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I had a feeling that would happen. Going to have to add some to the cellar.
Good job on that box @kape! Next year I'm picking my name for you Merry Christmas everyone! Drank this last night. 2014 Bottle. Didn't think I'd like it because I'm not usually into heavier Belgian stuff but damn did this hit the spot. Going to have to seek out some more.
Big shouts out to @rhz5001 for this awesome package! L-R Clockwise: Steven Alan Shirt, Civilainaire Plaid Shirt, Our Legacy Sweatshirt, Book about Whiskey, RRL Shirt, and a bottle of Pliny the Elder!
Looks like I nailed the timing then! Glad you like it. Your guess is as good as mine- I found it a thrift and saw it had an "M" embroidered on it and figured it was perfect. Looks like it's made from suiting fabric scraps. Everything feels so nice! You'll have make sure your girlfriend doesn't run off with it!
Not me! But I don't think you're going to be disappointed with who got you.Also my box doesn't have any HF in it. My reserves are depleted at the moment.
Maybe, mine will be pretty obvious anyways it's from me because my name is actually Ken P... so.
Holy moly @Ds13 killed it! This was pretty funny to see when I opened the box. This is some weird looking Coors... Left to Right: - Delirium Tremens - 2x Toppling Goliath 1492 - 2x TG PsuedoSue - 2x TG Golden Nugget - 2x Surly Furious - 2x Suly Coffee Bender So generous! An elf told me that your box will be there on friday... Don't forget to post pictures of your boxes guys!
Sounds like we need a SnowVestâ„¢ group order @snowmanxl
Looks like they are already gone... or I can't figure out how to do it.
Mines on it's way. Will be there by friday!
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