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Jesus that's a serious box. @alexg take all the cantillon and 3F you can manage. Also I'm not sure that Framboos actually hit the U.S. Think it's more people like me who got it from Belgium who are trading it. Concealed might know more than me though
Sounds like Zwet.beDAT BOOS
It was really good and definitely lived up to the hype. I just really wish it wasn't such a pain in the ass to trade for. I traded my only Vanilla Rye for the Bernice and the Peche N' Brett I posted a week back. That said, I regret nothing!Very jealous. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous here and I was craving one. There's no one here who has access to cases of it right? I really need a case to have the fridge stocked for summer. Maybe I'll set up a trade on BA. In the...
Here's the weekend. Friday, I opened this one and didn't finish it. Smell was promising but the taste was SO OREGANO-y. Like a little bit would have been fine, I like oregano but this was insane. Pretty much the only note on the beer, a little bit of pepper too. So then, I had to open something I knew I would like. Great beer. Saturday I opened this one and wow! I knew it would be good but seriously one of the best tart saisons I've ever had. Perfect balance between...
@Cotton Dockers I think it looks best open in the last pic. I would also roll the jeans.
Ours is very informal. Just take turns bringing different beers in. I probably bring in the most but I like to share. Plus sometimes I get something I just want to taste instead of drinking the whole bottle.
Monday night I opened this one. Another beer from @ocooney's awesome package. First time have the new recipe. To me the old recipe was an overly hoppy pale ale with a saison yeast finish. Closest thing to one of their IPA's in a bottle. The new recipe is definitely more of a saison that's been dry hopped. A lot more funk than their previous recipe. I like it a lot but it reminds me a lot of Wheat is the New Hops (I think they say on their website that it's what they were...
Yep same issue with my Bedford. I usually just wear it open to counter this.
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