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Interesting that you should mention labelling and Filene's. I have the distinct impression that the Brioni shirts that they are selling - at least some of them - are of a different, lesser quality than the ones found at NM, elsewhere. Maybe not a false label, but certainly lower grade. And some - but by no means all - of their Zegna stuff seems to have slightly 'off' labels. Have you had any similar experiences?
Kabert, I am confused - is Last Call a separate store (like Off 5th) or is it simply the sale at the normal NM. I know the store at Mazza Gallerie, and it is certainly not an outlet.
If you don't mind, could you give me the title of the show? I'd like to look for it on re-runs... Thanks.
kabert, Where do you go thrifting in DC (if you don't mind my asking - I think that you and I are different sizes, given a few of your previous posts)?
The Made-in-England BB shoes that I've seen (in Washington, DC) are almost surely Sargent - they have a distinctive light dotted line on the soles that exactly matches the Sargents that I have seen at another retail shop here. As the previous poster said, BB may still have old stock, but all of the Peal Shoes that I've seen lately are Sargents.
Thanks, bengal-stripe. I guess I'll go with the ones here - with delivery charges, the Dasco will work out to at least US$90... If I find any discount outlets for boot trees in the future I'll be sure to let the group know.
Bump Some help here - I am facing a $90 boot tree purchase.
I just acquired a pair of Chelsea boots and am on the lookout for trees. I live in Washington, DC and am considering an extremely pricey Weston boot tree model. Any guidance on where/how to get boot trees of decent quality with full heels (not the Rochester cowboy type with the strong spring, 'fits sizes 13-15')?
I think the reason that you are getting so many responses is that all of us see parallels - some more than others (Valmont may not have had this problem...). Sorry for the long post. The advice to 'go out and get it' is dead-on, but EXTREMELY hard to follow. Especially if you have a tendency to compare women to your ex, talk about the recent breakup, etc (all of these are obvious no-nos). I went through the yo-yo breakup (with the same girl mentioned before - and never...
Check the Ask Andy forum (www.askandyaboutclothes.com) for a long thread by bry2000 detailing how he has purchased suits from two of these tailors for purposes of comparison.
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