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I just acquired a pair of Chelsea boots and am on the lookout for trees. I live in Washington, DC and am considering an extremely pricey Weston boot tree model. Any guidance on where/how to get boot trees of decent quality with full heels (not the Rochester cowboy type with the strong spring, 'fits sizes 13-15')?
I think the reason that you are getting so many responses is that all of us see parallels - some more than others (Valmont may not have had this problem...). Sorry for the long post. The advice to 'go out and get it' is dead-on, but EXTREMELY hard to follow. Especially if you have a tendency to compare women to your ex, talk about the recent breakup, etc (all of these are obvious no-nos). I went through the yo-yo breakup (with the same girl mentioned before - and never...
Check the Ask Andy forum ( for a long thread by bry2000 detailing how he has purchased suits from two of these tailors for purposes of comparison.
Like most of the other folks who responded, I lived this drama about four years ago. Had dated the same person for more than two years of college and the relationship continued for a bit afterwards as well. The key for me was accepting - and insisting on - separation. It really is best for both parties to let time pass without contact (or at least constant contact). She had broken up with me but still wanted to stay in touch. We agreed that - largely for my sake - we...
Hello, I have seen lots on info on where to get C&J shoes (e.g. P. Lal, etc). Where does one find Sargent shoes (esp Premium grade) at a discount? What outlets sell these shoes under the proper name? Thanks.
First off, hi. I have been really enjoying the old posts on this forum (as this indicates) over the course of a Sunday afternoon. A Harris - the painting you are thinking of is almost certainly "El Jaleo" by John Singer Sargent. It hangs at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston if you are interested in visiting it in person while you are in town for the Vass show at Louis Boston (or is that over already?)(
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