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I have a ton of inventory I need to move! Send me a PM on here or include your SF username on your offer - I'll hook you up with the StyleForum member's price! Some items for the CM gents: Oxxford Clothes Camel Hair SC 41 R Oxxford Clothes Crown Cashmere Sport Coat 42 Dunhill Gray with Purple Windowpane Suit EU 54 Some items for the SWD crowd: Polo Long Parka M Tellason Slim Cords 30 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Striped Suit Size 4 Jacket Size 6 Pants Yohji...
@turkey_sandwich a 42 men's in DVN should be around a 34 waist. They are pretty distinctive enough that you could probably spot them in a runway show. Definitely spring/summer considering they are made of paper. Very cool find!
I definitely think I could style it and wearing my button shawl has made it me fearless when it comes to taking fashion risks. It's more of a lifestyle issue - I definitely couldn't wear that to my business casual job which means 5 days out of the week it would be useless. Unfortunately my closet is full of things like that right now - maybe it's a sign that I just need a new job.I really wish I had a larger budget for clothes when I was in school for Printmaking....
Really liking the shawl collar jacket and the highland parka up at the Garbstore - what's the name of that fabric? Jumpsuit is really tempting as well - although I have no good opportunity to wear it.
@el Bert that bike jacket...... If doesn't work for you send me a PM.
Not clothing: Cantillon
This box showed up on Thursday. Excited to finally try some Side Project. And I picked these ones up locally on Thursday as well. Glad I could add a couple more Farm to Faces to my collection. Pretty cool to see Everweisse hit distro. @hc4thehc any interest in Breakfast Exorcism? I can get more. Went to Portland this weekend and picked up these beauties. Got the timing just right to pick up some blended Oxbowterfest bottles. Back home on Sunday and I opened one of...
Ah okay. Well I will see you there then!Sending you guys a PM.
I was thinking of taking the bus but I could also give you two a ride with me down towards @A Fellow Linguist's neck of the woods and we could all take the train/bus in from there? If AFL is in, we should get a group message going.
I have last years and it ran a size up. I tried on this years (albeit in another fabric) and it runs TTS. That said, Context has measurements posted on their website, you can probably see if that works for you that way. TBB also posts measurements.You're not the first to say that. Actually most of what we talk about in this thread is how sizing runs this season as opposed to last.
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