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It's my favorite! But if you find it undrinkable send me a PM- I'll help you properly dispose of the rest of your six pack I'm about halfway through the beer camp so far myself. Nothing has blown my mind but everything is decent. Best ones so far are Yonderbock (Cigar City) and Double Latte (Ninkasi).Belgian street food and beer from Saus (highly recommended if any of you come to boston). Boulevard Saison-Brett for me and Linderman's Peche for my girlfriend.Electric Ray...
Sweater knit jacket is stunning. Trying to hold out for the herringbone version as I already have plenty navy cardigan options at the moment.That's definitely it. Just found a fit pic from the EG F/W 2010 - the guy picked it up from Gary! Styleforum EG threads might as well serve as an EG Archive or Museum. Funny how these pieces pop up years later - brand new to boot! The price its at is very tempting but I'm not sure how I feel about the 5 buttons.
Almost positive it is not machine washable - I think it would felt if you tried.
^ +1 Tried on the bedford at Drinkwater's. I wasn't a fan of it in pictures but seeing it up close changed my mind for sure. Very excited there is a matching truman pant - where did you find them? I think I'm going to finally buy my first EG "suit": (From: https://eq.loftman.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=843) Also: I might be blowing my own spot up here but I need some info. A certain unamed online retailer just got this in: Can anyone place it?...
On a second look you're right. It looks like the shirt is too small to be wearing a tee underneath - I must have mistook that for the blazer being too small.
@Caveat that looks top notch. You need to take better pictures, I want to see more. @chilljin lose the socks on that dries fit. I think the UC is too small for you.
Good try, good try!CD looking damn good!
Ending up finding the Beer Camp 12 pack. First beer from that was this Firestone Walker Pilsner. I'm not a fan of pilsners so I'm not the best judge but it was pretty good I guess. Found this in cans and it's better than it was on tap. Still no westbrook but a pretty good summer sipper.
Does that mean no pre-orders for this F/W or S/S? I'll be stopping by this evening!
I think NN's skirt fit would be amazing if he added some type of button up shirt over the tank- something linen with a mandarin collar or a soloist pajama shirt.
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