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Sounds like Zwet.beDAT BOOS
It was really good and definitely lived up to the hype. I just really wish it wasn't such a pain in the ass to trade for. I traded my only Vanilla Rye for the Bernice and the Peche N' Brett I posted a week back. That said, I regret nothing!Very jealous. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous here and I was craving one. There's no one here who has access to cases of it right? I really need a case to have the fridge stocked for summer. Maybe I'll set up a trade on BA. In the...
Here's the weekend. Friday, I opened this one and didn't finish it. Smell was promising but the taste was SO OREGANO-y. Like a little bit would have been fine, I like oregano but this was insane. Pretty much the only note on the beer, a little bit of pepper too. So then, I had to open something I knew I would like. Great beer. Saturday I opened this one and wow! I knew it would be good but seriously one of the best tart saisons I've ever had. Perfect balance between...
@Cotton Dockers I think it looks best open in the last pic. I would also roll the jeans.
Ours is very informal. Just take turns bringing different beers in. I probably bring in the most but I like to share. Plus sometimes I get something I just want to taste instead of drinking the whole bottle.
Monday night I opened this one. Another beer from @ocooney's awesome package. First time have the new recipe. To me the old recipe was an overly hoppy pale ale with a saison yeast finish. Closest thing to one of their IPA's in a bottle. The new recipe is definitely more of a saison that's been dry hopped. A lot more funk than their previous recipe. I like it a lot but it reminds me a lot of Wheat is the New Hops (I think they say on their website that it's what they were...
Yep same issue with my Bedford. I usually just wear it open to counter this.
If you're out of luck let me know. I have a bunch right now.
New Posts  All Forums: