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Great! I've run into jackets before that have a breathable outer– like Ventile– then cancel out with the lining! I'll let the local RL store know to order it in so I can try it on in person first.
Excellent! What's the breathability like?I got the Barbour Commander jacket when it came out, which is visually a great jacket except they switched out the traditional Barbour cotton lining for some new material– which killed the breathability.
Wonderful! Does the color show up incorrectly on their website or do you just have it in a different color? Any additional photos would be welcome!My main question is about how easy it is to move your arms in the jacket. I've noticed with my Barbour jackets that the old cut ones actually have higher armholes and are more useful in the outdoors, whereas some of my new pattern ones are harder for that (as are Barbour-inspired things I've tried of other brands)Do you find...
Alternatively, you could go straight for Lee Japan.http://edwin-ec.jp/disp/CSfGoodsPage_001.jsp?GOODS_NO=89588&q=&brandCd=201&cateCd=001&sort=&type=&stock=&goods_sale_tp=&outlet_yn=&rowPerPage=&ff=goods_style_search_cd&fv=101
Have any of you tried the limited edition ventile jacket?
Which store? I'm DC-based but I don't know of any local stockists!
Since they make them in-house, I wonder if they'd be able to produce a smaller size on request.
Thanks!Have you checked these guys out? I came across their site the other day and was impressed by the cotton sacks. They have detailed measurements for each item.The link didn't post. I mean these guys: http://knickerbockermfg.co/collections/three-piece-sack-suit
Same. Do you know if it'll be an in-store thing or online? I'll be in Manhattan at the time so it would be a good time to hit up the RRL stores.
A slight correction.They are, in fact, pretty much stitch for stitch the current made-in-USA selvedge (non-LVC) 501s. I've laid them on top of each other and it's true down to the details, aside from branding and the buckle on the RRL LE model.They are made in the same factory, to the best of my knowledge, but even so it was an interesting observation.
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