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Stitches out for vengenace after being trolled...
That looks really cool - thanks for sharing. I like what you paired it with- white mountaineering pants right?
@nickp Fit Pics!
Yes! As long is it's not vintage- although in some cases the vintage stuff is worth a pick-up too. Specifically the mackinaw/crusier jacket and matching pants.
Almost identical vest in one of my stops this weekend - zipper instead of buttons. I left it behind but it was pretty cool nonetheless.Well Woolrich will never be made for EG - there are EG pieces made of Woolrich fabric but they usually don't advertise this. What I think you are refering to is Woolrich Woolen Mills (the black and red label not the green!) which was designed by Daiki Suzuki of EG for a short period of time. Now it is designed Mark McNairy. The label is a...
I think that Gary is just saying your critique of EG is going to fall on deaf ears here as we are all huge EG fans. You can keep your repro brands, they're boring anyways!
@schmidtdalton13 I'd be extremely surprised if anyone faked black scale, such a small time brand. Despite their 15 seconds of fame due to A$AP Rocky, they aren't desirable enough to be faked.
Granted they mark the origin of the goods on the customs form, no. Just make sure to contact them and ask to do that.
Stopped by a couple stores after work on friday. Can't believe I found the arctic soiree- it was bottled almost a year ago and I've must've walked past it 5 times now. Hopefully it aged well. If anyone is interested in the double DBA let me know. Picked it up because I knew it's limited but I don't really care for the style.
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