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That was my impression of the "It's Alive". Was expecting sour, was more of hoppy Belgian IPA. I cracked this one open after a long hard day of moving: And then this one the next day to help soothe my thrown-out back:
@tonio028 thanks for the write up on the herringbone jacket. I definitely want one and would like to join this army. May have to wait a little bit (and cross my fingers the herringbone doesn't sell out), furnishing a new apartment is quite expensive.
I don't think there was any overall's this past s/s or last f/w. Definitely F/W 10 and earlier more workwear-y seasons had them. This past s/s had the combi-suit which is a shorts jumpsuit. There may still be a couple floating around on sale somewhere. [[SPOILER]]
So much goodness this season wow. Anyone know if I can expect a gray melange pocket sweater? I saw a preview of one from Nomad's instagram last winter. Hoping it actually comes to fruition.
Sold out in XL already Gary? Damn!
Thanks for the heads up on the master list. I was waiting on that. Will email them back later. I got the price for the navy sweater knit shawl - think I am going to hold off for now. I have a move coming up and its looking like I am going to be needing a lot of furniture. Maybe If I can be thrifty I can swing the shawl.I think there was a discussion (with pictures) from the last F/W about styling the shawl. It can be worn many ways including: buttons down front/cardigan...
I want that herringbone so bad. Don't forget the button shawls they just posted: Already sent them an email about the navy. Is two button shawls for one wardrobe too many?
Congrats Nat!
Ebay down for anyone else? Can get the app to load - and individual pages to load but when I type in eBay.com I get nothing.
@Snoogz that RT you posted is a one piece collar, Not a camp collar. A camp collar is a point collar with a loop instead of the top button hole. You see them on Pendelton board shirts. I found some gren. Pics later!
New Posts  All Forums: