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The "Chilling" line is a collaboration
Looks like the temps are dropping here finally so I should be able to put on some of my fuzzy stuff out and get in an entry. @conceptual 4est should do a fit with his Dana Lee teddy jacket. That would be perfect for this.
Haha! Not a terrible idea actually. I was thinking of getting a pair of white mountaineering patterned socks for this reason.
From Yesterday: [[SPOILER]]
This was so tasty.
Wish they delievered to the US.
Don't think I've ever seen a 4. If you do, let me know.
Not Mikeller but in that shop - Crooked Stave Saison Surrette is really good. I also highly recommend Betelgeuze - if your a fan of sours. Anyone had the Sponta- series? The place I stopped by had a whole run. I was intrigued by a couple (Elderflower & Rose Hip) but wasn't sure if they were worth dropping $15/$16 bucks on them a piece.
Those quilted pants A full quilted suit would be very cool.
Don't waste your time. Currently it's just a pop-up (I think they plan to put a full one in there eventually), and their stock is terrible. Pretty much 5 items in stock for mens - non-iron button down, selvage jeans, hooded sweatshirt, v neck sweater and v neck t-shirts. I'm gonna make the trek (it's not far but by bike it is) out to Chestnut Hill mall location. Shake Shack is also a great incentive to get out there.So excited about the J+ collection. I really like the...
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