just people who were bummed about the hype/trying to talk it...
Kapital YY Cd'H
Things may be picking up here finally. NWT Bill's RG Super excited about this one, Yohji Yamamoto Cd'H. Have been looking for an oversized white shirt for a while now, specifically Yohji. This one is perfect! Not pictured - Bonobos OBCD for me.
^disagree. The BB chesterfield, stormsystem and Orvis trench are decent but I would have left behind the rest
STAY OFF MY LAWN!but actually I think I'll be ok.... I hope. Keeping my eyes peeled for Rari's now.
Found some double dose. Then I found some Grassroots/Mikkeller and a Sucaba. (which hc4thehc has dibs on if he can find me a fou'foune )Check the ISO forums on BA. There's some pretty good offers for a growler of Double Galaxy- saw a lot of Cantillion.
@leftrightvsp & @Jompso You can put multiple quotes in one post by using the multi button. Please stop double/triple/quad posting. It's really annoying. Additionally if you forget to say something in your previous post you can edit it by hitting the little pencil icon in the corner. Also, Leftright, that is Brioni. Good find!
Oops, I missed the notches. Looks great!Also this Spope/Rais/Regis/Synth storyline is pure awesome. Reminds me of the What is Styleforum Wearing threads; which I miss.
@jwalterweather who makes the sweater?
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