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Wish I could say this was all one store or one day but this is like a month's worth of stuff. I'm still happy though. Assume N/A unless noted.Baldwin Henley California Wash SelvedgeRRL Western Shirt Sz L (Avail)Brunello Cucinelli Denim/Chambray Button DownWillis & Geiger Shooting Jacket with Leather Accents. Unfortunately not in perfect condition but too cool to pass up.This one is available for a thrift bro for cheap. Aspesi Stone Khaki Cotton SC Size 44 (I'd wager it...
Had this Tuesday. While it was pretty good it was nowhere near as good as the Funk'd Blanc (same base beer, different barrels). Hoping a bit of age will make this one shine. And huge shout-outs to @ocooney for being the man! Your package should arrive today. Some of this stuff is for @hc4thehc but some is for me
Bunch of alpaca pocket sweaters in small and medium on the real real right now: https://www.therealreal.com/designers/patrik-ervell
Left them on, although I have had them come off in the wash before. Cold water (always) and tumble dried. Will usually hang up in the bathroom when I shower to get the wrinkles out after this. As I said I try not to do this that often.
Don't think there's a science to it though because I have the same exact jacket as @CSCoHammers7 and I've washed mine maybe 5 times and wear it a lot and I've only seen a bit of fading in the elbows (which always happens with my clothes anyways).
Weather was cold and gross last night so I decided to drink the Fantome Hiver I picked up in Portland. It was pretty malty for a saison. Had that tripel/quad after taste too it. Not bad but not my thing, I didn't finish the bottle, or even the glass come to think of it. I switched it out for a Modern Times Black House that I didn't finish either. One of those beer ADD kind of nights. I think I'll drink something I know I'll like tonight to make up for it. I bought a...
I honestly doubt anyone would use real selvedge (which those are) in a fake. They are probably LVC's or an LVC sample. They do a lot of distressing and antiquing to make them look really old.
He said "fashion sneakers" which by that I think he means those particular SLP sneakers not the house itself. What he's saying might be a bit of an exaggeration but I don't think he's far off. Certain New Balance models or Stan Smiths have been the same (ish) for 20+ years. CPs definitely have that possibility. Whether or not they are still in-vogue may change though.
No picture- Trillium Double Dry Hopped Sleeper St, I've heard people say this is their favorite from Trillium. I think I perfered DDH Melcher more but it was still tasty. Melon/Guava/Grapefruit Juice. Went down way to easy. After talking trash on this one a couple days ago in this thread, I ended up buying some, I have an excuse though! It's the only good hoppy beer you can buy in Rhode Island. It's very good but it's not worth all the hype. Also found in RI, 2015...
I think a major point that you and the people asking those questions/complaining are missing is the recycling/ecologically-conscious part of it. Yes some of these shirt pieces were probably unethically made but Needles is re-using them instead of letting them rot in a landfill. They are taking something that is cheaply produced and thrown out quickly and giving it a second life.I will agree with you though that most of those shirts are not interesting to me. I do like when...
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