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Hopefully will be able to buy it eventually when I can get it for cheaper.Had Consecration last night, so so so good. I didn't think I was going to like it based on the description (tend not to like dark sour beers) but this one blew me away. Russian River makes the best [American] sours.
Haha, gotta love the generosity!
If I had easy access to this I would drink it everyday.
Boston meet-up at Aeronaut brewery last night was a success! Despite the terrible weather we all managed to look good and decided to ask a bartender to take our picture. He seemed confused when we told him that we needed him to back-up so you could see our shoes.From left to right: @afixedpoint in 5-zip and Tricker's x Fransboone; @thewho13 in 5-zip, nudies, and vans; Me in Barena, EG , Kapital and Frye; @mike868y in EGx2 and Fiorentini + Baker; and @ridethecliche in JCP...
Haha send me a pm. I got some stuff for you!
I think we all know what you look like anyways mike, haha. I'm en route but I'll probably be a few minutes late too. Depends on how long I have to wait for the 86.
A trade came in yesterday: This is good but I'm not sure I get the hype. Will have to try it again fresher.
Television I almost always drink beer but if I'm going to drink bourbon, a manhattan with bulleit is my favorite. I'm not a whiskey neat drinker. sorry if that makes me "less of gentlemen" or whatever.
Awesome! I'll try to remember to bring my camera. Maybe we can harass someone to take a group fit pic. (We could probably use self timer too)
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