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Prepare to be disappointed, got it here: http://www.lawsonsfinest.com/our-beer/october-11th-waitsfield-farmers-market/They probably won't be doing the farmer's market until the spring, and I think this one is a fall seasonal anyways. I had two but I traded one to Pilot. Sorry!
Had this earlier in the week. Better than the bourbon barrel aged version, I think.
This FW was great but there was a direct correlation between 12 and 13 that this one just didn't have. Felt like a quirkier/updated take on his old stuff- like '08/'09.
Mine will be out on Monday. It's international but I'll be sending priority so it should take 5 days-ish.
Oooo, that's pretty. Thought that was from a few seasons back though? Where did you find it?@JilSlander how'd you swing that? Are you a buyer for a store?
Just asked nepenthes about which shawls were available and this was one of them: Charcoal Knit Glen Plaid. Anyone seen this before/anywhere? Sounds interesting.
Yup, that's why I asked. Funny to see how things travel (although I do often forget that they have an online store)
@OolongT are you from Boston?
I have a lightweight one from last season that I like. Alpaca Silk blend is really nice, although not as soft as 100% alpaca. Last year the fit was a bit slimmer than the regular pocket sweater. Supposed to be a layering-under piece.
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