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Guess I will have to give it a double check when I get it back. Pretty positive it was navy... but now I'm second guessing myself.And yeah, I'm not too mad about it because there's nothing you can do.
Anybody have somebody return a navy blazer claiming it's black not blue? Just had someone do this to me. It's definitely Navy. It's BB Country Club with brass buttons. From my experience, Brooks wouldn't put Brass buttons on a black blazer. I accepted the return to spare myself the headache as I'm pretty sure I'd lose the case. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with a positive outcome?
eBay fees should be about 10% and paypal fees are $.30 plus 2.9%.
Thanks! I guess it must hit some sort of distro then if it's at this place.@indesertum if you find me a bottle or two I'll send you some Trillium.
@brp2 @indesertum what's the deal on the Upright Special Herbs? Easy to get? Hit distro at all? I'm a big MF DOOM fan and I want a bottle but don't want to have to trade an arm and a leg. Also I've been into Gruits lately. Forgot to mention on the thread but I went to Earth Eagle Brewing in Portsmouth the day before my vacation. They are known for their Gruits and I had this one called "Bloomers" that was delicious. Their food was really good and most the beers were...
Anyone recognize this tie label? No other labels. It's a multi-fold.
@HansderHund those Raybans are gorgeous. I almost sent you a PM but then I remember my Persols are almost indentical to those. Okay here's like 3 weeks of finds, maybe? I took vacation at some point so I can't really remember. Starting with least impressive and moving on to most. J.Crew Color Block Shirt M BB Country Club LP Fabric (N/A) Santoni Club Sneakers 10.5 Akris Punto Blazer 8 Eskandar Linen Shirt Size 1. Pretty sure this is a good pickup right?...
Viridi-anne Lapeless Blazer Size 3
@Tooch4321 what do you want Guess I'm buying some Orval on my way home today.
Oh wow, that must have been tough for you...We had 110" this year
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