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Pho is the hardest to eat without splashing. I ruined a white shirt eating yellow curry pho.
God damn. I have one more box on its way from CA and its all RR sours, can't wait. Something you and @nahneun will be excited to hear, word on the street is Almanac is distro-ing to NYC now.Speaking in generalities: VT beer>CA beer, but CA has way more variety of options and all the options seem to be on point. When I was out there and in a bar I'd just order whatever was local and I'd find the stuff I hadn't heard of or under-hyped on BA was always really good. While I've...
Shared some Lunch and Morph with a friend this weekend and Sunday I cracked open one of my last bottles from Ocooney. Definitely sour, up there with Hanssens Kriek. Couple BA trades landed yesterday, really excited about these. Of course had to crack one of these. Definitely could had been fresher but oh well. Tasty, although [IMO] Heady is better.
@SCoNE those sunglasses you posted are RLPL not just RL. Figured you'd want to know
Sunny Ridge isn't terrible, but don't let it ruin Jack's Abby for you - definitely one of their less inspired offerings.
Mamouche is delicious! I had thought about going up here in Cambridge but knew it would have just been crazy, and expensive. Next year I'll join you out in Worcester, sounds much better!
@ridethecliche We've been treading in the same waters again. Although that store sucks, I really wouldn't waste your time.
Lookbook for the Gap x GQ Best Menswear Designers collection is up for those who care about that sort of thing: http://www.gq.com/style-list/gq-gap-bnmda-collection-lookbook-2014/ John Elliot stuff doesn't actually look that bad.
I think a lot of you guys overestimate old Brioni stuff. Don't get me wrong a lot of it awesome amazing stuff but there is a lot old brioni that is crap or has not aged well which best deserves to stay on the rack. Same goes for Oxxford. I pick up less than half of the Oxxford I see, most of it just isn't worth my time.
That's a good friend. I will have to keep checking Rakuten.
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