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Haha, I could definitely save that growler for another tasting. Won't be back until the 10th though.
Drank this one last Wednesday. Plenty of funk, not much in the way of acidity. Nice but nothing special unfortunately. Stayed with a friend out in Western Mass on Friday so I hit Tree House on my way out and my way back. Ideally it would have been one trip but I got my cans on Friday and the wait was bad for growlers so I went back for growlers on Saturday. First one I cracked was this. A new pale ale brewed with Mosaic. Absolutely fantastic. Reminded me a Mosaic...
I was under the impression it was $10k but I'm not positive.
Definitely a move in the right direction but I feel like either the shirt is too blousy or the jeans are too skinny. I'd also hem the jeans a bit. I'm not opposed to cuffing but this one just looks to bulky.Who makes the hat?
Hadn't thought of that... not a bad idea.
Yeah I'm going to hold out. They have my grail Nonnative woven hat up right now, was hoping I could get it before my week on the Outer Banks next week (wishful thinking I know). I think I'll just try to find something cheap to hold me over and still order the hat when I get back.
Any one who's ordered from Kindal on Rakuten know how long it takes to receive your item? Trying to figure out if I order something if I will get it before my vacation.
We should get a thread like that going here. I could use an excuse to draw more figures. Also, I don't think Synth posted this here but this needs to be appreciated, @thatoneguy's watercolor skills are awesome:
Great buys, love that fruit stripe zebra. Super excited about FWK, will finally have somewhere for my girlfriend to try on some stuff. See you when I'm up there next, late august I think.
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