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Oh! I didn't know NMWA stocks Monitaly now. I'd love to try on the gray and black varsity jacket. I take a 42 in sport coats but knowing Monitaly, I'd probably be a 44. Also, I realized I said I was coming but not which day. I'll be there Friday afternoon.
I think tags would be helpful. Just make sure everyone puts real name and username. (luckily mine is one in the same)
Don't think it was the prices that was holding him back. I think the fact that they were mostly 346 Strech suits probably held him back.Maker's wouldn't have been a terrible grab though. However I know how you feel with backlog. The more I have to list the less likely I am to pick up mediocre items. The converse is also true though.
@ghdvfddzgzdzg Take and sell.
Auction Ending this Sunday - Allen Edmonds "Player's Shoe" Brown Suede 9.5 D Buy It Now or Best Offer - NIB Alden for Brooks Brothers Black Calf Tassel Loafers 10 C I will offer a significant discount off the BIN price for SF members - shoot me a PM if you're interested.
Thanks @FENWAY!
Things might be looking up here? 2 stores after work.VV tie? Sure.Then these guys. Paid a bit more than thrift prices for these. Alden (right?) for Brooks Bros. I believe they are deadstock as the original retail price was only $225. Anything you guys may know about them would be appreciated. Specifically if any of you can tell if they are leather or shell from the numbers that would be appreciated. [[SPOILER]] @ridethecliche went in there the first time today myself....
No specific requests would just love to feel/handle some of his knitwear get a sense of what it feels like. Don't need to try anything on as I can figure out what size I am from measurements. Would be great if you guys could bring the Geller robe/lounge coat and the Richard jacket too!
Hoping No Man Walks Alone will be bringing some Schneider to check out. I've never handled it in person and no one up here in Boston stocks it. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
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