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Okay. Sil is fine with me. Nothing beats free popcorn.
Yup, although I'll admit usually only late on Friday nights. Could be a different vibe other days.
Well with one "w' but yes. It's pretty much a BU Hipster-bro nightclub.
Haha, I take it you went to college out here?
Dope! Where do you work? I've probably bumped into you without knowing. (Feel free to PM)
Not sure if they will be able to get in. I don't think they start checking Id's outside the door until 5 though maybe. They are welcome to try.
@Cotton Dockers All the individual pieces are great (especially the herringbone shawl collar, I still want it so bad). However, I don't think the colors add up. I would ditch the shirt and swap it for a white t or white or light blue button up. I would change the shoes for shiny black derbies or white canvas sneakers. I think the brown suede is too similar to the wine cords in both warmth and luster. You might be able to get away with brown leather boots. Lastly, I'd get...
We are doing another Boston Meet-up on the 31st at Lone Star Taco. All are welcome.
At my last place we all went in on a Boston Organics big box every couple weeks. It was pretty cool. Stopped doing it when I moved in with my girlfriend because I was worried we wouldn't get around to using everything. Might look into doing it again with a smaller box. It was nice to get produced delivered to you and the variety they give you.
New Posts  All Forums: