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That's what I thought. This shop is in a more affluent part of town. I figured there was a pretty big mark-up on it.
Super jealous of that LP. Had these two yesterday: Anyone had De Cam's Gueuze? Local store got it in and they're asking $45 for a 750. Wondering if it's worthwhile.
Couple of good sours with a friend last night. This was stunning. Didn't what to expect with this one, definitely good though. Sort of a flanders red but with elderberries.
@alexg if you have any extra space in your luggage, let me know. I'll make it rain whatever you'd like for a couple bottles of Fou.
I was supposed to go today but my ride bailed on me. Hopefully going next week but not having a car sucks. Bring me with you next time!
Kg, Synth, Parker and I are all park of the long barena cardi club. Love that scarf KG!
+1 They were all decent. Having had some of the breweries they were collaborating with I think a lot them were a let down. Russian River one didn't scratch the surface of what RR could do. Same with Allagash.Also a little bit of , Still taking sign-ups for the holiday beer-it-foward! If you haven't signed up yet you should, the more people involved the better it...
Popped up on my tumblr feed the other day. Looks great guys!
PM me your info. Shipping from the US to Canada - USPS is better than the other options. We are going with a $30 minimum for amount. I think for international we will do $20. That way you can save some money for shipping.
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