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This is amazing news.
I've never owned any of their stuff but I love their collections.I believe @diniro owns a couple of their pieces.
Not sure if either is exactly what you're looking for but I really like The New Order and Inventory.
Link to thread block list?Edit: nvm found it.Anyone looking for it: [[SPOILER]]
Yup, you are rightExpert-level Yoox tip: Always check the designers you like on the women's side. A lot of men's stuff ends up over there that isn't supposed to.
Yeah sorry for the confusion. They are listed under women's but are the same as the men's. EU shoe sizes run unisex so 41 women's = 41 men's.
Size 41 Gray Gats for $202 http://www.yoox.com/us/44726098XF/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=44726098XF&sizeId=15
I only list defects. If I think something looks excellent, I'll say it. If it's something like raw denim or shoes where the wear is all over, I'll saw "Shows some signs of wear, see pictures"
LVC makes some of the best and worst cuts of jeans. They are generally good for someone looking for a higher rise and wider thighs. Just steer clear of the 1966 and 78 if you have bigger legs.
@jfst that second one look super familiar to me. Asking some of my art school friends for you. One of them will probably know. I'll keep you posted.
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