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Depends on timing and locale. PM me if you'd like.
Haven't been yet. Would be interested.Trillium takes the cake through and through. [Relatively] Right off the red line, awesome fresh IPA's, Saisons and the occasional sour. Only had one of their stouts but as the weather turns they will start putting out some other options for dark beers.^Pretty much this. Haven't had any of their stouts/barleywines though, can't say if they are worth it.For the sake of not annoying any more people, if you're interested in discussing...
Y'all beer guys should post in the Official SF beer thread more often. To chime in, I really like hoppy beers but not the bitter ones. Tropical fruit and floral aroma IPA's are my favorties. Having tried a whole lot of them though, I'm a bit burnt out on them and I think they fall more in the category of "Summer Seasonal" for me. Lately I've been all about sour/funky beers and saisons. Now that the weather is turning though I'll likely start drinking more stouts. I really...
I'd be down to hang out after on Friday night. Planning on coming later in the afternoon anyways. Funny that both @afixedpoint and I will be both be coming down from Boston. @toothsomesound - are you going? Would be nice to see you again.
I haven't actually had the coffee version myself. Going to have to hunt down another one for me. Thanks to @Pilot for the awesome trade! Also got this awesome package from a BA trade in. Cantillon Also have two more bottles of Cantillon from Hc4thehc floating around the Boston Postal Service somewhere. Going to spend tomorrow trying to track those down. I had this on Wednesday. Really amazing, sweet and spicy. Great combo. This one, lives up to its name. Definitely...
Excited to see you again @Synthese! Glad to know I won't be the only SWD person there. Debating between an outfit that relatively blends in with the CM guys or one that leaves them confused. @nahneun if you come I'll bring some beer
@Jompso Hate to break it to you but Ts(s) is going to be a hard flip. Don't get me wrong those were good deals and that stuff is super awesome but Ts(s) has a very small fan base. Additionally it's really hard to search for on eBay. Go try it. That said if any of you rascals grabbed that navy wool mac like coat in a 4 and don't want it let me know
That was my thought as well. Might be out of my drinking element with this crowd.
I used protectant spray on my wallabees and usually wear them when it rains. Obviously not great for puddle jumping and definitely not good for snow but suitable for light storms. Edit: Might have to upgrade my spray to that stuff ^ . Looks amazing!
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