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The Car Coat, indeed a good one.
It is humilliating for the man EGO to be smaller than a woman, ofcourse if the girl is a freak forget it or have more than 1,80meters. Dont you agree ?
Hey, Im 18 years old and I want classy jeans that make me look older but still with the young touch with you no what I mean. Not to old and not to young, but stylish, whitch brands are the best?
Siglo VI Gran Reserva (cohiba) are the best, even thow I do not smoke I tried one with my dad, really good.
In my opinion it is an ugly hairstyle...
My routine is simple. Wake up at 7:30am , 15 minutes of running, push-ups and working the six pack. 8:05am shower, apply products for skin then eat and go to school. I do not eat unhealthy food at all and only drink water, no alcohol or cigarettes. Do the rest of my day calmly. Go to bed at 11:30pm. It is simple as this, 8 hours for sleep/ 8 hours for work/ 8 hours for free time. I do this while i am still a student so I do not know how you spend your time but work may...
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