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20% off the class room shop discount added in cart.
Etre Gourmet looking to snatch-up all my Christmas money.
Can no longer edit the original post so I'll put the participants list here: THE PARTICIPANTS @ken p @concealed @13k @caid-bp7 @habitant @Pilot @ocooney
Agreed! Lot of fun to see all the generosity.4 days left to sign up guys!
Couple from yesterday. This was decent but for the price I was a bit disappointed. I have another to cellar and I'm hoping some age will make it a bit more interesting. This was very good. I'd pick Bomb! over this though.
I'm not going to be able to do tonight. Presuming by the lack of response I'm guessing you guys aren't either. Let's plan for the 6th at Aeronaut? Does that work for everyone ?
I thought I knew where you were but then I saw the pictures and you're not where I thought you were. Seen a lot of CB orphans as of late. Definitely heartbreaking. My rule is if the pants are there, better off leaving it behind.Goddamnit.
I think we waited around 30/40 minutes. Didn't get there until 6:30 or so. I really wanted to go last week when they had Julius but I heard the wait was really bad. My buddy who was driving me didn't have a lot of time to spare so we waited.That sounds really good!
Went to Tree House for the first time yesterday: 2x Double Shot, 1x Eureka with Galaxy, 2x Sap Sap is pretty good. Reminded me of Lawson's hopecelot.
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