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@TJGent87 Labels look a bit off to me. Seeing other peoples not-yet-popped-lists makes me realize I've been really lucky in my thrifting career thus far. Guess I'm still waiting on vicuna, lobbs and barbour outerwear.
Oh you don't have to. Part of the fun is trying to figure out who sent it.Mine is pretty easy to figure out though considering my username is my name...
I can tell you it wasn't Habitant! I heard Crime was nuts. Worse case scenario you could take a few sips and put it in a pot and reduce down to a hot sauce or use as a base to a fiery chili.
@EasyE cutting up that sweater for a patch job would be like cutting up $100 bill and using it as a patch. Sell the thing and use the money to take that jacket to tailor to repair it.
Rooney Shop
@hc4thehc next time I get some Pirate Bomb I'll try to send some your way.
Very late reply to you Mikey but I'd be down for Deep Ellum sometime. Who's going to be around the Saturday after new years? Afternoon would be best if we go with Deep Ellum; it can get crazy there at night. Maybe some other people will be around too? I know Who said that maybe @spacepope would be around? Maybe @A Fellow Linguist could make it up?
Huh, glad to learn something. I guess I just saw blend and presumed it was a geuze.
^Think that would looks best with some plain toe boots stitch. Here's a crappy phone mirror pic of what I wore on Saturday. EG Bucket, Barena Jacket, Outlier Sweatshirt, HL Flannel, LVC Jeans and Frye Chelseas.
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