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Original bottoms make the jeans look ugly... Chainstitching is great, however there are only 2 places in NYC that do it. BiG and 45rpm. The former can do it in 1-2 hours if they are not busy, they have yellow, white, black, and orange thread. I got my 5eps chainstiched there. They save the hems for you for whatever reason. Cost: $20 45rpm quotes one week turnaround time no matter what, at least in soho on the 2 times I asked. They ONLY have orange. However, the sales...
An update to this, went today to check em out, I already own 5eps but was curious. Anyway, they're the non selvedge ,blue thread 5eps. The denim seems ok but the hidden rivets are missing... I suppose they're worthy of 143$ but you can drop $60 more and get the selvedge ones instead.
didn't have em today. suxorz.
Sweet, I'm off to go check.
+on the tailor. I can comfortably thrift shirts +1 size (in general) and get them tailored in everyway for like $30-40. sure, the stitching quality isn't top notch(though I have a good tailor) but for thrifted shirts the fit is definitely worth it.
I think bags are simply there for women to show off to other women how much they've spent. That said, monogrammed bags tend to be cheaper than the higher end ones. I'm personally going to buy my girlfriend a fairly subtly branded LV bag simply so she can one up her friends. I suppose it's a girl thing, but bags, like jewelry are there to show off wealth. There is a difference between rapper dental jewelry and platinum chains and a tasteful diamond necklace, though, but...
The people on this forum do not hold the brands you named in high regard in regards to their workmanship and quality. While they offer decent products, previous posters have pointed out that you're paying $500 for what should be a $300 shirt. Regardless of this, paying such a sum of money that makes you look like a fashion victim to any douchebag who can recognize the LV branding is ridiculous. I would hardly call Kiton, Borrelli, etcetera., "indie brands." They are...
I have thrifted and ebay'ed all my "high end shirts." Worst case scenario is that I purchased on deep discount, < $100. Were I to spend retail price on shirts, I'd probably use the splurge money and get MTM shirts of quality fabric. it should be added that I have had a lot of my shirts altered to fit the way I want them to, the extra investment is really worth it.
regarding women's stretch selvedge, are they at oak yet? Maybe I can get my girlfriend into some 5eps.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Souper- What are those? I can't tell if they're grey or just faded jeans. brand? Chris- I hope you don't stop posting here because of one dreadfully boring/safe guy. I mean, i see your posts at sufu, but i don't mind seeing em' twice. I know how you feel with telling parents about purchases. My parents still think my PBJs cost $50 from ebay. Anywho, if you're still interested, the jeans are Nom De...
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