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Can anyone ID this jacket/scarf/shawl combo thing?
Here's what I drank over the weekend. Had been sitting on this for a couple weeks, glad I got around to opening it while it was still "fresh". I've had dry-hopped saisons before but this was something else. Tasted like galaxy or Citra hops. Fruity but with a bitter and yeasty saison like finish. Trillium brewed this at Mercury brewing when they were shut-down. Not as good as their other hoppy offerings. Bigger malt presence than usual. Still pretty good though. I DID...
That reversible coat is so tempting.
Yeah, I've never seen fake EG anyways. Probably just really old. Like pre-06Edit: Looks like they were doing that kind of button-hole stitching in 04 so that would be my guess. http://engineeredgarments.com/Images/EngineeredGarments/FW04/fw045.jpg
Awesome fit, you should post that to SWD WAYWT.Also, I think we are like neighbors....We're having a Boston meet-up, you should come: http://www.styleforum.net/t/450416/boston-meet-up-lets-drink-some-tequila-lone-star-taco-january-31st-2015/0_30#post_7638513
@conceptionist that looks terrible... you should give up and sell me that bedford [[SPOILER]]
Such a let down, especially after the awesomeness that was S/S 15. There's a couple cool pieces in there but WHY IS EVERY JACKET A TUXEDO?
@cpmac7 that EG is either REALLY old or fake. Never seen anything like it.
Big shouts to @hc4thehc for hooking it up big time with these guys: I also grabbed these guys from some local stores. One of those Sucaba's has your name on it Eli.
Not montbell but Uniqlo has their "Ultra Light Down Compact" line which is intended for layering under things. Not exactly round collar but this could do the trick.
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