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I would need a large. Thanks though!
I'd be wary to declare that you are one exact size in EG because things change season to season and piece to piece. If the cut of that jacket is similar to the one they did last season it runs a bit big. I've found I'm all over the board for EG. I could be a medium in outerwear (I have a large in that jacket but I could have taken a medium), a medium or large in shirts and an XL in sportcoats. Just saying, there's no real science to it.
Glad the shop coat is back. That was one of my favorites!
Thanks @Cotton Dockers too good of a price on a pair of F/W 14 olive fatigues in my size for me to pass up.
That shirt is so awesome. Glad to hear someone stateside [may have] picked it up.
Yeah I think I want that olive BDU. Unless somebody knows of a place that still has the S/S version in stock? I think it's long gone though.
Good stuff @Letric, I've actually considered doing that lately, specifically with the J. Crew stuff. Good to see its working out for someone. I think I would only use it for store credit though. Shirts in GWs around here are $6 or so and BE prices J. Crew shirts at $25 so that only means $1.50 profit, which isn't great.
Yes. Same fabric/knit but the leisure jacket has a notch lapel. Consider it a more substantial version of the knit jacket of seasons past. I think it may have less buttons too (atleast that's what I'm hoping )
My girlfriend will drink a beer with me here and there, usually something sour. Maybe the only beer that I like that she really seems to like is WB Gose. Generally speaking though, not very into it and would rather have wine. She always tags along on VT trips though, I think it's for the food though...
Haha sorry, let this go by the wayside. I can't do the six, I'll be in NC for Vacation. Also I was told @kgfan5 would be interested in joining us!
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