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@Jompso Hate to break it to you but Ts(s) is going to be a hard flip. Don't get me wrong those were good deals and that stuff is super awesome but Ts(s) has a very small fan base. Additionally it's really hard to search for on eBay. Go try it. That said if any of you rascals grabbed that navy wool mac like coat in a 4 and don't want it let me know
That was my thought as well. Might be out of my drinking element with this crowd.
I used protectant spray on my wallabees and usually wear them when it rains. Obviously not great for puddle jumping and definitely not good for snow but suitable for light storms. Edit: Might have to upgrade my spray to that stuff ^ . Looks amazing!
Auctions Ending Sunday Nov. 2nd Hugo Boss Baldessarini (By Caruso) Navy Sport Coat 40R Costume National Linen Wool Blend Sport Coat 42 Turnbull & Asser Pink Striped Shirt 16.5 Neil Barrett Hidden Placket Shirt XL Lot of 3 Vintage Sulka Ties Vineyard Vines Jockey and Horshoe Print Tie NIB Alden for Brooks Brothers Tassel Loafers 10 C
Like this idea a lot!
@Tyrone MacStiophain FYI those J.Press trousers were from the J.Press X UO capsule collection. Might not be 100% wool and if I remember correctly not made in USA. Still cool though. I was tempted to PM on that Creep but it looks like futuremyth beat me to it.
Save one of those 12s for me
Presuming you found the snowflake on Y!JP? I've been looking for that one for forever.
Whenever I think I have a good weekend I come on here and am blown away. Either way I'm still content. This is my half of @dhazard & I's haul from Saturday.
Insane find!
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