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I thought I knew where you were but then I saw the pictures and you're not where I thought you were. Seen a lot of CB orphans as of late. Definitely heartbreaking. My rule is if the pants are there, better off leaving it behind.Goddamnit.
I think we waited around 30/40 minutes. Didn't get there until 6:30 or so. I really wanted to go last week when they had Julius but I heard the wait was really bad. My buddy who was driving me didn't have a lot of time to spare so we waited.That sounds really good!
Went to Tree House for the first time yesterday: 2x Double Shot, 1x Eureka with Galaxy, 2x Sap Sap is pretty good. Reminded me of Lawson's hopecelot.
Top notch! Making me really regret not buying that long shirt when I had the chance.
I'm in the same boat. Work in watertown until 6.
Still have to try Stille Nacht, actually I haven't tried Oerbier either! Picked this up yesterday, and I'm glad I did. Not too boozy and sugary but also not too light and watery. The sweet spot for stouts. Also, ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT TO SIGN UP FOR THE HOLIDAY BEER-IT-FORWARD!
Dammit. I say we either do Monday the 24th after 6. Or we go with Dec. 6th. State Park would be the easiest to get to for a weekday get together and Aeronaut would be good for a saturday. We should make a decision soon and call it. That way everyone can do their best to plan to be there.
Wait you guys are right it's only 16% off. I thought the previous guy was curious as to why the promotion plus vat deduction wasn't coming out to 40% off total. I just put a pair of shoes in my cart to check and it is indeed only 16% off the price with the VAT removed.
Sunday would work best for me, afternoonish would be cool like 3 or something. Weekdays after 6 after work. Although, I'm leaving the city Tuesday for the holiday.
New Posts  All Forums: