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Huge fan of those Wings + Horns Ikat blazers. Good job @futuremyth! Mines going out tomorrow (priority) because I'm the worst!
Here's a bunch. Last Friday, I saw my buddy who was recently on vacation in Rome. He's not a big beer guy but I told him to keep an eye out for Cantillon. He ended up going to three different stores just to find this bottle of Iris. It's been a while since I've had one. I liked it better than I remember but maybe it's the effort involved that made me like this more. I then opened this one for him. Definitely boozy but surprisingly drinkable at 19.5% I didn't pick up on...
I'm going shopping tomorrow - pretty sure my box is going to be all beer from one brewery, Beer thread devotees can probably guess which one. Will likely ship Monday. I'm getting excited!
Happy birthday!
Just listed both of these on eBay but if anyone here wants them you get a special price - listed below. More pictures if you click the links.F/W 13 Serge Bedford Size L - $240 shipped priority to the USF/W 13 Serge LDT Size XL - $225 Shipped priority to the USI also have this NWT Workaday 19th C BD for sale in a M. Will sell to anyone on this thread for $90 shipped priority to the US.
Definitely fake. The tag wouldn't be outside on the waist band like that.
If so, I wouldn't be surprised if that was a gag and the real gift is coming later.Speaking of, my thriftmas package will be out by the end of the week. I'd feel bad but I saw my thriftmasee post the same thing so it's a wash!
Who made these Hermes pants? Belvest?
Yup, his best season there too. http://fourpins.com/style/2013/10/remembering-greatest-collection-menswear-eraAdd Daiki to the title and you'll sell it quickly... for more than you have it listed for right now.... or you can send it to me...edit: scratch that - too small for me, bummer!
Great haul! Sorry for the delay on this - my original thought that this was their "Prison Research" collab with General Research. Google doesn't seem to be backing me up on that though. They might have done a naval inspired line with General Research and this is from it? I wish their was more (not written in Japanese) information about these guys on the web. @leftofthedial might know more than me. Either way, it's super dope.
New Posts  All Forums: