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Hadn't thought of that... not a bad idea.
Yeah I'm going to hold out. They have my grail Nonnative woven hat up right now, was hoping I could get it before my week on the Outer Banks next week (wishful thinking I know). I think I'll just try to find something cheap to hold me over and still order the hat when I get back.
Any one who's ordered from Kindal on Rakuten know how long it takes to receive your item? Trying to figure out if I order something if I will get it before my vacation.
We should get a thread like that going here. I could use an excuse to draw more figures. Also, I don't think Synth posted this here but this needs to be appreciated, @thatoneguy's watercolor skills are awesome:
Great buys, love that fruit stripe zebra. Super excited about FWK, will finally have somewhere for my girlfriend to try on some stuff. See you when I'm up there next, late august I think.
I've been using a spreadsheet to keep track of purchases and sales. It's been helpful becuase before it I'd see 60 day sales on my eBay account and go "Wow I made, 2k in the past two months" I have the spreadsheet with the price I paid for the item, shipping costs, consignment fees (where applicable) and paypal fees on a line by line basis and I subtract my monthly eBay fees at the bottom and get my actual profit. It's been good but not as good as I thought from just my...
Link? I can't seem to find it.
Haha, thanks guys!I think it's just Petit Prince in green bottles, not all their beers. And I know they were still selling it in brown when my parents were there as well. Behind a Cantillon-fiend I'm usually a fan of green bottles. Not sure I could notice it on this one, although I have had the brown to compare either.
Okay haven't posted pictures in a while so bear with me here. First, from the 4th weekend- Some WB Gose of course: Actually my first time drinking this, I think I perfer the Galaxy or orignal version. This one had a oniony/garlicy thing that I wasn't crazy about. Still tasty though. FW's Gueze more or less. Very Pickle-y. Reminded me of 3F's OG but missing some of the skunky funk. Not one of my favorite Trilliums but still better than most IPA's IMO. This was...
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