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Huh okay, maybe I won't push my luck then.
Anybody here familiar with the sizing on this blazer: http://www.yoox.com/us/41350103TD/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=41350103TD&sizeId=8 ? I am guessing XXL would mean 54. I know OL runs pretty slim and I am a true 42 - hoping that this guy may work for me. If nobody has any info I may just give it a try considering yoox's return policy.
In need of the following: - Solid White Dress shirt with spread collar and button cuffs - Brooks brothers slim fit or extra slim fit or something comparable (PRL custom fit, Thomas Pink Slim Fit) in a 15.5 with 34 (ish) sleeves, needs to be minty! - Black oxfords - Derby or Balmoral, Captoe or non. Something like AE Park Ave or Leeds would be perfect - shell is a bonus. 9E or 9.5 D (or E depending on the last) Can pay or we can work out a trade. PM me!
Also 20% MH today with code TAXDAY20 Lots of good AP, Ann D and Jil edit: g transistor beat me to it
Yoox dream box code probably coming tomorrow:
Finally got my hands on a can Picked up this four pack afterwards
Have been way too busy to grab and pictures but I wanted to post before I forgot. Huge thanks to @k4lnamja, who- not only showed me his spots, and my friends and I a good time in San Francisco, but also proxied a pair of BoO x Sperry's for me. Supposedly, it's been pretty dry out there but I managed to come home with: a pair of rag & bone sneakers, NWT J. Crew shawl collar cardigan, Outlier Sweatshirt, Billy Reid Shirt, Ladies Alexander Wang Blazer, and a pair of Helmut...
There was a MMM cowichan for $85 but it got sniped up real quick. Some nice DVN, Acne, and OL too. Other than that, nothing.
Yoox Sample Sale is on
Wait TGent87 is from Boston too? Ugh.
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