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Missoni "scarf-shirt".... paging @RegisDB9
Took it for a couple months without any problems whatsoever. I wouldn't mix it with alcohol, not sure if that is a hard rule just seemed a bit risky to me.
Does this mean you have to been saving all your receipts from the thrifts?Do any of you guys do this?
Sell me your large Toggles on that thing are crazy.
I want it so bad but I have rent to pay.
The tea can be pretty potent if you let it steep for a while or if you use two tea bags. I never prepared Kava proper, seemed to much of a hassle. I tried the capsules but they were pretty weak so that's when I switched over to Valerian root. Thankfully, I don't need any of that any more. Got a memory foam mattress topper and all my sleep troubles went away.I didn't know SNS made blankets.... now I want one.
YOOXREMIX gets you 10% off shoes, 15% off tops and 20% off pants.
Valerian root is great. Although I was taking it in the morning, if I ever took it at night I'd pass right out. Be warned that it smells and tastes really bad. Kava Kava is good for falling asleep, although it could give you weird dreams. Yogi makes a tea which is great. The capsules and powder also smell bad and look pretty intimidating.
Great minds think alike! And yeah, they must have some crazy tasting events in there because the empties they had were impressive. Kind of a tease though considering you couldn't order any of those.
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