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Hit me up when you do!
I actually have a couple trades set up on BA right now for some Almanac. Really like everything I've had from them so far. Speaking of I swung by Trillium yesterday for the first time to pick up some stuff for said trades. I also stopped in a store nearby recommended by Ocooney/OmniscentCause in this thread. Only one of the Congress St's, the Lineage, Sour Tea, and Tilquin are for me. I drank the Congress St last night - it was bottled yesterday so it seemed appropriate....
Nice haul! The almanac farmer's reserve citrus was really good. Extremely sour but a lemon sour vs your standard cherry sour.
So excited for that Geller robe and I'm also excited you guys are stocking Sage De Cret now - I like what I've seen from them so far.
30% off certain items on Yoox until the 15th. Check your dreamboxes guys.
Need to see fit pics!
This was really good. I was a bit worried when I poured - a strong skunk smell however it worked really well with taste. My only complaint was that it was a bit expensive at $15 for a 12 oz bottle.
Thoughts on the new collection? http://nowfashion.com/patrik-ervell-ready-to-wear-spring-summer-2015-new-york-10086 I'm really excited to see the clear raincoats make a reappearance
This is how I am right now add in some lambics and saisons. I mostly buy the boozy stuff to trade for something more my style.
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