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Still have these two and looking to move them for some cash (Need buy my loved ones some holiday presents!) - I've added measurements and asking price below. Price includes priority shipping to the US. Message me for international prices. Thanks!
Wow! You still have a little over a week until the deadline. Obviously the deadline is more of a target than a hard rule. As long as everyone actually sends out their package I'm happy.
Honestly I had no idea this is a policy and for the past 8 months or so I've had social media links in my listing template and I've never had an item taken down because of it. Maybe it's because I'm using icons and not saying "FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM". Or maybe I've slipped under the radar... I'm going to keep them up until I get called out on it though.
I'll agree with @indesertum about the rolled edge- especially on Teku's. It's probably my only complaint with my Hill Farmstead tulips. Last night, I pretty much lucked into getting to try a long time want - Founder CBS. The last time I went to an event tapping a keg of it - it kicked in like 15 minutes and I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get a glass. This event last night was pretty poorly advertised and at a bar in my neighborhood. Managed to get two pours of it and...
I've bought Prairie in ME before. I think it just doesn't sit. Bottles come out and they sell out pretty quickly.
Someone send me a bottle (and one to send to @hc4thehc)
ME!That's one of my all time favorite Bedfords!
Congrats to you as well! Hit me up if you need help drinking that LPG.
@Steven Cash that does look like the Mikeller hat now that you say it! My mom's a knitter too- maybe I'll request some beer accouterments as well. Went with the Fou, if only because I knew I could drink a whole 750 of it myself. (I've never had the LPK, wasn't sure if it would be too much) I can say it now because it's official - celebrating accepting a new job offer! 2015 batch is so so so delicious. And to top off my awesome day this box showed up: Had to get a trade...
Had to look that one up. Looks intense! Did it come with the sombrero? I'm celebrating tonight as well. The question is - do I open a Fou Foune or Lou Pepe Kriek?
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