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So I know I'm pretty late to the party, but could someone detail the changes in fit of the PS between 2011 and now? Much appreciated
I recently picked up a pair of light colored Olebar Brown setters. Of course, I'm a complete idiot and stained them the first time I wore them. Does anyone have any tips for removing grease stains from nylon/polyamide?
He was convinced that Burberry was the be all for shirting, I thought their shirts are over priced, loud, garbage.
I'm in BME, so I haven't been able to explore much, hahaI was actually arguing with someone that goes here about Burberry, and posted on here to make sure I was right. I guess I wasn't as right as I thought I was.
Yea, Case... Cleveland isn't much fun. I'd like to think I know more about clothing than the kids outside playing Humans v Zombies with nerf guns, but you never know....
Burberry Shirting Overpriced and garish, or quality and subtle?
I agree, but its cold as balls in CLE this weekend, and I don't have a scarf
Sorry for the terrible quality, I need an actual camera
^ It's a Ben Sherman shirt those kind of pastel colorblock shirts were really popular last spring, so you should be able to find some nicer ones on sale at larger department stores. I think I saw some by Gant at Saks not too long ago
Does anyone know where I can get these online? Vans from this years holiday release This is the style number VN-0LX85AO 106 VULCANIZED CA
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