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I have to get my haircut after work so I don't think I can make it out. Sorry man! Next time hopefully.
Please don't move to Boston, I don't need any more competition.jk, jk, I'll send you a PM.
Anyone here a 15.5 with a 30 sleeve? Chest 23 Waist 21 Sleeve 30 Collar 15.5 Looking for cash but I'll hook you up.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Viridi-Anne-wool-knit-pants-VI197704-Made-in-Japan-Size-5-smallmedium-/291409146502 Would have copped for me if the thighs weren't so small.
It will say "Double Dry Hopped" above the Fort Point on the label. Both are really good though.
@wormwood that is so cool. Please post more fits. Also @penanceroyaltea looking great as always!
THOSE BARBOURS!Also keep up the art finds guys, this is fun for me. Especially because there is never any good art in thrifts around here.This is a color etching. The auctions you posted are for his color mezzotints (a very labor-intensive etching process). This is not one of those but still pretty cool! I'm sure its still a bit valuable.Also a color etching. Looks like this will be quite valuable. Nice job!
Embossment could be the artists, the printer's or the paper manufacturers.I have my BFA in printmaking so I can actually help you out with that. I know Hockney is great, one of my all time faves. I was just saying he's been especially popular as of late with a lot of young artists drawing inspiration from him and the 80's in general being pretty big art-wise right now.Also, content isn't always king as your reading of "good" and "bad" can be subjective.Anyways, brief...
Haha that's what I thought too. Not sure if they name recognition is there though.
Oh shit! you're right, I was looking at a starting bid for upcoming auction not the gavel price. That does make more sense. I'll gladly take a a cut of the appraisal charge though, lol.
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