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Anything on at the moment?
I've searched through the forum a few times and I've found quite a few people asking about Caruso length, but usually as an unanswered side tangent. I'm 6'0 and 38R/L in most lines; I noticed a number of Caruso jackets on Yoox and I'm tempted to bite, but I wondered if someone might know more about the length issue. I know I could return for a $6 fee but I'd rather not bother if it's not worth it.
"Britain" did not exist until the Acts of Union so you won't be able to find such a flag even if you were to commission the pin yourself. Do you perhaps mean a flag of "Great Britain" without Ireland?
Does he actually train MMA in his free time or does he just watch UFC? I ask because there's a big sale going on at the Isami (top Japanese MMA gear company) site.
You should watch the original The Saint with Roger Moore. Very SF wardrobe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Patent Leather, obviously. Of course, this is a part of the "faced lapel suit", as they have more characteristics of an average business suit than a Tuxedo - Notch Lapel High Vest Vents Belt Loops Long Tie Flapped Pockets ... the only "Tuxedo" element they usually have is a satin (never grosgrain) faced lapel. Ditto. Remember to add multiple buttons to the feature list.
Price Drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike Plus then your belt isn't visible. I like my belts. Actually it's the opposite for me. I hate it when belts show so I rarely tuck something into belted trousers without wearing a sweater or something on top to cover the waistband. However, when I'm wearing trousers with a clean waistband and side adjusters, I don't feel nearly as strongly that something needs to be worn on top.
Untucked round-hems look awful; I wish more companies still made flat-hem shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull Oh relax, bitches, it's just some tongue-in-cheek fun. Look at all the poor guys who believed that I actually wear this mythical size. Mission accomplished. Just a little fun. No harm, no foul. So no free cleavage?
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