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Priority flat rate is certainly the best deal but you have to pack it extremely well considering it's illegal to ship liquor through USPS (silly law IMO). If they find out you could get in trouble.
Yeah you can just send me all the TG @Ds13 Speaking of - this box showed yesterday. Had to trade away some ridiculous things to get the two front HF beers. I'm becoming a HF completist and it's bad... goodbye cellar. Getting over a cold so I haven't been drinking any beer. Was a bit too eager to open this one and I'm regretting it. Palate isn't totally back. I could tell it was really good but I don't think I got the full experience. Will have to try again in the future.
Hahaha, send me a PM. It's USA only this year for that reason exactly.
You don't own any rainwear at all @cyc wid it? Even if it's light - heattech tee + sweater underneath and you should be fine. I know 40-50s sounds "really cold" to someone from SF but it's honestly not that hard to stay warm in. Once it dips below the 20s is when it starts to get real bad.
I probably do somewhere but best you just send it to me again.
EG F/W 15 Shooting Vest
Late to the game on this one but Bahljs' post reminded me: [[SPOILER]]
Just to clarify - I don't need an ID from anyone - you just need to be able to provide it just in case. Just put that there to ward off any underagers.
New thread is live!
Looks like we have enough interest to do this again this year! The idea is very similar to a secret santa except with beer: Sign up, get a name and address, ship your favorite local beer to that person, and sit back and wait for your package. Your sender will remain anonymous to you and will not necessarily get who you are shipping to yourself. Selection will be random although I will try to ensure you don't get someone from your same region. REQUIREMENTS To participate...
New Posts  All Forums: