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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Once I'm done my current project, there won't be a whole lot more for me to do, which is why I want to leave so badly. I've done enough stagnating in my life. I could do more of the same, but I think the ngo route or something similar is the right thing to do, especially given what others have said about the mass of indian and chinese IT people applying to these schools. I think that is the route that I will take unless...
Check out Finn (http://finnclothing.qwestoffice.net/Pages/store.html), a nice independent store in the Pearl district (132 nw 12th avenue). Not cheap, but a great proprietor with neat stuff (Duchamp socks, other nice accssories).
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Their Political Management program sounds like it's a training ground for advance campaigning. While it's probably useful, I'm looking for a program that will teach me how to analyze political risk, quantitatively, and manage it so to minimize the risk for my client. Maybe it's going to be one of those DIY MBA programs. I am in b-school now and thought I'd share a couple of comments with you (i) there...
Which Nespresso model would people recommend for home use?
Interested as well. I think that American Psycho preferred Italian brands (Valentino Couture), but I could be wrong...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar A week ago, over breakfast with one of our esteemed members of Congress, I raised the point of reducing health care costs. I believe 80-90% of costs are due to high priced studies to back up clinical diagnosis, primarily because a study/test is an objective printed document that holds up well in court! . While malpractice is a serious issue, there have been numerous studies that show that neither...
Hey - link to article doesn't work for me. Is it b/c I am not Skull and Bones?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Hey! Don't make me get all UFC MMA on you. I'm sure that he didn't mean to refer to the ex-RJ bolthole in such unflattering terms... Or did he?
Zingermann's deli is awesome! Just amazing sandwiches and a local institution. I have been to Ann Arbor a couple of times on business and always build time into the trip for a nice lunch there.
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