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@GM-H did really good, holy crap. Do not pass on Yang Li guys!!!
Thanks guys. Drinking a WB Gose by a lake, doesn't get better than this!
Very jealous. Such an attractive looking beer too. I drank this on Tuesday. Really really sour one, same kind of hop character as Hose (Amarillo I think) but less in your face. Could definitely taste the White Wine barrel as well. Definitely good but I don't think I'd do it again. Atleast solo-ing a 750, way too much acid Going to upstate NY for the holiday weekend (Lake Ontario), not much going on by the way of beer from what I can tell. (Unless you guys can tell me...
I thought it was St. Lam? And do as you please! Too tasty to sit on, I get it!
http://mankerbeer.com/2015/06/29/mankerbeer-news-cantillon-blabar-2015-releasedate/ @hc4thehc how far are you from Copenhagen?
Didn't realize this seasons was hidden placket. Going to have to give it another look. Who makes the pants? I've been looking for something similar.
Words cannot express how jealous I am....About 2 weeks worth of finds, mostly N/A. Had a very good easy-going saturday (most of the finds here in 3 stores) and one mediocre intense Saturday (8 or 9 stores and I only found the Aldens)Alden shell is a pop for me!
Yeah, that's crazy. Don't know if there is a single store in the US that you could get all of that at the same place... Maybe NYC.
So funny you can get WB Gose in Belgium but I can get it on the eastern seaboard. Although I have a few in my fridge right now, you can never have enough. I'm going to OBX for a week in August and I'm hoping I can find some down there. Couldn't think of a better beer to drink while laying on the beach for a week.
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