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@SpooPoker that J. Crew is awesome. I thrifted one on my last trip to NY matter of fact. I know you're keeping but it sold for a lot. @impuntura WOW! What size are those?
Thriftening ain't over. That thing is gorgeous.
You're aware that they offer free package pickup with your regular mail delivery right? I haven't been to the post office to ship something in a long time. Only time I have to go in is to pick up packages with signature confirmation.
Mexican Cake was excellent. Hope you like spicy stuff though! Drank this one last night. Leave it to SARA to take a style I'm not crazy about and make me love it. Really nice red wine/balsamic vinegar character to this. Very dry from a combo of the malt and the funk.
You should tell him to file a claim with USPS because it sounds like it was stolen. Filing a claim against you in PayPal isn't going to do anything for him in the long run because you will win the case.
Okay picture dump incoming. Drank two weeks ago-ish. Surprisingly pretty good - for those who don't know, this was brewed with lobsters. Was expecting it to be briney/salty a la Night Shift's Harborside (brewed with Oysters) but it was actually pretty subtle. Would drink again. The results of a trip to HF and Parker Pie (and a couple Trillium bottles from a friend hiding in the back.) Really excited to have two bottles of their SARA collaboration. A few of the bottles...
@el Bert and @habitant, I'll take whatever suggestions you were sending @mbaum's way now that he's out of the game.
That OEC/Hanssens Collab is one of the best beers I've drank in recent memory. Highly recommend checking it out if you can. A very limited amount of it was brewed so this may be your only chance.
@ocooney, @concealed, and I are going to Zwanze day down in Worcester. Getting excited looking at the tap list:
This is the big one. I couldn't believe how amazing the baby alpaca pocket sweater felt when I first got it. I bought it for the look of it and then was blown away by the hand. No good way to convey that online.
New Posts  All Forums: