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I like the implication that @silverwarebandit doesn't know what selvedge is. Hah. Good one!
I don't understand how you can get Westbrook 4th Anniversary in Belgium and we can't even get their regular offerings up here in Massachusetts? It's not fair!
Thanks! That one Ghostface is selling is tempting...
@eluther can't quit EG.... but that doesn't mean I'm not going to buy things from him. This one is long shot but let's try it. I have the orange Nepenthes x OVO "No New Friends" T-shirt in a M but definitely need a L. If you happen to need a M, let's make a trade. I'll take any color.
@thatoneguy killing it! Also that MF Doom poster... Who makes the hat?
This. It always bums me out when I see something I want up for auction on my saved searches only to find out that it has a reserve price. If you want to ensure you make a certain amount, don't do auctions. Plain and simple.Also if I remember correctly it said in the Seller update that they are upping the fees for reserve price for this exact reason.
Hops fading a bit on this one. Could have drank fresher. Still pretty dang good though. This was really good. Nothing crazy but nice to have a solid tasty (not too dry) stout that isn't too high alcohol content. Wasn't expecting much from this one but wow! Nightshift's sours can be hit or miss with me and this was definitely a hit. Fruity but a ton of brett funk and a tart finish. Going to have to buy more. They're doing a bottle release next Tuesday for a blood orange...
That's right. But more than likely those tags are fake in these jackets. Also, that kind of tag wouldn't be attached to the size tag like it is here.
I'm not an expert but that tag looks really fake. Fonts are completely off.
^Have yet to try the barrel aged weasel... one day. Grabbed this one to see what the fuss is about. While I like the concept, I really don't like this style of IPA anymore. Sticky, Resinous, Malty, Bitter. Atleast it is what it claims to be! EBF was awesome! Seriously some insane beers there. Funky Buddha takes the cake hands down. I went through their line a few times. I had to try Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. Going into it I though it was gimmicky and I wouldn't like it...
New Posts  All Forums: