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This particular item was at a price point above RLBL so keeping it definitely was definitely not worth it to me.
Yeah, I normally only get RRL and RLBL/PL, which tend to arrive as advertised. I have no issue with 'Imported' products, just with misrepresentation.Given that the price of the polo coat was in Black Label range, I assumed it was listed under the Polo brand for purely historic reasons (it being the 'polo' item) and that such a mixup wouldn't happen.Luckily customer service was very understanding and made a note that I shouldn't be charged any return fees.
I know this is an old post, but I'm quoting it to update that they're still pulling this. Ordered a Blue Label Polo Coat, listed as 'Made in Italy' (presumably by Corneliani) on the website. When I got it in the mail today, it was not only damaged (which is besides the point) but actually made in Slovakia. They've quietly updated the item today on the website now that it's almost sold out, but I have the page archived from yesterday where it still said 'Made in Italy'.
The Anthony is still the same item.
The western style tweed herringbone suit? I had that altered at the Purple Label store nearby.
I have that suit. It's a fairly standard midnight blue serge, in the flesh.As for the low prices, I meant in the after-Christmas sales.
With the low pound, expect about $400.
I would go for RRL. That way, if anything goes wrong, there could be recourse of them ordering a replacement for you.Fair. I just saw that and passed it on. I had already ordered my pair, so I'll wait and see when I get it.
That's fair. In any case, if OP wants to pay MSRP he may as well that exact cut in MTM.
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