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Just asked nepenthes about which shawls were available and this was one of them: Charcoal Knit Glen Plaid. Anyone seen this before/anywhere? Sounds interesting.
Yup, that's why I asked. Funny to see how things travel (although I do often forget that they have an online store)
@OolongT are you from Boston?
I have a lightweight one from last season that I like. Alpaca Silk blend is really nice, although not as soft as 100% alpaca. Last year the fit was a bit slimmer than the regular pocket sweater. Supposed to be a layering-under piece.
I was really impressed with Bloomingdales in SF. The Bloomingdales around here are just overpriced Michael Kors made in China crap that ends up going on super clearance. I also really like MAC, not sure which location I went to. Still kicking myself that I forgot to go to Maas when I was out there. Next time, I hope.
JohnUndcover:Undercover::Luker:NeighborhoodDiffusion line but still make cool shit.
Hopefully will be able to buy it eventually when I can get it for cheaper.Had Consecration last night, so so so good. I didn't think I was going to like it based on the description (tend not to like dark sour beers) but this one blew me away. Russian River makes the best [American] sours.
Haha, gotta love the generosity!
If I had easy access to this I would drink it everyday.
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