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The Rebuild Zip pants are insane and amazing. Here's hoping they make it stateside and run less than $400.
I feel like normally when it's this early it's an accidental leak. This time it's an actual press release.
S/S 15- http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/S2015MEN-engineered_garments/ Should we start a new thread?
Somebody got a Soloist sweatshirt for pennies on Barney's Warehouse - I'm so bummed
I really liked that Needles Arrow Jacket. I seriously considered it at the price it's at on inventory but how I would style it definitely held me back. Color could be tricky to wear, may look okay with khaki, light gray or white pants. I don't think it would look good with dark pants or jeans. Here's a picture from a webshop: Also I think @Lorcan7 has a similar jacket in tweed, some of his fit pics may give you guidance. I think it's a piece that is going to look better...
MA _Julius on Grailed
Really like that @conceptionist. I think maybe the socks are just a bit to close in color to the shoes though. So jealous of people in cooler climates right now, the weather here is impossible to dress for.
@Cotton Dockers I think it looks better untucked but its also hard to tell from the angle of that second pic. I'm guessing you don't have the top button of your shirt buttoned but it comes across that way. Next time that happens try undoing one more button on the shirt and tugging on the shirt sleeves from the bottom of your jacket, that should help pull it apart.
Which one of you is thingskeptfalling on eBay? Send me a PM (if it's you or you know who!) I want something.
Gary should post the pictures! It was a pretty small turn-out but a good time, definitely hope we can do it again sometime soon!
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