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That blue duck hunt classic shirt is so good. Hope we see it somewhere outside of Japan. @ManofKent a bit late on this one but do you know of any hat makers that make a hat in a similar shape to the EG one? I really like the shape but I don't think I can pull off the print.
@jdrizzy I think that DVN is supposed to be extra long. There's was one like that floating around on eBay. I think it looks good but if you don't think you can pull it off and the p2p is ~22. Hit me up! @SpooPoker F'n awesome. Size four is like a 34 waist right? Must... Not... Pm
@hc4thehc TPB is one of my favorites! @indesertum I didn't stop at any breweries when I was in Cali but I did a lot of shopping for bottles. Anything Russian River or Almanac is always good. I wish I had some trade-bait for you...
I heard they were made in the hat maker upstairs (or maybe it was next door) to Nepenthes. Don't think he's a big name hence why it's not a collaboration or mentioned. I'm with you on the price. I was expecting $150 to $200. As much as there is buzz, I don't think they will sell before sales season. I would probably cop at 30% off.If you get it @gettoasty, I definitely want to see a fit pic!
Wait, @TJGent87 you're in Boston?
I'm thinking navy. More expensive than I thought they would be, woof! Also can't believe they only have small left in the long dayton. Good thing I have the stockist list for that one
The description I have of them is "Printed Felt Hat". My guess is wool felt and printed before blocked as that makes the most sense. Not sure if it's possible to print on fur-felt, but you've certainly seen more Hats than I. Maybe you've seen one before.
Didn't know the whole S/S 15 lookbook had came out yet - thought it was just a preview. Thanks Lorcan. I think this season's lookbook (S/S 14) was one of the better things I've ever seen by Nepenthes. I'll post it entirety soon when I have a chance. In the meantime, can we talk about how awesome these pants are:
I think I have a pre-order in at Nepenthes in the navy (hard to explain) - curious to hear the pricepoint though.
The Viridi-anne - lowest starting bid I've ever seen for one of their pieces. Thinking this would suit @spacepope well.
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