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Heh, I'm going to VT two weeks before the trunk show...might sneak a couple heady toppers into the cooler
I have a ton of inventory I need to move! Send me a PM on here or include your SF username on your offer - I'll hook you up with the StyleForum member's price! Some items for the CM gents: Oxxford Clothes Camel Hair SC 41 R Oxxford Clothes Crown Cashmere Sport Coat 42 Dunhill Gray with Purple Windowpane Suit EU 54 Some items for the SWD crowd: Polo Long Parka M Tellason Slim Cords 30 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Striped Suit Size 4 Jacket Size 6 Pants Yohji...
@turkey_sandwich a 42 men's in DVN should be around a 34 waist. They are pretty distinctive enough that you could probably spot them in a runway show. Definitely spring/summer considering they are made of paper. Very cool find!
I definitely think I could style it and wearing my button shawl has made it me fearless when it comes to taking fashion risks. It's more of a lifestyle issue - I definitely couldn't wear that to my business casual job which means 5 days out of the week it would be useless. Unfortunately my closet is full of things like that right now - maybe it's a sign that I just need a new job.I really wish I had a larger budget for clothes when I was in school for Printmaking....
Really liking the shawl collar jacket and the highland parka up at the Garbstore - what's the name of that fabric? Jumpsuit is really tempting as well - although I have no good opportunity to wear it.
@el Bert that bike jacket...... If doesn't work for you send me a PM.
Not clothing: Cantillon
This box showed up on Thursday. Excited to finally try some Side Project. And I picked these ones up locally on Thursday as well. Glad I could add a couple more Farm to Faces to my collection. Pretty cool to see Everweisse hit distro. @hc4thehc any interest in Breakfast Exorcism? I can get more. Went to Portland this weekend and picked up these beauties. Got the timing just right to pick up some blended Oxbowterfest bottles. Back home on Sunday and I opened one of...
Ah okay. Well I will see you there then!Sending you guys a PM.
I was thinking of taking the bus but I could also give you two a ride with me down towards @A Fellow Linguist's neck of the woods and we could all take the train/bus in from there? If AFL is in, we should get a group message going.
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