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razl, where are you in the world? If in the US, a number of men's stores will have MTM from Samuelsohn, etc for about $700-800/suit. That will give you your traditional cut. If your main concern is a trimmer coat body on wider shoulders and a narrower waist on pants, I think that normal MTM might do the trick. If you are anywhere near NYC, the usual suspects (LS Tailors, Mr. Ned's) would be a good place to start - search threads to hear more about those.
Quote: Originally Posted by syracuse1976 You'll have to let us know what you think. What did you order? Loved Martinelli, but the Vaynerchuk episode taught me that she hasn't been making Turley wines since 1995. She is also leaving Martinelli as of this year, so no relevance to you. I did love the Pinot. Turley is, I think, one of the wineries where Ehren Jordan is involved. Vaynerchuk also likes Neyer Zins, another one where Jordan is...
For those interested, here's a Vaynerchuk piece on Turley: http://tv.winelibrary.com/2007/01/10...s-episode-163/ He def liked the Pisenti, IIRC.
Just tried some of Helen Turley's work at Martinelli in Russian River this weekend (Bondi Home 2007 Pinot and at least two Zins). Really delicious stuff - how much are you thinking of ordering?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField That looks like something they serve on a cruise ship. I agree, the plating is pretty darn 80s. But I thought it was a fun idea. BTW, they take submissions, so if you want to offer up a more au courant re-plating of trash food, you should do so. I bet they would publish it!
Saw this and thought of Kwilk - dude, hope you don't mind it in your thread. Just shows what a little plating (and almost complete 'reconstruction') can do: This: http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr....yzBuAClmXNc%3D Is a Wendy's baconator: http://www.fancyfastfood.com/page/1 Anyhow, thought the food-interested might find this fun.
Agree that it is nicely written - very 'men's magazine' writing style, which I am sure was the intent and which is a salable genre of writing if you are trying to make a little money on the side as a freelancer. That said, everything about it, from the references to bygone greats whom one might want to emulate to the clear brand plug was straight out of the GQ playbook. Nothing inherently wrong with it, but it reduces the credibility of the writing for me. There is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Wow, I feel dumb for not knowing about this function. But now I realize I also need to ignore where column B = "Transfer". I've figured out how to do each, e.g. ignore where B=Transfer and ignore where C<0, but don't know how to combine them. A few folks alluded to using array formulas for this. I figured I would add this to be a little clearer about an approach that I have used, it is one of my...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman The Black Dog is baying at my back, shepherding me toward the pit of despair. Teh interwebz gives an interesting, self-contradictory explanation of black dog: http://theshadowlands.net/blackdog.html Upshot: (i) It might be good (ii) Probably bad (iii) Definitely don't hit it or you will be turned to a pile of ash (iv) If you are a MacLartin, your body may end up on top of a dunghill in no time flat
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Well you're dead on with the business school thing. It's one of the more respected Canadian Universities, I have no idea how that would compare to Ivy League schools in the US. FWIW, the president of the University makes $955K a year (that's public record), so I'm sure top dog professors get something good too. Nearby the University there's a super swanky little neighborhood which is apparently where all the...
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