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Fair enough. To be honest, I can't find any information about their denim anywhere. I don't know much about denim but I do know that these are more comfortable than what I currently own. Just thought I would take a stab at it. In terms of the cut, they are like the Levis 511. Thanks for the advice though.
Super old thread but I had a Vince question but didn't think it merited a new thread. I really like the sweaters and I have a few. I bought a pair of jeans a while back and never really wore them. I just started wearing them and I find them really comfortable. They did fit a bit small but it seems like they have stretched out or something because they are really comfortable. Does anyone know anything about the denim? Does anyone else make a similar fit/material? ...
I mean no disrespect but it seem like your business model is lacking something about custom. Generally I would associate "custom" with "custom made for me" and expensive. Generally to justify the expensive part, I would need to receive great customer service and an experience. If your product is so good, why not build a B&M store and "custom fit" it to people? Just some food for thought.
Personally, I think in the real world, there are many misconceptions. Do what you love: Sure, but within reason. I make money doing things that I'm not necessarily passionate for, but it gets the bills paid and it allows me to afford the things I want to do. Some people say they will take a pay cut for something that they love to do, which is fine, but personally, I say work is work and hobbies/passion is separate. I'm not saying to go out and get a terrible job just...
Why not just leave their tags on and make your "brand" an online store. Instead of pretending that they are your designs, make it an online store with "your fine selection of clothing that has been made in China". You can have a themed online store. Are you really going to make enough business to make it a full time gig to take off tags and replace them? In theory, you aren't really designing anything. You're actually buying like any other store would. I don't want...
Funny you say that. I was looking at a Lemtosh yesterday. The bridge is a 24mm but it fits like one that is much more narrow because the plastic is quite thick. The bridge size is measured from lens to lens, NOT the gap between the plastic. With that in mind, the bridge actually fits much more narrow than the measurements.
O&X is a division of Kio Yamato.Eco by Modo will not have all their frames on their website. Try looking finding a stockist.For the price of Dita and Salt you could very well go with most well made frames.
I would say to just get something that is decent and cheap (within reason. Not dollar store junk). Chances are once you move out on your own if you still like cooking you'll want to get better knives and pots and pans. Just get something that will last you through Uni and then toss them or sell it on craigslist. I can almost guarantee that you wont use this set for the rest of your life.
What are your thoughts on Warby Parker?
Account executive. Fancy word for sales rep. I'm also a landlord on the side.
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