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Saucony Guide 7s for me
If you don't mind used or previously loved items....head to Kensington market
Anyone been at the outlet recently? Looking to score a few PSs to round out my collection. Thanks for the update
+1 for Japan Slightly off topic.....which country jersey(s) do you like the best. Here is my vote:
My jaw dropped when I saw that thing at the 2005 NYC bike show. That MH and the yellow Sports Classic were my fav bikes. I cant believe its coming up on 10 yrs!
Hey Teachers......enjoy your summer off! Plans? I will catch up on my reading(s) and got a few DIY projects on the go!
BUMP.......anyone parting ways with their previously loved small FIELD BAG ???
lol......it could be Doug's clothes! I wonder if he lives in that area too ???
Hey F-QC, Just ship the parcel to the an address in the States and head down to pick it up. In Toronto, plenty of folks ship to US ADDRESS in Buffalo NY whom charge US$3--20/package to use their service. I'd be surprised if there is nothing similar just outside the QC border. Alternatively, head to Cdn Tire and score 2 of these work lights to do the same job.
Hit up any Timberland store
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