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@Best Budz Trillium is a can't miss. They don't do samples at the Fort Point location but highly recomend you stop in and grab some bottles to take home. Anything hoppy from them is downright amazing. Located in a cool area with good eats. Row 34 is literally next door with an excellent draft list. Also next door is Fort Point Market which has a pretty decent bottle selection. Should be able to grab bottles/cans from other local favorites like Night Shift, Wormtown, Jack's...
Sad I had to miss this one but I'll be at the next one. Awesome line-up guys!
They do! had one last weekend and it was quite tasty. Definitely good for a warm day!
Pretty cool to see some more New England-ers in here. I have a lot pictures to post but for now I'll just post this one to show you guys how freaking awesome @hc4thehc is!
Cross posting this here considering all the vans discussion:Anyone else upset about the colored soles? I was looking forward to replacing my navy slip-ons (I wear mine everyday and they are dingy) but the black sole on the new ones really killed it for me.Speaking of - if anyone has the white sole navy slip-ons in 9 or 9.5 hit me up - please!Also - really digging the timex. Do we know pricepoint?
Looking to trade my pair of Moonrock Sk8 Hi's - just tried them on and comes with box - size 9. Colored sole just didn't do it for me. Looking for the white Sk8 Hi's or white slip-ons in size 9. Also would be interested in previous years slip-ons - any color. Send me a PM!
I've been reading but haven't posted in here in a while, whoops! Not going to post everything but here are some highlights. [[SPOILER]]
I had a feeling that would happen. Going to have to add some to the cellar.
Good job on that box @kape! Next year I'm picking my name for you Merry Christmas everyone! Drank this last night. 2014 Bottle. Didn't think I'd like it because I'm not usually into heavier Belgian stuff but damn did this hit the spot. Going to have to seek out some more.
Big shouts out to @rhz5001 for this awesome package! L-R Clockwise: Steven Alan Shirt, Civilainaire Plaid Shirt, Our Legacy Sweatshirt, Book about Whiskey, RRL Shirt, and a bottle of Pliny the Elder!
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