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We are doing another Boston Meet-up on the 31st at Lone Star Taco. All are welcome.
At my last place we all went in on a Boston Organics big box every couple weeks. It was pretty cool. Stopped doing it when I moved in with my girlfriend because I was worried we wouldn't get around to using everything. Might look into doing it again with a smaller box. It was nice to get produced delivered to you and the variety they give you.
Also, maybe @StyleforumRobot could put this in one of his daily posts so it appears on the front page?
We've discussed this via PM but decided to make a thread to open it up to anyone from the area who is willing to join. We will be meeting at Lone Star Taco in Allston around 4:30 on the 31st for some drinks/tacos/street corn/tequila shots, etc.Significant others and friends welcome. If you haven't met up with us before you are definitely welcome. We've got a great friendly group and we promise it's not that awkward! I'll probably take some pictures. If anyone needs MBTA...
Trader Joe's in Brookline has great deals. Their produce sucks but you can get good deals on their frozen seafood (by no means sushi grade though). I do most of my shopping at Star Market out of convenience. Whole Foods has great produce and meat but expensive. Wegman's in Chestnut Hill seemed to have a huge produce section, was very overwhelming though. City Feed is great for local produce and local meat but you will definitely be paying a premium. Would love to hear...
It's pretty great I'd say and you should buy it (and sell me your nonnative vest). Navy wool flannel outer, kind of soft. Picks up a bit of lint but it's nothing a roller can't fix. The snap pockets are actually hand-warmer pockets and they go pretty deep. They didn't seem to advertise this on the website but it is reversible. The opposite side looks like a normal navy puffer vest in navy nylon with zippered hip pockets. You have a bit of wiggle room with what you can...
Couple trades came in on Friday. Still waiting on a box from Hc4thehc. Should be coming in tomorrow I think. Cracked this one first, pretty good. I wouldn't have called it a "sour IPA" maybe funky or brett would have been a better way to identify it. Oh well. Had this yesterday, VERY SOUR but pretty good too. Wasn't expecting to taste any strawberry but you actually could.
Whenever I try to take nice pictures they come out like crap. +J Post O'alls Our Legacy Pretty stoked on that last one considering I found it at Goodwill and its literally from last season.
Nope but same chain of stores so it could likely be the same donor we are seeing drips and drabs of streetwear from. But either way, I picked this up Saturday so you still would've been late :P
Saturday was a good day. Quality over quantity, presented in order of least awesome to most awesome.Taylor Stitch OBCD, fits me and N/A. Missing a couple buttons but it 's an easy fix.Polo FU, made in the USA. No content or size tag but I'm guessing wool and ~40. [[SPOILER]] Barbour "Valerie" trench, Wool/Cashmere/Polyblend. Ladies' 10. First piece of Barbour outerwear I've ever found. Forgive the terrible noise on these pictures,And finally, this is probably the craziest...
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