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Good try, good try!CD looking damn good!
Ending up finding the Beer Camp 12 pack. First beer from that was this Firestone Walker Pilsner. I'm not a fan of pilsners so I'm not the best judge but it was pretty good I guess. Found this in cans and it's better than it was on tap. Still no westbrook but a pretty good summer sipper.
Does that mean no pre-orders for this F/W or S/S? I'll be stopping by this evening!
I think NN's skirt fit would be amazing if he added some type of button up shirt over the tank- something linen with a mandarin collar or a soloist pajama shirt.
20% off sale at @Gentry NYC with "EXTRA20" http://gentrynyc.com/
First store I stopped that just got them in but wouldn't be able to sell me one for another 2 hours (not sure why they wouldn't just take my money). Second store hadn't gotten them in yet, but will. They took my info and will let me know when they get them. Hopefully this will work out!
I want to buy this but my chances are not looking so good here in Boston.
Thanks Parker - I'm flattered!
Wow, why did I not know these existed until just now? Did anyone in the US pick them up?
I thought it was elder flower?Also I had Notch Brewing Hootenanny Berliner Weisse last night- was quite tasty- wishing they produced it in smaller bottles so I could stock up.
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