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Any updates on the belts & socks?
These need to go to a new home... FS or TRADE: 1. NOS Dack's long wings. Sz 11.5D 2. Brooks Brother full strap loafers in excellent condition. Sz 11.5D 3. Allen Edmonds Dellwood split toe in excellent condition (probably worn 10x) Sz 9.5B 4. Joseph Cheaney Monet loafers, excellent condition with nice patina. Sz 9D LF: anything in brown suede 9EE, 9EE or 9.5D, shearling winter jacket 38R/small or windowpane summery sportscoat in 38R
I think they start at $1500 and will go up from there based on the fabric you want Is it worth it ??? Well, if OTR isn't satisfying all you needs or is lacking, then schedule an appointment and don't look back.
Hey K,Head to that HBC outlet in Milton. If you are lucky, you can score them for under $200.
Beautiful Omega. Is it a linen dial? For a more casual look I went with a few brown variations like this...
Brick & mortar thrifted PRL hunting/shooting jacket coat. NWT size M. avail for sale or trade
Any idea if Motoretta has a navy small carry on bag?
Hey Bings, Are decent ps or ties at a good price on Bloor St?
...its called a shawl collar sweater or cardie
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