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Same. Do you know if it'll be an in-store thing or online? I'll be in Manhattan at the time so it would be a good time to hit up the RRL stores.
A slight correction.They are, in fact, pretty much stitch for stitch the current made-in-USA selvedge (non-LVC) 501s. I've laid them on top of each other and it's true down to the details, aside from branding and the buckle on the RRL LE model.They are made in the same factory, to the best of my knowledge, but even so it was an interesting observation.
Just fyi, the wool-lined bucklebacks are like the low straight models in cut, not the straight leg buckle backs.
Maybe it's an international order thing.
Exactly what I was hoping to hear. I got 33 in my buckle backs because I hadn't realized they were sanforized. It'll be 32 or 31 for these.I'm buying these like a sweater, almost.
I think that's only RLPL inasmuch as the Black Label items are all under the Purple Label listing now. My guess is that it's the same item at a higher price point, so more a case of RLBL being more expensive than before than one of RLPL dropping in price.
As of when? Is it location-specific? (I ask because I just got 30% off at an RLPL/RLBL store this afternoon.)
You are correct. I think RLPL has moved back to St. Andrews, though.
30% at standard RL stores, but I don't know about RRL or Polo stores.
Thanks for the feedback!Do they run big or are they TTS? Thinking about sizing down one after my rigid buckle-back's sizing (which runs big, though I still love the pair).
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