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Dear god, going to start saving my money now.
Sent him a PM and he never got back to me.
Haven't heard from afixedpoint, last I remember he was in Japan?
I mean their Saisons have been O.K. but nothing exciting. A lot their wild beers have been disappointing. I had a PM Dawn from them a couple weeks ago and that was definitely my favorite non-hoppy beer from them ever. Hoping they re-release it so I can stock up on a bunch.
Blizzard Beers! I think this is the freshest I've had this one. A lot more brett character than when it has some age. Good thing I have some extra bottles to cellar. I had been wanting to try this for a while but it was kind of a let down. Nose was fruity but almost artificial, like a fruity cereal. Taste had a bit of that with a smoky malt finish. Kind of felt like two different beers. This is downright amazing! Was unsure how the whiskey barrel flavor would be with...
20+ inches here which is a lot for the city. Visibility seemed pretty bad yesterday, atleast from what I could tell from my apartment window.
Yeah that's what they've done in the past. B&W first and the color version will drop sometime this summer. This is what has me excited: " The color palette throughout was almost entire navy, black, and charcoal, done in countless different fabrics—mostly cotton, wool, and nylon—and as many different textures. One unique and particularly striking wool combined five different weaves—diagonal to homespun to herringbone to stripe to glen plaid—subtlety across one piece of...
Can anyone ID this jacket/scarf/shawl combo thing?
Here's what I drank over the weekend. Had been sitting on this for a couple weeks, glad I got around to opening it while it was still "fresh". I've had dry-hopped saisons before but this was something else. Tasted like galaxy or Citra hops. Fruity but with a bitter and yeasty saison like finish. Trillium brewed this at Mercury brewing when they were shut-down. Not as good as their other hoppy offerings. Bigger malt presence than usual. Still pretty good though. I DID...
That reversible coat is so tempting.
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