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Or you could say they just make watered-down versions of popular designer clothing and charge slightly less than the originals... [[SPOILER]]
I have no idea what these are but if they are a 42 or 9.5 or even a 10 I want them.
Hell yes! Good grab
Keep your eyes peeled for me
This is just impressive:
I agree, I meant to write Vanilla. That's my favorite too.
That's a real good haul. Been wanting to try SITR w/ Peaches for a while now. I have a Fantasia coming in a trade that I'm excited about. Okay, finally have a chance to post some pictures. Friday I had this, I think I like the original and the straight-up Barrel-Aged more. Still pretty good though. Didn't have a chance to take many pictures at HF. My phone was dying. Thankfully Seth did a good job with those. I actually haven't even taken a haul pic. Maybe I'll do that...
Yup, I bought a pair of prewashed LVCs and the crotch blew out on me a year later. Fixed the crotch and then decided to have a little fun with some patchwork. Looking for some more good fabrics and I'll probably keep going.
Better late than never right? Maybe @Parker will let this late entry pass? I mean it was taken on Saturday... Thanks to @thewho13 for the picture! Forgive the awkward candid pose. J. Crew Chambray MHL T-shirt DIY LVC Jeans Stan Smiths
Stan smiths actually! One day I'll get some GATs
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