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Quote: Originally Posted by tattersall I use Rhone Report but it isn't updated that often - great resource when buying though, although he's not as complete with the northern Rhone as I'd like. For Chateauneuf du Pape his reviews are spot on, I find. I like for NYC stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Sadly, Wayne Edwards is no more -- a victim of the downturn in the economy. That leaves Boyd's, which I find roughly equivalent to the average Nordstrom. They have a very nice watch collection on the first floor, however. So painful that Wayne is gone. I have several pairs of shoes, a shearling and other treasures from the good old days.
Other places to check near Old City are: Sarcone's at 9th and Christian, best hoagie in the city, IMO. Tria Wine Bar - half price beer, wine and cheese all day Sundays (called 'Sunday School) Dinic's Roast Pork sandwich in the center hall of Reading Terminal Market Greek - high end - Kanella at 10th and Spruce, pricy but good Greek - cheap - South Street Souvlaki at 5th and South
Just received a nice suitcase from Andrew. It was sent promptly at a reasonable shipping rate and arrived within the week (good job, Auspost!!). A perfect transaction from my perspective, and a great new toy, to boot!
Final price drop before consignment for eBay.
I am clearing out shoes. There are a mix of trophies (Lobb Jermyn IIs) and good everyday shoes (NOS longwings) and a variety of prices. All should fit a size 12.5-13 foot. I am pricing items to move them quickly, and will not accept returns unless there is an egregious error on my part. Please bear that in mind and feel free to make reasonable offers if my prices seem out of line given that stipulation. PayPal preferred and I will not ship outside CONUS. Will...
Price drops, added Magli shoes
Payment sent
BTW, have you recruited yet? You'll figure out a lot through recruiting. If you have an offer already, you ought to have a decent sense of the culture/pace/attitude there.
Several friends work at/worked at MS. Like most I-banks, the culture varies from group to group. I have heard good things about a group over on Sand Hill Road in CA and I have also heard that the some groups in NYC are a bit more intense/uptight. Remember that MS was the original 'white shoe' firm. This carries over into how they behave internally and how they carry themselves. MS does not have a rep for being super-humble. They see Goldman as their main...
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