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Regarding sizing; I am between an L and an XL, I sized up to an XL and the shoulders fit spot on, chest accommodates layering. I am adding 1-2 inches of waist suppression to remove the last vestiges of boxiness , but overall I recommend sizing up unless you want it slim fit like a sport coat or something.
I actually found that thread hilarious. Some of the comments are spot on and what I would say were I drunk and feeling like a douchebag. Then again, Sufu is not the place for me... The criticisms of SF members are pretty light and generally have to do with pose+facial expression, or sometimes a not-top-notch look posted in waywt. The sufu criticisms are hilarious, though.
go to H+m or Uniqlo and buy whatever fits your shoulders perfectly, I think they have their proportions right for what should be a good start in the basics department. You're looking at like 20-30$ shirts really, you could drop one week's pay and have enough wardrobe mix+match to last at least a week.
+1 on DDML, and my other nom goes to ayn: His style and back to basics aesthetic are similar to what my recent purchases are geared towards; the individual pieces are cool(jomons and shell aldens), and he pulls this off nicely.
I'm finding it really hard to think of what to write in a post interview thank you note. Thanks for interviewing me, give me the job? I haven't written many thank you notes before, but this sounds like a good idea if I can figure out what the hell is supposed to be said. <-19, lack of real world experience is my defence!
I'm a starbucks barista.
The article's pretty cool, slim Ironheart women's jeans!! sweet. Gonna get my girlfriend to check these out. I bet Sufu will be all over the dior inspired imperials. Denim messenger is cool too.
So wait, we're paying 4.375% state tax instead of 8.375 (or whatever it was) now ? Just to clarify.
Sigh, too many purchases to make, not enough money. I will probably size up and cut the inseam down 2 inches to reduce taper, should result in adding ~1'' to the hem size in the chart. I hate how sauce looks good in everything, what a bastard.
I might have to size up o.O Slimmer than NS is a bit weird, gonna have to study measurements more.
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