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I have one of those Blackcaps. Will have to open it soon. Thursday, I opened this one from SARA. Probably the best gose I've had. It was really fruity, light, tart and the salt was there but wasn't overpowering. Shame they don't release this one that often. Friday, I forgot to take pictures but a buddy and I put a huge dent in my beer stash. Finished off what I had from Other Half and it's safe to say that nothing really impressed me. They were all too thick and heavy...
I dressed as Guy Fieri last halloween.
Curious to see what this Infinity Button Scarf is. ALSO GRAY HOMESPUN TWEED BEDFORD WILL BE MINE.
I liked that beer! Had the same experience with it though if I remember correctly.
Sure, happy to help. I think the first time they canned it was maybe in March but with very low limits and it was more or less a surprise drop. This time was the first time where they had a very large quantity and you could walk out with 12 of them.
There are at least 3 or 4 dudes who do this full time on here. Very possible to do. It just requires smarts.
Okay pardon the picture dump. It's been a while... Don't think I posted my thoughts on Bees by Trillium... I think I opened this two thursdays ago. Really refreshing, lightly tart and a good amount of funk. Glad I have one for the cellar. Two Fridays ago I went to Tree House and I came back with this. Bunch of Julius and some Double Shot. Drank a Julius can. It's not my favorite hoppy beer from them to be honest. Has a more traditional "West Coast" kind of vibe....
Sounds like we will be missing a few people for the 10th. What about the 17th or 18th?
Forgot to tag, @AlexanderTG
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